1848 Directory for Bradford on Avon
The first section is Residential and the second part is commercial. An alphabetical list of these entries can be seen at the end.

Bailward Misses, Frankleigh house
Baines Mrs. St. Margaret's street
Bradney Rev. J. H. Leigh house
Brown Wade, Monkton Farleigh
Buller Rev. Wm. Mason's lane
Bush John, Woolley hill
Bythesea Saml. Wm. Hill house, Freshford
Cannon Mrs. Trowbridge road
Clarke Rev. John P. vicarage
Clarke Thos. Comberwell house
Cogan Rev. L. R. Murhill lodge,Winsley
Coombs Mrs. Bushes alley
Cousins Miss, Trowbridge road
Daniel Joseph Clisold, Row's lodge, Winsley
Davies Mrs. Mary, Frankleigh
Edmonds Ezekiel, jun. Belcombe Brook house
Edmonds Ezekiel, senr. Belcombe Brook
Edmonds John, Church street
Edmonds Saml. St. Margaret st.
Floyd Rev. Joseph, Copse lane
Gear Rev. Wm. Mason's lane
GiHott Miss, Trowbridge road
Green William C. Newtown
Groves Mrs. St. Margaret street
Hale William, Trowbridge road
Harris Mrs. Bearfield
Harris Robert, Woolley street
Harvey Rev. Henry, Sevenfields house
Hawkins Rev. Wm. Bushes alley
Jay Rev. Wm. St. Margaret st.
Knapp William, Woolley street
Longmore Rev. John, Wingfield
Meech Rev.Chas. Trowbridge rd.
O'BrienCapt.Wm.R.N.Pippit st.
Palairet Capt. Septs. Hy.Woolley
Parsons James, Bearfield
Piggott Miss, Wraxhall
RaynerMrs. Ann, St. Margaret st.
Rodway Mrs. Ann, White hill
Savage Miss, Woolley street ,
Shrapnell Mrs.M. Mount pleasant;
Smith Mrs. Mary, Frankleigh
Smith the Misses, Woolley
Spademan Mrs. Mill street
Spencer George, St. Margaret
Spencer Rev. Wingfield
Spencer Mrs. St. Margaret st
Spencer Thomas, Mill street
Stevens William, Middle rank
Stone William, Winsley house
Tackle Rev. James, the Lock
Timbrell Miss Eliz. Chantry house
Timbrell William, Winsley
Wheeler Thomas, Church street Wingfield
Rev. Edw. Bradford


Auctioneer and Appraiser
Rolf George, Silver street
Marked thus * are Confectioners also See also Grocers
and Tea Dealer, likewise Grocery and Sundry Dealers.

Badden Henry, Bearfield
*Barton William, Shambles
Duck James, Trowbridge road
England Samuel Leeds, Horse st
Hillman William, Wine street
Matthews Isaac, Silver street
Smart Daniel, New Market place
Stent Richard, St. Margaret st.
North Wilts Banking Co, Church street-
(draw on Drewett and Fowler, Princes street,
Bank, London)-Manager, Tatham John
Savings Bank. New Market Place.
open Saturday evening from 6 to 7.
Actuary, Jones Joseph Gordon
Beer Retailers.
Blackmore John, Bearfield
Edmonds Robert, Frome road
Fielding Israel, Church street
Gerrish James, Bradford leigh
Goddard Silas, Pot hooks
Pulling Mary, Upper rank
Turner James, New town
Wastfield Anne, Trowbridge Rd,
Weston Thomas, Trowbridge road
Withey Luke, Bearfield
Yerbury John, Bearfield
Cay ford Charles, Silver street
Groom John, Silver street
Hunt John, St. Margaret street.
Millsom Charles, near the Bridge
Summers George, Pippit street
Booksellers, Stationers,
Binders, and Printers.

Bubb John, Marketplace
Rawling Joseph, New Market place
Boot and Shoe Makers.
