Richard Edward Mattingly Senior (1846-1927)
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Richard Edward Mattingly was born in 1846 to Henry and Mary Mattingly who lived in the village of Calmore, Eling, near Southampton in Hampshire. He was one of five boys and one girl bought up by the couple. His father worked on the Tatchbury Mount Estate as a Groom, looking after the horses and later as a Coachman for the Timpson family.
His mother died when he was just three years of age and his father had the task of bringing up his young family. Ricahrd would have attended the local village school and also assisted his father on the farm.
The next record of the family is the 1861 Census which reveals that his father has remarried Ann and both son and father were working on the Timpson estate
The marriage record has survived for the year 1868 when we find Richard junior marrying Elizabeth Herriot of Whitechapel in London. Her father, Glaisford Herriot works as a Brass Finisher at the famous long established Bell Foundry, which has only just closed after many centuries on the site. It seems that he had initially moved to Brighton, where he held the position of Footman at no. 50 Sussex Square at Kempton Town in Brighton. He was only their briefly and after his marriage to Elizabeth took on the improved position of Valet and moved to 24 Broughton Street, Battersea in London. It was here where aged just 25, he became a father on the birth of William Henry Mattingly in 1871. He was not here for long and there followed a number of different moves over the years around London.
The year 1875 was very significant in Richard`s life in that he gave up working for others and decided to open a Greengrocers at the age just 29. This was to be the first of many that he operated. He would have had to have run the entire business of buying, selling and book keeping. He no doubt would daily go to the markets at Covent Garden and Borough for fresh produce at the crack of dawn. His first shop was at 45 Lonsdale Road in Notting Hill, Kensington. He then seems to have bought one at 13 Blenheim Crescent, a short distance away and a confusing Directory entry for the year 1887 shows him owning both.The small shop in Blenheim Street was later to become famous in the Film “Notting Hill” with High Grant. Richard was only to be there briefly and two years later moved to larger premises at 229 Ebury Street in Pimlico. This has become an upmarket street since and nowadays the fashion shop”Tomasz Starzewski” can be found there.
It was here in the year 1878 that my grandfather, Richard Edward Mattingly was born, his third son. Just two years later and they moved to 100 Southville, Lambeth, where their first daughter, Caroline was born. The Census of 1881, has him as a Greengrocer at 76 Shakespeare Road in Brixton- a town that was to feature in the lives of his descendants. Again it was only a short stay before he moved to Shepherd’s Bush, where he established a Greengrocers at 9 Eagle Terrace. It was at this address that their daughter, Rose was born. They were to have another daughter, Ellen Louisa at 5 Ridley Road in Dalston in 1885.
The 1891 Census provides us with a new direction for Richards talents when he opened an Eating House in Stockwell Street, next to the new Railway Station at Greenwich Park. It is in this year, that another girl - Maude was born to the couple. When their last of ten children, Violet was born in 1894, they were living in Lewisham.
It was their daughter, Mary Elizabeth, who married Albert Masey in 1896. Her father is described as a Restaurant Keeper, living at 157 Stockwell Road, Stockwell. At the turn of the century Richard appears as a Greengrocer in the Census living with his wife and daughters, Florence and Violet at 1 Mansion House Street In Kennington. His sons Richard (22) and George (24) are working nearby in a Coffee House at 66 Ham Park Road.
Another of Richards daughters, Caroline, gets married to Ernest Hampton in 1907, by which time, her father is describing himself as a Farmer. It would seem that at the age of 61 he has separated from his wife, Elizabeth and has moved back to his roots in Hampshire and bought a house called Beech Croft in the village of Medstead Lasham, near Alton. The Census for 1911 clearly shows him living with two of his daughters, Ellen(24) and Violet (17) and describing his occupation as a farmer.
At the same time his wife, Elizabeth at 65 Ferndale Road, Stockwell is a Boarding House Keeper with her daughter, Florence Maud and grandson, Ernest. On the form she records that she had been married 44 years and had 9 children living in that year. Their son, Richard, who was my grandfather, was working nearby to her as a Potman at the Landor Hotel in Stockwell.
