Monks Rest

The deeds refer to an Indenture of March 1657,for a term of 800 years between Edward Melpley and Nicholas Clegg and William Armstrong, which said that on the west was a little cottage, stable and garden with a tenement or burgage in the tenure of A.Bolston, which later were called 'Grasmere' and ' Lynwood" And on the east by a little cottage. This for many years was called "Sycamore" and now Applegarth. and was possibly built by the Abbot of Forde Abbey according to tradition, which inspired a late owner to call it 'Monks' Rest' . The front or southern part was added in the early part of the nineteenth century. The wall on the north end of the garden, which runs from 'Omega' to 'Barr's Lane' was known locally as 'The Monks' Wall' , supposing it to be part of the scheme of William Abbot of Porde to improve his manor of Charmouth in 1320. The north end of the garden was acquired by the owner of 'The Court" early in this century, allowing sufficient room for a Greenhouse and frames and enclosing it with a wall with entrance from the N.W. corner of 'The Court' garden. The field north of the garden was called "Horse Close" .