Edwards Benjamin, New town
England Robert, Bazaar street
Glass William, Silver street
Hendy Phinehas, Church street
Isaac Edward, Church street
Keevell James, Market place
King James, St. Margaret street
Leonard Charles, Pippit street
Powell Joseph, New town
Wallis Charles, Church street
Bale William, Silver street
Collctt William, Bearfield
Hanny William, New town
Hazwell James, White hill
May Thomas, White hill
Pott Thomas, White hill
Peters James, New town
Rodman Thomas, New town
Walker Samuel, White hill bite
White Charles, White hill
Spencer George & Thomas, White-head's lane
Wilkins Alexander, New town
Butchers. Marked thus * are Pork Butchers only.
Chapman Worthy, Market place
Dike John, Silver street
England Samuel Leeds, Horse st.
Hanks Thomas, Horse street
*Hedges William, Market place
Lewis John, Charles, and Samuel, Silver street
Matthews Richard, Silver street
Orchard William, Mill street
Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers.
Batchelor Samuel, Silver street
Moore James, Market place
Velvin John, Shambles
Carpenters and Joiners.
Marked thus * are Builders also.
Batten James (builder only) Bearfield
Cadby Charles, Trowbridge road
Cayford John, Frome road
*Cayford,- Thomas and Arthur, Woolley
Earl John, Whitehill
*Jones Daniel and Charles, Tory
Mizen Stephen, Bridge street
Moody James, New town
*White William, market place
Chemists and Druggists
Marks George, Bridge foot
Taylor Thos. & Emanuel, Silver at.
Chimney Sweepers.
Andrews Thomas, New town
Deacon William, New town
China, Glass, and Earthenware Dealers.
Everett Joseph, Horse street
Velvin George, Shambles
Coal Merchants & Dealers.
Coles William, Trowbridge road
Stratton John, Canal
Bryant Catharine, Bearfield
Bryant Elizabeth, New town
Alien Joseph, Bridge street
Davis Charles, Frome road
Curriers & Leather Cutters
Forster Arthur, Church street
Wilton Edward, Woolley street
Derrett Ann, New town
Timbrell Charles St. Margaret's St.
Agricultural (Cattle)…. Stone Wm. jun. Woolley street
Alfred (Life) ......Taylor Thos. & Emanuel, Silver st.
Church of England (Life) . . .Stone Wm. jun. Woolley street
County (Fire) ......... Budgett James P. Marketplace
Eagle (Life) .......... Rawling Joseph, New Market pl.
S Economic (Life) ........ Way Richard T. St. Margaret's St.
English and Scottish Law (Life) Way Richard T. St. Margaret's St.
Globe (Fire and Life) ..... Bubb John, Market place
Imperial (Fire and Life) . . . . Taylor Thos, & Emanuel, Silver St.
Phoenix (Fire)......,., Rawling Joseph, New Market place.
Promoter (Life and Annuity) . Bush John, Church street
Provident (Life) ........ Budgett James P. Market place.
Royal Farmers & Gen. (F.&L.) Merrick William, St. Margaret Bt.
Standard (Life) ........ Stone Wm.jun. Woolley street
Sun (Fire and Life) ...... Bush John, Church street
San (Fire and Life) ...... Way Rd.Travers, St Margaret st
West of England (Fire & Life) Timbrell Wm. St. Margaret street
Furniture Brokers.
Fricker Henry, St. Margaret's St.
Green Joseph (and appraiser), Church street
Gardeners and Seedsmen.
Marked thus * are Seedsmen only.
*Hooper David, New Market pl.
Neate Henry, Mason's lane
*Rogers Keziah (and fruiterer).Market place
Wicks John, Pippit street
Grocers and Tea Dealers.
Marked thus * are also Bakers,
Barton William, Shambles
*Bishop Catherine, Church street
Budgett Jas. Payne, Marketplace
Everett Joseph, Horse street
*Matthews Isaac, Silver street
Sims James, Mount pleasant
*Smart Daniel, New Market place]
Taylor William, Shambles
*Woodman James, Bridge street
Grocery and Sundries, Dealers in.
