Bellair House.
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Article of Clerkship for Andrew Tucker the Younger dated 25th January 1835. It shows him living at Bellair House in that year.
1841 Census showing Mary Corfe, aged 60 living with Andrw Tucker, aged 16 and his 5 sisters.
In 1841 The Reverend Andrew Tucker is staying in Alexander Square, Brompton, Kensington in London.

1844 Whitchurch Caninicorum Tithe Map -Lot no. 198 shows The Reverend Andrew Tucker at Bellair House 1 acre 3 Roods 34 perches

Andrew Tucker who died in 1868, aged just 49. and also a Stone Cross above the grave of his wife Eliza Lockyer who had died young at just 32 in 1865. Andrew was an Attorney, who was articled in 1835. His father, also an Andrew, was Rector of Wootton Fitzpaine. He was born in 1819Attorney and lived at Albury House during his time in the village. to Agnes and Rev. Andrew Tucker, and was baptised by the grandfather, also Andrew Tucker of Wootton Fitzpaine. His mother Agnes passed away in 1823, at the age of 43. His Father, the Rev. Andrew Tucker lived with his family at Bellair House on the outskirts of Charmouth. He was Rector of both Wootton Fitzpaine and Catherstone. There is a fine stained glass window to the memory of Andrew Tucker from 1817 until 1848.  Andrew is shown living at Bellaire in the 1841 Census with his 5 sisters. and in Charmouth related through marriage to the Coades and Culvten years later. The 1861 Census shows him living with his wife Eliza and two servants at The Cottage, now known as Albury House It was during his ownership that the stables were built employing Samuel Dunn and William Hoare. The Tuckers were erwells who lived in Charmouth.
Window 2 depicts Jesus at Nain stopping funeral procession of Mother taking her son to be buried. Ref. Nain, St.Luke Ch.7 v 13.
In Caram Memoriam/ ANDREW TUCKER OB. 24th Deer. 1868, Aetat 49.
The Tuckers are related to Coades and Culverwells of Newlands, Charmouth. Andrew Tucker was Rector of Catherston from 1818. Andrew Tucker was a Solictor in Charmouth in 1866
Bellair Cottage in 1947

Copy lease for 1 year - 8 November 1830
1 The Revd Andrew Tucker of Wootton Fitzpaine, clerk
2 William Dornett Tucker of Wootton Fitzpaine, gent
3 James Mallock of Bloomsbury St George, Middlesex, gent
Property: (1 and 2 to 3) a farm with closes of arable, meadow or pasture known as Long Harris in Whitechurch Canonicorum; property in Lyme Regis and Colway namely Bulls alias Poole Close, two dwelling houses in George's Court, house and garden in Broad Street, Wood Mead, Swain's Meadow, Wood Mead Orchard, Paradise Ground, Green Fields, Butt als Boat Close; Reversion in fee of two dwelling houses in Church Street, a dwelling house in Monmouth Street, the George Inn, 5 dwelling houses in George's Court, a dwelling house in Bridge Street, a tenement in South Molton Street, The Ship in Silver Street, a dwelling house in Silver Street; and a dwelling house in the street leading towards Axminster

The Revd Andrew Tucker was Rector of both Wootton Fitzpaine and Catherston Lewston from 1817-1858. It appears that before and after these dates Catherston Leweston was administered with Charmouth. He died in 1858 aged 79 and was buried at Whitchurch Canonicorum.
He married Agnes Donnett in 1803 in Hawkchurch. He receieved a B.A. amd M.A. at Wadham College, Oxford. He was appointed Curate at Wootton Fitzpaine in 1809. In 1813 He became a Stipendary Curate at Tolland. By 1813 He was Curate at Mebury Chapel in Axminster. He became Rector of Wootton Fitzapaine in 1817. In 1818 he was also Rector of Catherston on the death of the Rev. Brian Coombe. In 1855, Mary Ann, wife of Rev. Andrew Tucker died at Bellair

Agnes Tucker , 1823, monument, Wootton Fitzpaine

27th March 1858.