A group of 5 adjoining cottages with the Tithe Number 485 in Nowhere Lane
Nowhere Lane in 1837 & 1841
The coloured plan pre-dates the later Tithe Map and is more detailed in that it shows specific houses in pink within the later tithe number. For example 485 shows 5 adjoining properties on the 1837 Map.
Nowhere Lane in 1885 and Today
The land adjoining (971 and the gardens of 972 and 973 T.N. 484) was T.N. 485.
We do not know when they were erected, but as they passed from Richard Gardiner to Mr. Arny at 1 1/2d of assessment in the Poor Rate Book, they could be part of the 2d. Assessment of Richard Gardiner in 1702.
So I assume Richard Gardener either leased that 95 feet long plot from Zachariah Shrapnell or he assigned it to Richard Gardiner with houses already erected between the 5th May 1697 and the start of the Poor rate Book in 1702.
The Land Tax Assessment for Tithe number 485 in 1773/4 was £3 lands and not identified with occupiers until owned by Samuel Rayner amongst all his properties in the Church Rate Book 1804-1805 at 6 houses at 1/4d each to equal 1 1/2d some of the tenants still there in 1808 when they appear to have been re-valued at 1/2d each.
1837 numbered 966, 967, 968, 969 and 970 the parts at the rear of 968 not shown on maps until the 1885 Ordnance Survey Map, in the Tithe Award Schedule also described as 5 Tenements Tithe No. 485.
In 1884 given the numbers used in the 1891 Census no. 8 to no. 13 and so were described in the 1864 Town Survey as 4 houses and 2 houses equals the six numbers 8 to 13.
Land Tax 1743
Robert Webb for Arnolds(see below Richard Carpenter Land Tax 1773).
Land Tax 1773
Land Tax 1780
Land Tax 1788
The Taveners appear in Parish records from 1760 until 1812. In 1760 William Tavener marries Ann Phipp and in 1764 Hannah marries George Dike, In 1766 Isaac marries Mary Halliday. Al wealthy Bradford Families.
Poor Rate 1789
Land Tax 1798
Land Tax 1818
In 1818 Mrs Anne Rayner is shown as owning property in Nowhere Lane which had previously been occupied by the Taveners.

1841 Census
485 - a group of 5 cottages along Nowhere Lane is owned by Anne Rayner (died 1854), Widow who is living at 11 St Margarets Street (now Green House Health Practise)
Hutton John 55 Tallow Chandler 485(i)
Hutton Ann 55
Sadd William 60 Pauper 485(ii)
Todd Elizabeth 60 Spinner
Gay Ann 70 Burler
Milsom Thomas 25 Boat Man
Sadd Amelia 25 Picker
Batchelor John 75 Weaver 485(iii)
Batchelor Elizabeth 60 Washer Woman
Hollaway John 55 Gardener 485(iv)
Hollaway Emma 50 Burler
Hollaway John 25 Gardener
Hollaway Mary 20
Hollaway Caroline 15
Hollaway George 15
Hollaway Amy 15
Hollaway William 12
Hollaway Alfred 11
Hollaway Maria 8
Hollaway Sophia 3
Selfe Henry 50 Spinner 485(v)
Selfe Ann 50
Selfe Henry 15 Shoe Maker Apprentice
Aish William 70 Pauper 485(vi)
Aish Hannah 65 Pauper
Aish Hannah 25 Straw Platter
Collett John 70 Shoe Maker

1851 Census
LADD William HD M 72 Pauper Shereman
LADD Elizabeth WI M 72 Pauper Wool Spinner
GREENHILL James LG W 73 Pauper Sawyer
HOLLADAY Daniel HD M 44 Plasterer 485(iii)
HOLLADAY Fredrick SO U 4
HOLLADAY George SO - 7
CHAPMAN Thomas HD M 73 485(iii)
CHAPMAN Ann WI M 71 Pauper Wife
CHAPMAN Thomas SO U 35 Boatman
JONES Sussanah LG W 76 Pauper Wool Weaver
LOVE Sarah HD U 22 Burler Wool
LOVE Sarah DA U 2 - WIL
BANKS James LG U 21 Farm Lab
HOLLOWAY John HD M 60 Gardiner 485(iv)
HOLLOWAY Emma WI M 58 Wool Cloth Drawer
HOLLOWAY John SO U 38 Gardiner
HOLLOWAY Caroline DA U 28 Laundress
HOLLOWAY George SO U 26 Gardiner
HOLLOWAY William SO U 20 Gardiner
HOLLOWAY Alfred SO U 18 Painter
HOLLOWAY Maria DA U 16 Laundress
ASH Hannah HD W 77 Pauper Wool Spinner Wool 485(vi)
ASH Joseph SO U 35 Boatman
ASH Hannah DA U 28 Straw Plaiter
COWARD William LG U 23 Chelsea Pensioner
Land Tax 1870
This is an interesting List showing Henry Fricker owning 6,7 (Shrapnell House) which he had bought in 1858 from Henry Shrapnell. It also shows him owning 9,10 (Rialto) with Thomas Smart as tenant that he had bought in the 1865 Auction. The entry referring to late Bath, is the 5 cottages (t.no.485) which he had bought from Anne Rayner`s daughter. James Budgett owned a group of cottages on St. Margarets Hill and the reference to him as "late Budget" refers to Henry`s purchase of these.