Marked thus * are also Bakers,
*Ball Grace, Silver Street
Bartlett George, Bear-field
Batten Isaac, Bearfield
Dainton George, Shambles
*Derrctt John, St. Margaret st.
Derrett John, junr. Wine street
Forth Thomas, Silver street
*Hayter Thomas, New town
Joyce Joseph, Bazaar street
Kittelty John, Woolley
Martin Daniel, New town
Norris William, St. Margaret st
Pulling Mary, Upper rank
Tucker William, Wine street Turner James, New town
Hair Cutters.
Batchelor James, Pippit street
Caish James, Silver street
Caish John, Market place
Inn and Posting House.
Swan, Church st. Neale John 0.
Inns and Public Houses.
Barge, near the Lock, Dowling Thomas
Bear, Silver street, Gingell Jacob
Castle, Mount Pleasant, Newtnan George
Crown, Woolley, Kittelty John
King's Arms, Market pl. HoleRd,
King's Head, White hill, Jenkins Francis
Lamb, Bridge foot, Lewis James
Mason's Arms, Newtown, Blackmore Arthur
Queen's Head, Bridge street, Crisp Elizabeth
Rose & Crown, Mill street, Dancy Elizabeth
Royal Oak, Shambles, Long John I
Seven Stars, New town, Wilkin Alexander
Ship, Church street, Ovens James
Three Horse Shoes, Frame road, Cayford John
White Hart, Horse St., Spender Sarah
Iron and Brass Founder
Coles William, Trowbridge road
Ironmongers, Braziers, Lock-smiths, and Bellhangers.
Croom John, Silver street
Fricker Henry, St. Margaret Bt.
V. Hallett Wm.Geo. New Market pl.
Mundy John, New Market place
Rolf George, Silver street
Linen & Woollen Drapers
Alford J. & Chapman G. Silver St
Everett Samuel, New Market pl.
Taylor Samuel, Shambles
Applegate William, Widbrook
Byfield Emanuel, Wine street
Crisp Elizabeth, St. Margaret st
Spencer George & Thomas, Whitehead's lane
Wheeler Thomas, Church street
Wilkins Alexander, New town
Marine Store Dealers.
Goodman William, New town
Love Isaac, New town
Milliners and Dress Makers
Challenger Ann, Bushes alley
Davis Sarah, Silver street
Gaisford Car. Trowbridge road
Humphrys Eliza, Bazaar street
Long Mary Ann, St. Margaret st
Long Mary Ann, Silver street
Mundy Mary, Trowbridge road
Coles William (and Engineer) Trowbridge road
Martin James, Silver street
Martin Thomas, Bridge street
Stacey William, Wine street
Painters, Plumbers, and Glaziers.
Beaven Ebenezer (and Paper-hanger), Woolley street
Fricker Henry, St. Margaret St.
Nicholls Michael Bearfield ...
Sparks Joseph (and Ornamental Painter), Pippit street
Patten and Clog Makers
Keevell James, Silver street
Mundy John (and Slay) New Market place
Plasterers and Tilers.
Fisher John, Bazaar street
Howell James, Morgan's hill
Howell William, Copse lane
Pearce James, Middle rank
Pitman Benjamin, Wooley street
Sparks, Joseph, Holt
Saddlers & Harness Makers.
Fricker Thomas, St. Margaret St
Hedges James, Market place
Taylor Cornelius, Church street
BRITISH, St. Margaret street,
Master, Stapleton John
Fatt Ellen, St. Margaret street
FREE, Churchyard, Master, Turner John
INFANT, Pippit street, Mistress Wilshire Frances
Jones John, New town
Merrick Ellen and Sophia (boarding), Well close
NATIONAL, Churchyard, Master King Wm. Mistress, England Lucy
Rolls Ambrose, Bazaar street
Tackle Rev. James, the Lock
Bush John, Church street
Stone William, Woolley street
Stone William, junr, Woolley st.
