A Inventory table the 5th Day of May 1688 of yegoods money of Henry Shrapnel of Bradford inye county of Wilts. By Jacob Silby, ZaccariahShrapnell, & Robert Taplin appraised as follows:
Brass & Pewter in ye Hall- -7-9-2d
A tableboard stools other lumber in ye same room-3-0-0
In ye Kitchen a furnace a ..Pans" 2 foundry &
other goods there 4-0-0
also in ye same room & in goods 1-0-0
In ye hall chamber a bed stead & all furniture 7-0-0
also in ye same 6 chairs a table board & other goods 2-10-0
in Plate 14-0-0
In ye Parlour chamber 1 bed & appertentures & other Lumber 3-10-0
In ye Garrats 2 beds & all apertenures & other Lumber 5-0-0
Wood Vessel in ye Buttery & elsewhere & in house of Broad Board &ye ..5-0-0
In Timber & Timber goods 40-0-0
In Iron Goods 27-0-0
In wheat in ye ground 3-0-0
In ye ground called Paddox 20-0-0
In his wearing Apperil 10-0-0
In Debts owed him on book 65-0-0
Money in House 37-0-0
Money at Interest 173-0-0
total 430-9-02
signed Jacob Silby, Zaccariah Shrapnell
Rooms detailed in 1688 lnventaryof Henry Shrapnell Junior:
Hall- Brass, Pewter, table, stools
Kitchen -furnace, Pans , foundry
Hall Chamber -a bedstead & furniture ,6 chairs
Parlour Chamber -1 bed
Garrats -2 beds
Buttery-Wood Vessels & Broad board.