Refernce to 485 in reference book to 1864 Map of Bradford
Robbins & others (4 tenements)
Hancock & others,(2 tenements)
owned by James Fricker

(probably inaccurate?)
Abstract of Title of Messrs H.E.&S.A. Fricker to nos 8 to 13 (inclusive) St. Margarets Hill, Bradford on Avon. (1899)
9th October 1866. By Indenture of this date made between Henry Fricker of the Parish of Bradford in Count)-of Wiltshire Painter and Glazier of 1st part Eliza Sedgcbeer of Orchardleigh in county of Somerset, widow of 2nd Part Edmond George Fricker of Beckington in said county of Somerset, Painter and Glazier & James Augustus Fricker of Rode in said County of Somerset, Painter & Glazier of third part. Reciting that a marriage was intended to be solemnized between said Henry Fricker & E. Sedgebeer & upon treat)' for same it had been agreed that the several goods, chattels & premises should be conveniently assigned to said Edmund George Fricker & Julius Augustus Fricker their heirs, executors and assignees in manner mentioned upon & for the trusts intents & purposes declared concerning same. Here follows witnessed in ... aforesaid Henry Fricker did thereby assign unto said Edmund George Fricker and Julius Augustus Fricker their exs., adds & ass's. First all those 5 cottages or tenements now occupied as 6 cottages or tenements situated lying and being in "Nowhere Lane", Morgans Hill in said parish of Bradford & where were on 1841 Tythe Map of Said Parish with the No. 485.
Henry Fricker Auction 1899
Lot 1 - SIX STONE-BUILT TENEMENTS (unoccupied and in ruins)
with the outbuildings, yards, and Premises, numbered and being 8 to 13 inclusive, St. Margaret's Hill.The Lot has a frontage to Nowhere Lane of about 95 feet. This lot will be sold for the remainder of the term for which the same is held (which is supposed to be 1,000 years) and subject to any ground or other rent payable in respect thereof.
1900 This Indenture made the day of Between Henry Edmond Fricker of Frome in the County of Somerset Hotel Keeper and Julius Augustus Fricker of Mere in the County Of Wiltshire Farmer of the one part and Charlotte Spencer Beaven of Bradford , Widow of the other part . Whereas the said H.E. Fricker & J.A. Fricker have agreed with the said C.S. Beaven for the sale to her of the property hereinafter described & intended to be hereby assigned for the sum of £12. paid by the said C.SBeaven to the said H.E.Fricker and J.A.Fricker. (the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge the said H.E. Fricker and J.A.Fricker do each of them doth hereby assign unto the said C.S. Beaven here executors and assigns. All those 6 cottages formerly 5 cottages or tenements with the yards , outbuildings situate and being in Nowhere Lane , Bradford on Avon nos 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 st. Margarets Hill , no. 485 on the Tithe Map
Charlotte Spencer Beaven, Widow, dies in 1935 and leaves her considerable Estate to her 3 Daughters Elizabeth Sarah Beaven, Agnes Beaven and Charlotte Beaven. She Leaves her dwelling House 14 (formerly Number 17) St. Margarets Street with a Coal Shed and store situate at the rear of in Nowhere Lane and also the following:
1. ALL THAT building then used as a Garage (formerly two messuages or drelling houses) situate at Morgans Hill Bradford-on-Avon afsd at the junction of the lane called Nowhere Lane with the road called Saint Margaret's Hill (formerly Morgans Hill) Bradford-on-Avon afsd late in the occupation c the Testatrix and then of the sd Elizabeth Sarah Beaven and Agnes Beaven Which sd building was part of the premises numbered 484 on the Tithe Commutation Map for the said Parish of Bradford and in the Book of Reference thereto described as three tenements containing 6 perches. Zachriah Shrapnell granted a 1,000 year lease on 6th May 1697 for £1.0.0. a year rent
2. ALL THAT piece of garden land (formerly the site of 6 cottages known as 8 9, 10, 11, 12 and 15 Saint Margarets Hill) situate in Nowhere Lane Bradford-on-Avon afsd adjoining the premises therin above described on the North side late in the occupation of the Testatrix and then of the sd E.S. Beaven end A. Beaven which said premises were nos. 485 on the sd Tithe Commutation Map. This group of properties still had the remainder of a 1,000 year lease
5. ALL THAT piece of garden land (formerly the site of a small tenement - 486?) situate in Nowhere Lane.This group of properties still had the remainder of a 1,000 year lease.
In 1955 Leonard Hill pays £1,825 for no. 14 St. Margarets Street (t.no.451) and the passage way, garden and building in the corner of the grounds. It also includes Nowhere Lane, the building (t.no. 484) then used as a Garage and the strip of ground where there were formerly 7 houses(t.no. 485, 486 & 487) but by then vacant.The Map below shows the area of ground involved, Four years later Miss Elizabeth Hignell buys the piece at the bottom (t.no. 486/7) for access to her garden at the rear of 7 St. Margarets Street. Finally in 1966 The Council purchases part of this plot (t.no.486) from her.