Timbrell William and Merrick William, St. Margaret street
Way Richard T, St. Margaret st.
Stone Masons.
Jones Isaac, Frome road
Long James, Silver street
Long William, Bazaar street
Newman George, Bearfield
Newman, Richard, Bearfield
Straw Hat Makers.
Batchelor Charlotte, Pippit street
Bullock Isabella, Pippit street
Davis Jemima & Sarah, Silver St
Lowe Ruth, Morgan's hill
Perry Mary, Shambles
Rogers Sarah, Market place
Surveyors and Architects.
Jones Daniel and Charles, Tory Knapp John
(and Land Agent), Belcombe cottage
Adye Arthur, Woolley street
Baines Joseph, St. Margaret st.
Highmore Natl. J. St. Margaret st.
Morgan, Wm. Isaac, M.D. Turley
Fisher Thomas, St. Margaret st.
Fricker Alfred, Woolley street
Fricker James, Whitehead's lane
Fricker James, junr. Pippit street
Fussell George, Trowbridge road
Fussell John (and draper), St,Margaret street
Gishford Stephen, Shambles
Haswell William, New town
Humphrys John Bazaar street
Lidbury Samuel, New town
Pearce Frederick, Church street
Pearce Samuel, White hill
Rudman Joseph, New town
Wheeler John, Bull pit
Tallow Chandlers.
Budgett James Payne, Market pl
Derrett John, St Margaret street
Smart Daniel, New Market place
Tea Dealers.
Baker Alfred, Trowbridge road
Portch James, Trowbridge road
Tinmen and Braziers.
See also Ironmongers.

Andrews Thomas, New town Batten
William, Silver street
Huntley William, Silver street
Rolf George, Market place
Smith George, St. Margaret st
Watch and Clock Makers.
Bullock William, Pippit street
Hallett, Wm. Geo. (and Jeweller and Silversmith), Market place
Huntley William, Silver street
Cayford John, Frome road
Cayford Thos. & Arthur, Woolley
Wine & Spirit Merchants.
Taylor Thomas and EmanueL Silver street
Woollen Cloth Manufacturers.
Davis John Edward, Holt Edmonds Henry and King John Greenland mills.
Edmonds John and Co. Church st
Spackman Thomas, Copse lane

Basket and Sieve Maker, Mead James, Bridge street
Brush Maker, Coward Isaac, St. Margaret street
Clothes Dealer, Caish John, Market place
Fellmonger, Beaven Thomas and James, Holt
Horse Trainer, Fatt Joseph, St. Margaret street
Pawnbroker, Butterworth Thomas, Church street
Rope Twine and Sacking Maker, Taylor Edward, Bridge foot
Stay Maker, Velvin Hannah, Shambles
Timber Dealer, Mizen Stephen, Bridge street
Wharfinger fy Haulier, Fowle John Goodman, Bradford wharf
Wire Worker, Sparks Joseph, Pippit street
Law and Public Officers. '
Adye Arthur, Registrar of Marriages for the Union, and of Births and Deaths for the South Eastern district, Woolley street
Baker James, Relieving Officer for the Bradford district, St. Margaret's Street
Batten Isaac, Poor and Highway Rate Collector, Bearfield
Bush John, Clerk to the County Court, to the Town Commissioners, and to the Turnpike Trustees, Secretary to the Bradford Gas Company, Steward to the Lord of the Manor, and Solicitor to the wilts, Somerset, & Weymouth Railway Company, Church St.
Forster John, Relieving Officer, St. Margaret street
Fricker Thomas, Inspector of Weights & Measures, St. Margaret St
Gibbs John, Deputy Registrar of Births and Deaths for the
North Western district, Churchyard
Martin Daniel, Tythe Collector, New town
Merrick William, Registrar of Births and Deaths for the North
Western District, St. Margaret street
Stone William, Clerk to the Magistrates, Woolley street
Timbrell Wm., Clerk to the Union and Superintendent Registrar, St Margaret street

Public Buildings, Institutions, Offices, &c.

