1660 Poor Rates Tax list for Bradford
George Reynolds[In hand) The Church house parte lett to George Reynolds for 1'-15"
Lucy[Lease ffrancis Lucy Esqf -22-03-00
Holders) Paulton Quarrl xx' noe vse made thereof
ffaires & marketts -02-00-00
John SmithJohn Smith for two luggs of ground -00-05-00
BealesBeales Tenemt & for other Lands held by ffrancis Smith -02-00-00
Gabriell DeverellGabriell Deverell for a Cottage -00-05-00
Susanna GluttonSusanna Glutton -04-00-00
Edward DickeEdward Dicke -01-00-00
William MillsWilliam Mills -01-04-00
William Turner(copy holder Sr William Turner for Gombes Tenemt -01- 06-04
John CrookeJohn Crooke -00-16-00
John CollettJohn Collett .-00-05-00
John LiddiardJohn Liddiard -00-1'1-01
Anselme HollydayAnselme Hollyday -00-03-04
CooperThomas Cooper ye Bayliffe for Cookes -00-02-00
GrauntsThe same for Graunts -00-02-00.
BaylyesThe same for Baylyes in July Street -00-00-04
BaylyWilliam Bayly -00-02-11
John BaIlJohn BaIl -00-02-11
SilbeeJacob Silbee for three cottages -00-0'1-08
CooperThomas Cooper als Silbee -00-01-00
TymbrellThomas Tymbrell for WaIters -00-01-00
BatchelorThomas Batchelor -00-01-00
ClarkeJohn Clarke -00-01-00
AuleyRichard Auley -00-08-00
WitchellWilliam Witchell -00-02-00
ffor a plott of ground 34 yards & an halfe -00-00-06
StoakesRichard Stoakes als Bayly -00-01-00
WilkinsonChristian Wilkinson3 -00-05-00
HoltonRobert Holton -00-4'1-00
GodbyRichard Godby -00-01-00
DrewettJesper Drewett for Harvyes -00-01-00
DrewettThe same -00-01-00
DummerRobert Dummer -00-01-00
HughesLewis Hughes -00-02-04
ChaundlerSusanna Chaundler -00-09-06
DullerNicholas Duller -00-02-00
GraunWalter Graunt -00-02-06
DaltonRobert Dalton -00-01:--10
RobertsJohn Roberts -00-06-04.
HullSamuel Hull -00-08-00
SayWillam Say -00-01-00
SelfeJoane Selfe widdowe -00-05-00
SkinnerThomas Skinner -00-00-04
RogersRichard Rogers for Rundells-6s-10d The same for
Riders Riders 18-10d -00-08-08
HannamThomas Hannam -00-01-00
GrauntJoane Graunt -00-09-04
ReynollRobert Reynoll now Edward Hanny --00-01-00
BaylyEdmond Bayly -00-04-04
GrauntDaniell Graunt -00-14-00
Batchelor John Batchelor -00-01-00
MorriceThomas Morrice -00-01-00
HelpsWilliam Helps -00-01-00
HarveyThomas Harvey -00-01-00
HarveyRobert Harvey -00-01-00
StoakesRichard Stoakes als Bayly -00-00-oo
StoakeslThe Widdowe Stoakes als Bayly -'""00-04-00
HallThomas Hall & John Hall for half an acre of meadow in Enmeade 00--00-06
HallAnd for Elbridge Lane -o0-00--02
New improved rents by Tenants at will
RogersRalfe Rogers 00-06-08
MatthewsThomas Matthews Junr. -o0-05-00
Quitt rents due at Michas yearely
LisleThe Lady Lisle for Lands heretofore held by John Bayly -00-06-08
DeverellDaniell Deverell & others for Sf. Francis Rogers his lands. 00-14-08
Rogers Sir Francis Rogers for a Rood of Land sometymes of William Ports --00-04-08
Rogers The same for a Burgage in Mill Streete --00-01-06
Rogers The same for a Burgage in Seale Street heretofore held by Thomas Yerbury
& Ralfe Cutbert -00-01 -90
Rogers The same for a plott of ground in peple streete -00-00-01
Rogers The same for Tenement in Pando Street which James Parloe held -00-01-09
Rogers The same for a Burgage in Alto Streete wherein John Yerbury dwelt -00-00-01
Rogers The same for a Burgage wherein Edward Dally dwelt -00-00-06
Rogers The same for another house -00-00-06
Rogers The same for a house of Hugh Couens -00-00-08
MethwyneMr. Methwyne --00-00-04
HallSf. Thomas Hall for his two mills & Lands in Millstreete -03-15-00
HallThe same for two Burgages in Pepitt Street held by John Perkins --00-01--05
HallThe same for a Cottage & Toft held heretofore by William Norris -00-01-00
HalllThe same for a peece of ground held by John J ones -00-00- 04
HallThe same for a peece of ground at Scutts Gripp -00-01-06
BaylyJohn Bayly for one Burgage -00-01-05
BlanchardThe Heires of John Blanchard for two Burgages
at ye South end of Pepitt Street -00--03-03
ToomesThe ffeeoffees of James Toomes for lands belonginge to the
Chauntry of Trowbridge paid by Mr. Yerbury-00-09-06
Westly Ephraim Westly gent for a Burgage in High Street called Hellyers -00~01-05
