1564 Queen Elizabeth Charter regarding Manor of Charmouth

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That Queen Elizabeth in the 6th year of Her reign (1564) granted the Lordship and Manor to Robert and William Caldwell, Gentlemen and their heirs with all their rights , members, liberties and appurtenances whatsoever to the late dissolved Monastery of Ford in the County of Devon belonging and all tenements, heriditaments and also the Advowson of the Recory and Church of Charmouth with their rights and appurtenances and all messuages, mills, dove houses, lands, tenements, commons, wastes, marshes, waters, fishing places, fishings, warrens, rents and services, rents of free men and of customary tenements , fee farms and of Knights fee marriages escheats relief heriots fines amerciaments court lets view of Frank pledge and all the same Courts appertaining chattels Wayved strays chattels of felons Bond men and women and fairs markets tolls customs and all other the rights jurisdictions franchises privileges emoluments and heritaments with the appurtenances of whatsoever nature general or special or by whatsoever manner they are known in Charmouth or elsewhere in the same County to the said Manor in any way belonging or as member so fully and freely as any other Abbott or Prior of Ford or any others the said Lordship and manor were possessed or seized or ought to have enjoyed by virtue of any Charter, Gift or confirmation or any Letters Patent by us or by any of our Progenitors Kings of England before this had made or granted or confirmed or by reason or by virtue of any lawful prescription use or custom heretofore had by whatsoever lawful means right or title and also so fully freely and in as ample manner and form as we or any Progenitors the Lordship and manor before said and all and singular the premises to the said Lordship and manor appertaining and every parcel thereof we have had and enjoyed and the same had and enjoyed as we or they ought to have and enjoy as unto the manor aforesaid belonging and appertaining.

Hutchins writes:
The manor of Charmouth and adowson, with a rent of 6s. in Newland, and land in Bridport and Lyme, parcel of Ford Abbey, were granted to Robert and William Caldwell, gents, and their heirs, to be held of the Queen in chief, by service of the hundredth part of a fee, value £25.5s.1d. same year they had license to alienate to Sir William Petre,kt,and his heirs.

In the Reign of King Edward 2nd (1307-1327) a fair and Market were granted to the Abbott. It is extant that the Abbott of Ford exercised extensive jurisdiction and granted permission to buy and sell within certain limits. In the sixth of Queen Elizabeth (1564) the Manor and lordship and Franchises in the same Manor as before related were granted to Sir William Petre