32 Tory, Bradford on Avon
1812 drawing by Smith showing gap before 32 Tory was built in thespace in the top central terrace
The same View today showing the Tory on the horizon
A close up of the Smith view showing claerly the space where 32 Tory was to be built shortly after 1812
The Tory today
1837 Ashmead map of Bradford on Avon.which shows 68 representing no.32 Tory. the two houses 66 & 67 now form the garden of 33 Tory. In 1841 grouped as no. 1209 6 houses owned by Charles Jones
1886 Ordnance Survey Map showing the terrace.
1812+- number 32 was the last house to be built in the terrace of 6 houses. Probably built by John Jones whose 3 sons were successful builders in Bradford.
1852 - Charles Jones (died aged 54) buried in Holy Trinty. Memorial says "He looked for a city which hath foundatiions, whose builder is God". will shows him leaving 1/3 to his wife Mary. When she dies in 1887 he inherits the 6 houses and sells them on in 1898
1898 - Charles John Jones (Solicitor) sells to John Beddoe (Physician) living at the Chantry.
1911 Dr John Beddoe`s Will proved
1927 - Agnes Beddoe, wife dies and number 32 (formerley 38) is left to her daughter - Lady Hilda Tothill, wife of Hugh Henry darby Tothill
1927 - Lady Hilda Tothill of The Chantry in Bradford sells house to Jane Flora Slade for £127.

1937 - Jane Flora Slade dies at Avonhill, Midford, Somerset and sold by Lloyds bank for £112 to Edith Priestley.

1939 - Edith Priestley , Spinster sells to Amy Dobinson of Eothen School, Caterham, Surrey, Spinster for £400. She rents it to Mabel Spinke for £30 a year.then in 1943 lets it to Eric Wilson.
1957 - Amy Dobinson dies and leaves house to her sister - Ethel Margaret Dobinson.
1965 - Ethel Margaret Dobinson dies leaves it to Vera Evelyn Carre
1966 - Vera Evelyn Carres sells to Moira Jean Ashburner
1978 - Moira Jean Harris(Ashburner) dies and leaves house to Paul Harris of 144 Reading Road South, Fleet, Hampshire.
2007 - Christopher Neil Mattingly purchases house.
Charles & Daniel JONES builders of Tory, Bradford-on-Avon.
Charles Jones became a Town Commissioner for Bradford-on-Avon in 1839. An eminent building firm with sound and skilful workmen. They had quarries at Tory and Jones's Hill.
1. BRADFORD-ON-AVON. Christ Church 1841 (architect Manners) YP
2. WINSLEY. St Nicholas Church. Alterations 1841 GL
3. WILTON. St Mary and St Nicholas Church 1843 (1840 YP) (architects Wyatt and Brandon)
4. MELKSHAM. Town Hall 1847 JO
5. BRADFORD-ON-AVON. Bath Road, Frankleigh House. Rebuilding on old core (architect H. Glutton) 1848 WRO
6. BRADFORD-ON-AVON. Trowbridge Road, Victoria and Albert Villas GL
Charles Jones shown as living in a house in the Top Rank with his wife Catherine, daughters - Rush(?) and Mary. The son Charles is shown aged 2 who by 1851 is the only survivr and Charles is shown with a new wife- Mary.
A copy of an early deed relating to 32Tory in 1898 and its earlier ownership by the Jones family.
THIS INDENTURE made the 24th. day of May 1898 BETWEEN CHARLES JOHN JONES Bradford-on-Avon in the County of Wilts Solicitor of the one part and JOHN BEDDOE of The Chantry Bradford-on-Avon aforesaid Physician of the other part & Charles Jones late of Bradford-on-Avon aforesaid Builder was at his hereinafter recited seized of or otherwise entitled to the hereditaments premises hereinafter described and hereby intended to be conveyed in fee Le in possession free from encumbrances AND WHEREAS the said Charles Jones is Will bearing date the 1st day of November 1852 gave devised and bequeathed his Real estate wheresoever situate to which he should be seized of or I tied unto at the time of his decease as to one third part or share thereof his Wife Mary Jones for the term of her natural life or her own Sole and private use and benefit and the remaining two third parts or shares thereof he ve and edvised to his Son the said Charles John Jones his heirs executors Administrators -and assigns for ever AND WHEREAS the said Testator died on the 20th November 1852 without having altered or revoked his said Will except so far as he same is altered by a Codicil thereto bearing date the 18th November 1852 but which did not affect the said devise, and such Will and Codicil thereto were duly proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury on the 25 November 1853 by the Executors therein named AND WHEREAS the said Mary Jones, then Mary Mizen died on the 18th. November 1887 and the third part or share of and in the premises hereinafter described so devised to her for her life devolved upon the said Charles John Jones as Heir at Law of the said Testator AND WHEREAS he said Charles John Jones has agreed to sell and the said John Beddoe has agreed to purchase the heridiaments and premises herinafter described at the sum of £30. NOW THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH that in consideration of the sum of £30 to the sdaid Charles John Jones on or before the execution herof paid by the said John Beddoe ( the receipt wherof the said Charkles John Jones herby acknowledges) mgrant and convey unto the said John Beddoe his heirs and assigns ALL those six several stone built tenements or dwelling houses being nos.33 to 38 Tory in the Parish of Bradford aforesaid all now void Together with the Appurtenances thdrunto belonging Exepting unto the said Charles John Jones to Hold the same unto and to the use of the said Jorm Beddoe his heirs and assigns in fee simple.
IN WITNESS whereof the said parties' to these presents have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first herein written
SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVERED by the above-named CHARLES JOHN JONES in the presence of Frank. G. Alder,Clerk to.- Mr.C.J.Jones. Solr.Trowbridge.
BEDDOE in the presence of:----
Annie Pinchin,3, Woolley Street, Bradford-on-Avon.
MEMORANDUM. By Indenture of Conveyance dated the 29th. November 1902 made between
within-named John Beddoe of the one part and Marianne Umfreville Goudge of the other part one of the within mentioned Messuages being No. 33 Tory was conveyed to the said Marianne Unfreville Goudge and her right to the production of the within written indenture was thereby acknowledged.
MEMORANDUM By Indenture dated 16th. December 1909 made between the within-named John Beddoe of the one part and Anne Elizabeth Seaton of the other part one of the within .mentioned Messuages being (formerly No. 34 but now) No. 28 Tory was conveyed to the said Anne Elizabeth Seaton and her right to the production of the within written Indenture as thereby acknowledged.
MEMORANDUM By Indenture dated August 1910 made between the within-named John Beddoe of the one part and Mary Harriet Fletcher of the other part one of the within mentioned Messuages (being formerly No. 37 but now) No 31 Tory was conveyed to the said Mary Harriet Fletcher and her right to the production of the within written Indenture was thereby acknowledged.