1841 Census - Bushes Alley (now St. Margarets Place)
501 Three houses, William Woods (Himself)
502 Two houses, James Huntley (Himself)
503 House, ;md garden, John Bromham (Himself)
504 Five tenements, William Dunsdon (Himself & others)
505 Six tenements, George Humphries [Humphreys] (Himself)
506 Four houses, Samuel NicholLs (Himself)
507 House, Mrs. Sarah Gale (Herself S: others)
508 Garden, Mrs. Sarah Gale (Herself & others)
509 House, Mrs. Harriet Rclph (Herself)
510 Garden, Mrs. Harriet Relph (Herself)
511 French Grass/gardens, Sir John Cam Hobhouse (George Spencer)
512 French Grass/gardens, Sir John CamHobhouse (George Spencer)
513 Garden, Rev. Joseph Rodway (Himself)
514 House, Rev. Joseph Rodway (Himself)
515 Independent Chapel and Schoolroom, Trustees of the Inclep. Soc. (Themselves)
516 House, and garden, Robert Mundy (Himself)
517 Hou.se, James Baker (John Humphries)
518 Two tenements, Reps, of John Bains (Themselves)
519 House, garden, and three tenements,' Trustees of the Baptist Soc. (Thos. Frickcr & others)