Claremont , The Street, Charmouth
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Claremont, was originally called the Knapp (nap) in Tax records, which is confusing as it is a name which appears on other houses in the village. If you follow the records below it can be seen that the 18th century building either incorprated or replaced a much earlier building on the site. This may have been built the husband of Mrs Aust who when she died at Miles End left it to her nephew Harry Smith. He in turn left it to a relation - Bennett Fellows also living in Essex. He in turn left it to Mrs Smith. Her name appears on the 1867 map for the auction of the Manor of Charmouth.
A Poor Rate List has survived for Charmouth in the year 1754 and on the left is a section of it. Mr William Gray for his Estates has been marked by a blue cross. Beneath this is Anthony Edwards for Webbers, which is refered to in the 1780 list, and also refers to the Webbers as previous owners. In 1588 a William Webber is listed in the village, which may be the same gentleman

1780 Land tax list shows Mrs Aust paying £1-19-8d for late Grays and 2s10d for Edwards`s. These names were of her predecessors as owners of the Knapp and fields.

In 1783 a map was produced for the Village , which has since been lost but the record bok exists and shows the following entry for Mrs Mary Aust.

99.Mrs Mary Aust, House & Orchard (£3-0-0d) 0a 1p 35r
100.Mrs Mary Aust, Late Grey`s House & Orchard (£6-0-0d) 0a 1p 36r
101.Mrs Mary Aust , Lambs Mead (£2-14-2d) 1a 2p 31r
102.Mrs Mary Aust, House & Orchard by the Mill (£2-10-0d) 0a 2p 38r
103 Mrs Mary Aust, House & Orchard opposite the Fountain Inn Garden(£2-10-0d) , 0d) 0a 2p 26r

This Mary Aust`s Will of 1821 She was living in Mile End in Essex and left her estate to her nephew , Harry Smith. The descent of the estate goes through the Smith family to Bennett Fellows who also lives in Essex.

1806 Poor Rates show Mr Aust as owner of Knapp and renting it and other properties as follows:

Ricahrd Good- House
Richard Good- Field
George Webber- House
George Webber- Field
Baker- House
Rev. Brian Combes- Lands

1818 Poor rates show the Executors of Rev. Brian Combes acting for Mrs Aust

1822 Poor Rates show John Robins, Agent for Mrs. Aust

Jacob Baker House and Orchard
George Hart House and garden
Mrs Coles 2 fields
Mr Robins 2 fields
James Cozens 3 fields

1823 Poor Rates show Mrs Smith leasing follows:

Late Warners House & Garden 10-2
Mr Gordon Field 13/4
Jacob Baker House 23/4
George Hart 33/4
Mrs Coles 2 fields 3
Robins 1 field
Robins 1 field 2
James Cozens 3 fields 3

1832 Poor Rates show Mr Fellows leasing as follows:

Robert Mills � Common 1s
James Cozens jnr � Common 3s
Mrs Welch � Nap House £1-3-1d
Joseph Cozens � House � 2s
John Bensted House � 4s
Miss Robins � 2 fields � 2s
James Cozens � 3 Closes �6s

124   James COZENS Three Acres 2 3 4
125   James COZENS Rough Field 2 - 19
152   Susannah WELCH & others Houses & Gardens 1 - 13
155   Joseph COZENS Lamb Moor 1 2 33
167   James COZENS Sea Side Field 1 3 35
174   James COZENS Sea Side Field 2 - 22
177   Mary ROBINS Single Common 1 - 13
182   John NORMAN Single Common 1 - 9
224   William VALLENCE Common 1 - 17
225   Robert GRAVES Common - 3 35

These are the entries for Bennett Fellows. R.N. on the 1841 Tithe Map shown below. Number 152 is Knap House, which was being rented to Susannah Welch and its neighbours in the row of 3 houses

This is the last Will of me Bennett Fellows R.N. August 1842
I give to my sister Elizabeth Fellows all my property of every description for her life at the death of my sister Elizabeth Fellows to my niece Mary Baker for her life at her death give the leasehold property in the parish of Romford now let to Mr Brewer of Romford to Mr Russell's children of Kingston Surrey at he death of my niece Mary Baker. I give to Mrs Margaret Smith now living with us the copyhold house and premises in the parish of Layton in the county of Essex for her life the property in the village of Charmouth in the cont of Dorset. I leave to her and at her disposal to whom she may please. This property has been in the family several ages.I request and hope Mrs Smith will at he death leave all to one person. Subject to an annuity of £20 per Ann, to Mrs Ann Jenkins now living with m sister in Layton in the conty of Essex. I would wish I had more to leave her at the house and premises in Layton at the death of Mrs Smith I give to Mr Alfred Jones of Size Lane London, solicitor subject to a annuity of £10 per annum to Mrs Ann Jenkins now living with my sister Elizabeth Fellows at Layton died 1844
1851 Census showing Susanna Welch, Widow aged 55 living at the House

1871 Knapp House - Joseph Symes living there

1848 directory Mrs Susanah Welch is gentry,

1841 Tithe Map
1901 Ordnance Survey Map