1731 An Inventory for Thomas, brother of Anthony Ellesdon Esq.

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An Inventory and apportionment of the Goods and Chattels of Thomas Ellesdon, late of Charmouth , in the County of Dorset, Gent. Were taken and appraised in 1731 at the house of Anthony Ellesden situate at Charmouth, being the house where the deceased Thomas Ellesdon inhabited at the time of his death. by vertue of ye …enission to us hereby … and others .. includes pistols, jewellery 25 gold rings, large quantity of Gold and Silver items listed by weight

I bond 1719 William Simmonds of Lydd in Kent to John Ellesdon of same place … to his mothers Honor Ellesdon, widow and executrix to said John Ellesdon -£33

1 Bond 1729 from Thomas Tucker of Lydd grandson to Honor Ellesden to his mother the said Honor Ellesdon - £40

1 Bond 1730 Francis Gwyn of Ford Abbey and Edward Prideaux Gwyn - £300

1 Bond 1724 from Richard Henvill of Looke in Dorset this bond in the custody of Mr Charles Henvill - £500

1 note of hand one note of hand from George Coad to the Intestate 1730 - £74

for wool of the Intestate s sold to George Coad Junior for which he has drawn a bill dated 17 feb , 1730 on George Coad Father payable to Anthony Ellesdon Esq three months after date - £55

Money found in the deceased furniture which is now in the hands of Anthony Ellesden esq. - £5

1 lease of a house in Lydd for a term of 99 years - £50

Hutchins writes: Adjoining Charmouth, on the east side of the river is a farm called Newlands, anciently part of this manor, but severed there from by Sir William Poole, knt. Who 32 Eliz. Conveyed it in fee to William Wadham of Catherstone. In 1599 it was granted by George and William Wadham his son and heir apparent to John Jeffrey, Esq. By 1649 it was sold to Anthony Ellesden, from whose grandson of the same it passed to the Henvills, and in 1790 was held by Mr Coade of Lyme Regis.