ALMS HOUSES, Frome road, for three old women
ALMS HOUSES, St. Margaret Street, for four old men
CANAL OFFICE, Lock. Agent, Ebenezer Chapman
COUNTY COURT, Swan Hotel. Judge, Joseph G. Smith
EXCISE OFFICE, Swan Hotel, Church Street
GAS WORKS, Frome road. Lessee, William Coles; Secretary,John Bush *
POLICE STATION, Bridge foot Inspector, George Matthews.
STAMP OFFICE, Church street Sub-Distributor, John Bush
UNION WORKHOUSE, Avon Cliff. Chaplain, Rev. John Martin
Longmore; Surgeon, Nathaniel J. Highmore: Master, John
Brooman; Matron, Letitia Brooman; School Master, Charles
White; School Mistress, Matilda Caish
TRINITY ; Vicar, Rev. Henry Harvey, M.A.; Curate, Rev. John
P. Clarke, M.A.; Clerk, and Sexton, John Gibbs; Organist,Charles Wilshire
CHRIST CHURCH, Bearfield; Perpetual Curate, Rev. Wm. Buller;
Clerk, Charles Wallis Organist, Sophia Merrick; Sexton,
George Self.
BAPTIST, St. Margaret stre.et; Rev. William Hawkins
BAPTIST, New town ; Rev. Henry Webley
INDEPENDENT, Morgan's hill; Rev. William Gear
LADY HUNTINGDON'S, Bearfield; Ministers various
PRIMITIVE METHODIST, White hill; Ministers various
WESLEYAN, Copse lane, Rev. Joseph Floyd
Posting House.-See Inn and Posting
BATH, an Omnibus, from the Swan, daily, at 9, 30 a.m.
Trowbridge, the Swiftsure Omnibus, from the Canal Bridge daily, Sundays excepted, at 12, 30 noon, and 7, 30 p,m.
BATH, Davis (and to Bristol), per waggon, from Mill street,
Monday and Thursday, at 10 night; Lucas's Van, from the Lamb every morning at 9 ; and Wilshire's Van, from the Three Horse Shoes, every day, at 9 a.m.
CHIPPENHAM, Misen, from Bridge street, Monday, Wedn
and Friday, at 9 a.m. ;
DEVIZES, Mizen, from Bridge street, Thursday, through Holt
Melksham, at 9 a.m. o"
MELKSHAM AND DEVIZES, Lucas's Van, from the Bridge ft every morning at 9.
LONDON, BATH, AND BRISTOL, Shaw`s and Hooper's Boat, daily
Canal Agent, John G. Fowle.
BATH, a Pleasure Boat, from the Canal bridge, every day(except
Sunday), at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.
NEWBURY, BATH, AND BRISTOL, Parker's Boats daily

Bailward Misses Eliz., Julia &Amelia, Frankley Ho.
Baines Mrs.Martha, St. Margarets street
Bradney Rev. John Hopkins, Leigh house
Buller Rev. William, M.A. , Christchurch Parsonage
Bush John, esq., Woolley house
Bush Mr. Posthumous. While hill
Cadby Mr. Charles, Trowbridge road
Canning Mrs. Hannah Maria, Trowbridge Road
Clarke Rev.J.Perkins, M.A.. [curate], The Vicarage
Cockrell Mr. Robert, Belcombe place
Coombes Mrs. Mary, Bush`s alley
Edmonds Mr. Ezekiel, Frankley
Edmonds Mr. Ezekiel,jun. Belcombe house
Edmonds Mr. John, Church street
Edmonds Mr. Samuel, St. Margaret St
Floyd Rev. Joseph, Wesleyan Chapel house
Gear Rev. William, Mason's lane
Gillett Miss Betsey, Trowbridge road
Green Mr. William, Clarke, Newtown Street
Groves Mrs. Susan Isabella, St. Margaret`s Street
Hale Mr. William, Trowbridge road
Harris Mrs. Elizabeth, Bearfield
Harris Mr. Robert, Kingston cottage
Harvey, Rev Henry, M.A. [vicar], Seven Field ho.