Towards the end of Richards life, we see him returning back to London and when his daughter,Caroline marries Peter Hill in 1917 he was living at 120 Ferndale Road, Brixton, not far from where his wife ran her boarding House. He was to live for a further 10 years and it would seem that when he died in 1927,aged 82, hw was at no. 10 Benham Street, Wandsworth. His son, Richard was by then living nearby at 59 Huntsmoor Road. Elizabeth Mattingly was to pass on just two years later aged 82.
Looking back on his life, certain things stand out to me. It’s is astonishing that he bought up nine children, compared with families today. I also admire him for deciding at an early age to take an independent trail in life and become a Greengrocer, an occupation that my own father was to follow later in his life. He lived to a good age for those times and with his constant moves could never settle down long in one place.

The earliest record is that for the 1841 Census returns for Eling, near Southampton, Hampshire. It shows Henry Mattingly, living at Winsor,as a Groom, aged 25, with Mary his wife, aged 30 with William, aged 6, Thomas, aged 3 and Mary aged 8 months. * a Groom is a person responsible for the feeding and care of horses. He was living near his brother, Charles who was residing at Tatchbury Farm and was a Gardener for George Wake at Tatchbury Manor.

Richard Mattingly, son of Henry Mattingly (Labourer) and Mary Mattingly (formerly Philips) 12 May 1846. He was born at Eling, near Southampton, Hampshire. Henry is unable to sign his signature and leaves a X against his name on the birth certificate.
April 1849. Mary Mattingly, mother of Richard dies aged just 38.
1851 Census for Calmore in parish of Eling showing Henry Mattingly (aged 38) now widowed with William (aged 15), Thomas (aged 12),Mary (aged 10), James (aged 6), Richard (aged 3). Henry is shown as an Agricultural Labourer born in Stoneham, Hampshire in the year 1813 and all his children were born in Eling.
Tatchbury Mount , Calmore,Eling, Southampton, where Richard`s father worked for most of his life.
The 1861 Census shows Henry Mattingly (aged 48) is living with his second wife Ann (aged 59) at Calmore, Eling with his two sons, John ( aged 16) and Richard ( Aged 14). They are all described as Agricultural Labourers. Soon after they rise to the position of Coachman and his son Richard as Footman.
20th june 1868 Marriage at St. Mary Church Whitchapel, Middlesex of Richard Mattingly (aged 22) a Footman living at 50 Sussex Square, Brighton, whose father was Henry Mattingly (Coachman). He married Elizabeth Herriot (aged 20) of 8 Chapel Street, Union Street, Whitechapel whose father was Glawford Herriot, a Brass Finisher, probably in the famous Bell Factory, which still exists in the town. This marked a turning point in Richard`s life with his move from the family home in Eling initially to Brighton and on his marriage to South London, where he and his family were to put down their roots for the next century.
Whitechapel Bell Foundry today, where the family of Richard`s wife, Elizabeth worked in Whitechapel, London.
50 Sussex Square, Brighton is on the centre right of this early photgraph.
50 Sussex Square, Brighton today is the second house from the right.
The 1871 Census shows Richard Mattingly (aged 26) living with his wife Elizabeth (aged 22) at 24 Broughton Street in Battersea his occupation is that of a Valet.The valet's duty was to wait upon his master. In the morning he attended to the lighting of the fire and warming of his master's bedroom. He then cleans his boots and shoes, and brushes his clothing, which he arranges on a table or chair.
Broughton Street, Battersea in the past.
24 Broughton Street in Battersea today is the first house on the right with the blue door.
24 Broughton Street in Battersea in 1900
24 Broughton Street in Battersea today
In 1871 William Henry is born to Richard and Elizabeth Mattingly, who are then living at 24 Broughton Street, Battersea. He was shown as a Butler at the time, which was a higher position than that of a Valet.
The Trade Directory for London shows Richard Mattingly with his first Greengrocers at 45 Lonsdale Road, Notting Hill, London in 1875, when he was just 29.
45 Lonsdale Road, Notting Hill, London today on the left.
Baptism of George Edward Mattingly, son of Richard and Elizabeth Mattingly, a Greengrocer now living at 13 Blenheim Crescent , a short distance from his first business in Lonsdale Road. The service was held at All saints, Kensington, Middlesex on May 28th 1876.
