This plan is taken from the 1841 Tithe Map for Bradford
The numbers that are shown are listed below with details
of their owners and occupiers.
The red boundary shows properties that are
asociated with the Shrapnell
Those in the blue area form part of the former
Halliday family land holding.
Key : numbers on map, Blue type– tenants. (Owners in bracket)
433 House, and two tenements, Henry Fricker Miss Elizabeth Edwards
439 Two houses, and two tenements, Thos. Lloyd & others William Shrapnell
450 Baptist Chapel, and two houses, Thomas Fricker & others Trustees of the Bapt. Soc.
451 House, and two tenements, Reps. of John Bains (-)
452 House, and garden, Richard Stent (40) Baker, 2 unoccupied, (Himself)
453 House, Ann Rayner (70) Independent [Reyner] (Herself)
454 House, “Old French Horn” John Miles (60) (Dinah Long)
455 House, Charles Johnson (50) Grocer, James Batten
456 Two houses, Joseph Joyce (45) Clock maker, William Long (40) Mason Gen. Henry Shrapnell
457 House, and garden, Joseph Pearce (25) Gen. H. Shrapnell
458 Garden, Joseph Channing Pearce & others Gen. Henry Shrapnell
459 Four tenements, unoccupied, Jas. Marshman, John Sims, unoccupied,Gen. H. Shrapnell
460 Queen's Head Inn, and premises James Crisp Col. William Miles
461 House, John Rees Jones Edward Tugwell Lawrence
462 House, Thomas Wheeler Thomas Hosier Saunders
463 Two houses, Richard Newman (Himself)
464 House, Samuel Nicholls (Himself)
465 Two houses, William Collar (Himself)
466 Three houses, john Purnell (Himself)
467 Two tenements, and gardens, William Coles (Himself & others)
469 House, and three tenements, Thomas Cleveland (Himself)
470 House, yard, and premises, Stephen Mizen (Himself)
471 House, and garden, Charles Melsom (Himself)
472 }House, garden, and shops, Thomas Martin (Himself)
474 Two houses, Mrs. Ann Melsom (Herself)
475 Three houses James Moody (Himself)
476 Two tenements, Mrs. Ann Rayner (Herself)
477 Two houses, George Humphries [Humphreys] (Himself)
478 House, John Parfitt (Himself)
479 Two houses, John Smith (Himself)
480 Eight tenements, James Budgett (Himself & others)
481 House, Malakiah Mead Gen. Henry Shrapnell
482 Stable, and yard, Malakiah Mead Gen. H. Shrapnell
483 House, Joseph Channing Pearce & others Gen. Henry Shrapnell
484 Three houses, James Howell, Charles Fricker, Samuel Penny(John Smith) one in No Where Lane-Thos. Rogers (himself)
485 Five tenements, (No Where Lane )John Hutton, William Sadd,,Jeremiah Batchellor, John Holloway, Henry Selfe, William Ash [Mrs Ann Reyner]
486 House, John Bray, James Kelson, (Thomas Spackman, jun)
487 House, Ann Green, Mary Morris, Mary Lansdown.(Isaac Green)
488 Three houses, Robert Smith, Samuel Hedges, Fred Frankling, James Grinell, Gen. Henry Shrapnell
489 St Margarets Hill, Five houses, George Grist, Mary Morris, George Coward, George Self, George Railes(?) Rees Jones (formerly, Wastfield, Shrapnel)
490 Four houses, Reps. of john Bains (-)
491 House, Trustees of the Independent Society (Themselves) .