Hawkins, Rev. William, Bush's alley
Jay, Rev. William, St. Margaret's street
Knapp, Mr. William, Woolley street
Meech ,Rev. Charles, Trowbridge road
Merrick, Mr. William, Bearfield
O` Brien, Capt. 'William, The Priory
Palairet Capt .Septimus II. The Grange.
Parsons, Mr. James, Bearfield
Price, Mr. Robert, Poulton Cottage
Raynor Mrs. Ann, St. Margaret's Street
Savage Miss Mary Owen, Woolley Street
Shrapnell Mrs. Margaret, Barton's Orchard
Smart Mrs. Ann, Barton Orchard
Smith Misses Mary & Elizabeth, Kingston grove
Spackman Mrs. Charles, Mill Street
Stone Mr. William, jun. Trowbridge Rd
Tirnbrell Mr. Charles, Bearfield House
Timbrell Miss Elizabeth, Chantry house
Way Mr .Richard Travers, Trowbridge rd.
Webley Rev. Henry, Wine Street
Wheeler Thomas. esq. Church Street
Wingfield Rev. Edward. A.M. Bradford Leigh
Adye Arthur, surgeon, registrar , Woolley Street
Alford & Chapman, draper, Silver street
Applegate William, farmer & maltster, Trowle
Baines Joseph, surgeon, SI. Margaret street
Baker Alfred, teadeater, Trowbridge road
Baker James, relieving officer, St. Margaret street
Ball Mrs. Grace, baker, Silver street
Boll William, shoemaker, Silver street
Barrett Sarah, mistress of Nat, school, Bearfield
Bartlett George, shopkeeper, Bearfield .
Barton William, baker & grocer, Shambles
Batchelor James, hairdresser, Pippet street
Batchelor Samuel, cabinet maker, Silver Street
Batten Henry, baker, Bearfield
Batten Isaac, shopkeeper, Bearfield
Batten James, builder & stone merchant, Bearfield
Batten William, tin man & brazier, Silver street
Beaven Joseph, accountant, Silver street
Bird John, barge owner, Trowle
Bishop Mrs. Catherine, baker, Church street
Blackmore Arthur, ' Masons' Arms,' Newtown
Blackmore John, beer retailer, Bearfield
Bowyer Samuel, farmer, Trowle
Bryant Mrs. Elizabeth, coal seller, Newtown
Bubb John, printer, & stationer, Old Market Place
Budzett James Payne, Grocer, Old Market Place
Bullock Miss Isabla, strawbonnet maker, Pippet St.
Bullock William, ,watch & clock maker, Pippet st.
Bush John, solicitor, Church Street
Butterworth Th. & Alfred, pawnbrokers, Church st
Caish James, hairdresser Silver street
Caish John, clothes & hairdresser, Old Market pl.