Blenheim Crescent adjoins Kensington Park Road, shown here at the turn of the 19th century.
13 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill, London today is a famous bookshop popular with tourists after featuring in the film -"Notting Hill" with Hugh Grant.
Lonsdale Road at the bottom right corner and Blenheim Crescent at the top left hand corner,
13 Blenheim Crescent and no. 45 Lonsdale Road Today.
The birth of Richard Edward Mattingly to Elizabeth Mattingly, formerly Herriot, and Richard Mattingly, a Greengrocer, living at 229 Ebury Street, Pimlico on the 25th July 1878
Ebury Street. c.1900
229 Ebury Street, Pimlico, London today
229 Ebury Street, Pimlico, London 1900
229 Ebury Street, Pimlico, London today
In 1880 Caroline Emily is born to Richard and Elizabeth Mattingly, then living at 100 Southville, South Lambeth,Stockwell, London. His is shown as a Greengrocer
This marvelous photograph of a Victorian Greengrocers gives an idea of how Richard Mattingly, Father and son may have looked outside one of their Greengrocers
100 Southville, South Lambeth,Stockwell, London as it was.
1881 Census has Richard Mattingly Senior is living at 76 Shakespeare Road in Brixton with his wife Elizabeth and family including Richard, Junior, than aged just 3.
Shakespeare Road, Brixton as it was.
76 Shakespeare Road is the shop on the left.
Rose is baptised at St. Matthews Church in Hammersmith on January 21st 1883. Richard is a Greengrocer at 9 Eagles Terrace,Shepherds Bush Road,Brook Green, London.

Ellen Louisa is born to Richard and Elzabeth Mattingly on the 29th September 1885. They are living at no. 5 Ridley Road Dalston near Hackney in London which he runs as a Greengrocers in that year.

5 Ridley Road Dalston near Hackney in London as it is today. The Kashmir Kebabish on the left, where Richard once had his Greengrocers.
The 1887 Notting Hill Directory shows Richard Mattingly owning both 13 Blenheim Cresecnt and 45 Lonsdale Road in Notting Hill.
Florence Maude is born to Richard and Elzabeth Mattingly on the 2nd February 1891. They are living at 29 Stockwell Street in Greenwich. Richard decribes himself as of "Independent Means".
1891 Census showing Elizabeth, wife of Richard living at 7 Stockwell Street in Greenwich with her 6 children, including Richard Junior.She is described as a Eating House Keeper. Her daughter, Mary aged 17 is assisting her. Richard Edward is aged 12, Caroline aged 10, Rose aged8, Florence aged 5 and Ellen aged 2 months. She lived and worked from her premises next to the Greenwich Park Railway Station,on which now stands the Ibis Hotel.
St. Alphege Church, Greenwich, where their child was baptised in 1891.
Greenwich Park Station before its demolition. No. 7 would have boon just to the right of the Gate.
Stockwell Street in Greenwich as it was. It is now part of the University of Greenwich Campus.
Elizabeth Mattingly`s Eating House next to Greenwich Park Railway Station. Her Restaurant was at no. 7, which was the last property next to the Terminus.


stockwell road
Stockwell Road as it was.
n 1901 Richard Mattingly(55) father of Richard,Junior, is shown as living with his wife Elizabeth (54) with his daughter Florence, aged 10 and Violet, aged 7 at 1 Mansion House Street in Kennington.He is described as a Green grocer born in Eling, Hants. his daughters were born in Tooting and Lewisham respectively.
In 1901 Richard`s son also Richard Edward Mattingly (aged 22) and his brother George (aged 25) are shown as Shop Assistants visting Robert Russell, a Coffee House Manager at 64 Kennington Park Road in Kennington at the time the Census was taken in 1901 . It shows Richard born in Pimlico, whilst his brother was from Notting Hill. They were living no doubt with their father at his house, which was nearby.
In 1904 George Edward, son of Richard Mattingly married Florence Nellie Weston. His father is described as a Gentleman.