Shaa Mr. Shaa for a Burgage in High Street held by William Chaundler -00-01-01
LisleThe Lady Lisle for Copp's Burgage -00-01-09
GrauntWalter Graunt for one Burgage in St. Plas Streete -00-04-00
& one pound of wax
AlistonOne Tenemt of ye Earle of Marlebrough in St. Plas Streete
Marlebroughheretofore held by George Aliston under
GregorysGregorys wifes right-now held by Mrs. Horne & Robert Bayly -00-00-00:
Longe[Atford] Mr. Longe for ffelthams ffarme -00-01-03
PinchinTuomas Pinchin for one hide of Land -00-05-00
EyresMr. Eyres for one hide of Land -00-05-00
WestburyesThe same for a hide of Land heretofore William Westburyes -00-05-00
Lisle [Trowle] Sr William Lisle for Lands held by William Audley -00-10-08
The whole Homage of Winsley pay at Michas for their veIl noble -00- 06- 8
HortEdmond Hort for Lands in ffoxley -02-00-00
LisleSir William Lisle for lands held by Thomas Yerbury -00-06-00
BlanchardThe Heires of John Blanchard
AshleyAshley ffarme -00-10-00
BudburyBudbury ffarme -01-00-00
LardingeLardinge money -00-05-00
for ploughing parte of ye Lord's Demeasnes -00-02-00
Lisle[Leigh & Woolley] Sir William Lisle for Lands held by John Smith -00-13-04
EarleThe same for Lands paid by John Earle -00-12-00
RogersSir. Francis Rogers' for Lands paid by Daniell Deverell -00-10-00
DeverellSf Thomas Hall for fford farm -=-00-00-01
BaylyJohn Bayly for Lardinge money -00-05-00
Longe(Wraxall) Mr. Hope Longe for Lands there -02-08-09
YerburyDaniell Yerbury" for Lands there -00-15-00
Brooke[Deteyned 40ty yer~] The Lord Brooke for Lands there -01-02-02
Lisle[Holt] Sir William Lisle for Lands there -02-04-09
BlanchardThomas Blanchard for Lands there -00-00-02
CaterThomas Cater for Lardinge money7 -00-01-04
Law Day Silvers payable at Michas & our Lady Day by equall portons.
The Tythinge of Winsley p Ann -00-08-00
WinsleyThe Tythinge of Trowle p Ann -00-04-00
Holt The Tythinge of Holt p. Ann -00-08-00
AtworthThe Tythinge of Atworth p Ann -00-06-00
WraxalThe Tythinge of Wraxall p Ann -00-06-00
LeighThe Tythinge of Leigh p Ann -00-07-04
Money called Palmse money' payable the 25th March yeare!ey .
BaylyR. Bayly J. Earle & R. Earle for Lands in Leigh late A. Rogers -00-02-00
Wraxall The Tythingeof Wraxall -00-01-00
Trowle The Tythinge of Trowle -00-01-00
WinsleyThe Tythinge of Winsley -00-02-00
AtworthThe Tythinge of Atworth -00-01-00
HoltThe Tythinge of Holt -00-01-00
The ffreeholders which purchased parte of ye Manno' pay
yearely at Miclias towards th.e Tenthes due to ye Kings mall.
PawlettWilliam Pawlett Esq' for his Lands in Atworth -00-12-00
HallJohn Hall Esq for his Lands in trowle -00-15-00
Hall'the same for Bradfords wood -00-12-00
LongeJohn Longe Esq' for Lands in Wraxall -00-11-10
KentJohn Kent for Lands in Winsley -01-05-08
WadmanMr Wadman for Reads Lands in 'Trowle -00-02-10
LongeMr Ths.Longe for Lands in Trowle held by widow Perry at Widbroke -00-01-08
Wallis Harry Wallis Esq. for Lands in Trowle -00-02-00
Yerburyes Yerburyes Land in Atworth -00-14-00
Earles John Earles Lands in Holt -00-06-00--
DickeJohn Dicke for Lands in Winsley -00-07-00
DickeGeorge Dicke for Lands in Stoake -01-00-06
BaylyJohn Bayly for Lands in Holt -00-05-00
EarleRichard Earle for Lands in Leigh -00-01-06
Bayly Robert Bayly for Lands in Leigh -00-00-09
RandollMr Randoll for Iands in Wooley -00-03-00
HelpesWilliam Helpes for lands in Holt -00-00-02
MillsWilliam Mills now John Bayly for Lands there -00-02-00
Mille Jon Richard Mille for Lands there-00-02-00
HallThomas Hall for Lands in Leigh -00-00-04ob
TidcombeMr. Tidcombe for Lands in Winsley -00-06-08
LongeJohn Longe gent for Lands in Winsley -00-08-04
KingeMr Kinge for Lands in Woolly -00-01-06
MaultmanThomas Maultman for Gibbons Land -00-01-06
Gentlemens ffine paid yearely for Suite of Court.
LisleSir William Lisle -00-02-00
HallJohn Hall Esqr -00-00-08
PawletWilliam Pawlett Esqr -00-01-0
WestlyEphraim Westly. gent -00-01-00
BampfeildMr Bampfeild [ Mr Shaa over-written in another hand] -00- 00-08
YerburyThe heires of Daniell Yerbury" -00-00-08
DeverellSimon Deverell for ffishinge the river -00-06-00
Total: 8-7-9d