Caiford Charles, blacksmith & farrier, Silver street
Cayford John, 'Three Horseshoes,' carp., Frome Rd
Cayford Thomas, carpenter, Leigh & Woolley
Chapman Edwin & Why, butcher, Old Market place
Chapman Ebenezer, clerk to K & A. Canal office
Clark Richard, farmer, Barton farm
Cole 'William, founder, engineer, Trowbridge road
Coward Isaac, brushmaker, St. Margaret's street
Cress Charles, coal dealer, Bridge Street
Crisp. James, farmer, Leigh & Woolley
Crisp Mrs. Eliz, 'Queen`s Head; St. Margaret Street
Croom John, ironmonger, Silver street
Cross Joseph, grocer & salt merchant, White hill
Dainton George, shopkeeper, Shambles
Dancy Mrs. Elizabeth, Crown inn, Mill street
Davies Charles, cooper, Frome road
Davis Miss Matilda, milliner, Silver street
Derrett John, grocer, St. Margaret's Street
Derrett John, shopkeeper, Newtown
Dike John, butcher, Silver street
Dowling Thomas, Barge inn, Trowle
Duck James,baker, St. Margaret`s street
Earle John, carpenter, White hill
Edmonds & Co. clothier!, Church street factory
Edmonds Henry, clothier, Greenland factory
Edmonds Robert, beer retailer, Canal lock
EIvery Henry James, excise officer, Bearfield
England Miss Lucy, mis. of Natl. School. Churchyard
England Robert, shoemaker, Beasor street
England Samuel, baker, bacon & cheese, Bridge foot
Everett Joseph, grocer, Horse street
Everett Samuel, draper, New Market place
Fatt Joseph , Old Bear, Silver street
Fielding Israel, beer retailer, Church street
Fisher John, Slater, Beasor Street
Forster Arthur, currier, Church street
Forster John, relieving officer, Frome road
Forth Thomas, eating house, Silver street
Fowle John G. wharfing & carrier, Bradford wharf
Fricker Alfred, tailor, Woolley street
Fricker Henry, painter, St. .Margaret's street
Fricker James, tailor, Whiteheads lank
Fricker James, tailor, Pippet street
Fricker Thomas, saddler, St. Margaret's street
Fussell John, tailor, St. Margaret's street
Gibbs John, clerk of parish church, Churchyard
Gingell Jacob, ' New Bear,' Silver street
Gishford Stephen, tailor, Shambles
Glass William H. C. shoemaker, Silver street
Goddard Silas, beer retailer, Frankley
Green Joseph-ph, furniture broker, Church street
Guley James, farmer, Trowle
Hallett William, watchmaker, jeweller, &Ironmonger, New Market place
Hayter Thomas, baker, Newtown
Hedges James, saddler, Bridge foot
Hedges Thomas, wadding maker, Pippet street
Hedges William, pork butcher, Old Market place
Hendy Phineas, bookmaker, Church street
Highmore Nathaniel J. surgeon, St. Margaret street
Hillman William, baker, Wine street
Hobbs Joseph, rope maker, Newtown
Hole Richard, King's Arms inn, Old Market place
Hooper David, seeds man, Kew Market place
Howell John, plasterer & slater, Morgan's hill
Howell William, plasterer & tiler, St. Margaret's st.
Humphrys John, tailor, Beasor street
Humphrys Miss Eliza, milliner, Beasor: street
Hunt William, blacksmith, St. Margaret's street
Huntley William, watch & clock maker, Silver street
Isaac Edward, shoemaker, Church street
Jenkins Francis, King's Head, White hill
Johnson Charles, postmaster, New Market place
Jones Charles, builder, Tory Rank
Jones George, builder, Wine street
Jones Isaac, mason, Trowle
Jones John, builder, Wine street
Joyce John, dealer in clocks, Beasor Street
Jones Joseph Gordon, clothier, Silver street
Kevill James, shoe factor, Old Market place
King James, shoemaker, St. Margaret's Street
King William, master of National school, Churchyard
Kittlety John, Crown inn, Leigh & Woolley
Knapp John, Survey & land agent, Belcombe cottage
Leonard Charles, shoemaker, Pippet Street
Lewis James, Lamb inn, Bridge foot
Lewis John, Charles &: Samuel, butchers & farmers, SilverStreet, &Leigh & Woolley
Lincoln Albert, excise officer, Trowbridge road
Little William, farmer, Trowle
Long James, mason, Silver street
Long John, , Royal Oak, Old Market place
Marks George, chemist & druggist, Bridge Street
Marks Daniel, grocer, Newtown
Martin James, Cross Keys, Frome road
Martin Thomas Millwright ,Bridge street
Matthews Isaac, baker, Silver street
Matthews Richard, Cheese Dealer, Silver street
May Thomas, Town crier, White hill
Mead. James, basket maker, Bridge Street
Merrick Miss Sophia, young ladies School, Wellclose
Merrick William, solicitor, St. Margaret's st.
Milsom Charles. blacksmith, Bridge street
Mizen James, farmer, Trowle
Mizen Stephen, carpenter, Bridge Street
Moore James!, cabinet maker, Bridge foot
Mundy John, harness! maker, New Market place
Nellie John C, Swan hotel, Church St
Neate Henry, gardener, Masons Lane
Newman George, beer retailer, Bearfield
Norris William, shopkeeper, St. Margaret's Street
Owens James, Ship Inn, Church Street
Pearce Frederick, tailor, Church Street
Perry Mary, straw-bonnet maker, Shambles
Pitrnan Benjamin, plasterer & tiler, Woolley Street
Pulling Mary, beer retailer, Tory Rank
Rawling Joseph, printer, book seller & stationer, agent to Eagle life , Phoenix fire insurance, New Market place
Redman William, farmer, Ox Stall farm, Trowle
Rogers Keziah, fruiterer, Market Place
Rogers Sarah, milliner, Market place
Roles Ambrose, academy, Beasor street
Rolf George, furnisher, iron monger, Sliver Street
Rossiter William & John, clothiers, Church Street
Rudman Joseph, tailor, Newtown
Rumming William, farmer & maltster, Trowle
Sainsbury Joseph, gardener, Trowbridge road
Sarten Stephen, cattle dealer, Leigh & \Woolley
Self George, mason, White hill
Silcock Thomas, engineer, Bush alley
Sims James, Grocer, Bearfield
Smart Daniel, baker, grocer, New market Pl.
Smith George, tin man & brazier, St. Margaret's street
Spackman Thomas, clothier, Coppice lane
Spark Joseph, painter & glazier, Pippet street
Spencer Geo. & Thomas beer, ale, & beer brewers, whitehead la.
Spender Benjamin, surveyor to Bradford , Horse st.
Spender Mrs. Sarah, White Hart, Horse street
Spender Thomas, carpenter, Bridge street
Stacey William, millwright, Wine street
Stapleton John, malter of British School, Beasor Street
Stent Richard, baker, Masons Lane
Stone William, solicitor, Woolley St
Stone William, junior. solicitor, Woolley street
Stratton John, coal merchant, Bradford wharf
Summers George, blacksmith, Pippet street
Tackle James, schoolmaster, Trow!e
Tatam John, manager. of Bradford branch-North Wilts bank, Silver street
Taylor Cornelius, saddler, Church Street
Taylor Ed, sack manufacturer, trowbridge road
Taylor Samuel, draper, Shambled
Taylor William, grocer, Shambles
Timbrell Charles, attorn. & solicitor, St. Margaret's St.
Timbrell William, clerk to Bradford Union, St. Margaret's Street
Timbrell Charles, blue & medley dyer, St. Margaret's Street
Tucker William, shopkeeper, Wine Street
Turner James, beer retailer. New Town
Velvin George, china & glass warehouse, Shambles,
Velvin John, cabinet maker, .Shambles
Velvin Mrs. Ann Staymaker, Shambles
Walker Samuel, Shoemaker, White Hill
Wallis Charles Shoemaker. & clerk of Christchurch, Bearfield
Wastfield Mrs, beer retailer, Trowbridge Road
Way Richard, Travers, solicitor, St. Margaret's Street.
Wheeler John, Tailor, Bridge foot
White William, Carpenter, Old Market Place.
Wilkins Alex. “seven Stars”, brewer, Maltster, farmer, Newtown.
Wilshire, Miss Fanny, mistress of Infant School, Pippet St.
Wilton Edward, currier, Silver Street.
Withey Luke, Beer Retailer, Bearfield
Woodman James, Baker, Bridge Street.