1907 Richard Mattingly is shown as father of Caroline Emily Mattingly. He describes himself as a Farmer now. 7 Ferndale Road is no longer there and may have been lost durung the last war. Richard Mattingly was to own three houses eventually in this road - Nos. 7, 65 and 120.
On the 24th December 1910 Rose Mattingly marries Charles Grimble at Ockham in Surrey. Her father, Richard is described as a Farmer on the record.

In 1911, Elizabeth , Wife of Richard is living with some of her family at 65 Ferndale Road, She is 64 and describes herself as a Boarding House Keeper. She shares the house with her daughter,Florence Maud (20, Mother's Help), grandson Ernest Mattingly (4) and 2 boarders; Census form signed by Mary Elizabeth Masey, Elizabeth's daughter, who lives nearby. Her husband, Richard has moved to Alton, Hampshire, near where the Mattingly family originated from. It is interesting to see that she had 10 children, 9 of which were still living in that year.
65 Ferndale Road today is the first house with the blue door.
Beechcroft can be seen at the top left hand corner. It is interesting that is adjoining Hattingley, which may have been Richard`s reason for returning back to the family roots in Hampshire.
1911 Census shows Richard Mattingly (Senior) aged 65 living at Beech Croft, Medstead, Alton in Hampshire with his two daughters Ellen(aged 24) and Violet (aged 17). He is described as married for 42 years with 9 living children. He died in 1927, aged 82 in Wandsworth, London.
The front of Beech CroftBeechcroft House, Wield Road, Medstead, today showing the original house that Richard would have known.
The rear of Beechcroft today showing the original house that Richard would have known on the left before it was extended.
Neil Mattingly pointing to the nearby Hattingley Valley Vinyard which may have been one of the reasons Richard bought the house.
Richard Mattingly senior appeared in the 1911 Kelly`s Hampshire Directory as living at Beechcroft, Medstead, Alton.
In 1911 Edward Senior becomes a grandfather on the birth of Eric to his son Edward Junior who is living with his mother, Elizabeth, at 65 Ferndale Road, Brixton.
The 1913 Electoral Register shows Richard Mattingly renting 2 rooms on the 1st floor of 65 Ferndale Road from Elizabeth Mattingly, his mother, dscribed as the Owner.
1917 Richard Mattingly is shown as father of Caroline Emily Hampton, now a widow. He describes himself as a Farmer.
This is a record of the Marriage of Elizabeth Violet Mattingly, born in 1893, daughter of Richard Mattingly. He is described as a Farmer. His daughter is shown as living at 120 Ferndale Road in Brixton at the time, which was where her mother was. It is interesting to see her sister Florence and brother in law Adolphe Chevalier signing it as witnesses. They were married at St. Paul's Church in Brixton on October 2nd 1917. Her husband was serving in the British Expeditionary Forces in France at the time.
The Voters List for 120 Ferndale Road in 1920 shows Elizabeth, wife of Edward Mattingly senior, living there with Edward Jones and Edwin Miles. There is no refence to her husband who is no diubt living at Beechcroft in Hampshire then.
The Voters List for 120 Ferndale Road in 1923 shows Elizabeth living with her son in law Peter Hill, Edward Jones and daughter - Mary Masey.
No.120 Ferndale Road is the large building on the corner with a ground floor shop.
The Electoral Register for Wandsworth in he year 1925 has a Richard Mattingly living at 110 Chatham Road, Wandsworth.
The Electoral Register for Wandsworth in he year 1926 has a Richard Mattingly living at 10 Benham Street. Richard was to spend his last days and was to die here in 1927 aged 82.
Benham Street, Battersea is seen here in the middle of the map.
In 1927 Richard Mattingly, Snr, dies at the age of 82 in the Borough of Wandsworth in London
In 1929, Elizabeth is now living with her daughter, Elizabeth and her husband at 72 Sandmere Road, near her previous address of 120 Ferndale Road.
No.72 Sandmere Road is shown here with Ferndale Road running parallel behind it in 1900.
No.72 Sandmere Road with the light green front door today.
Elizabeth, wife of Edward, died in 1929 in Lambeth aged 81.
The Death Certificate for Richard Mattingly Senior showing him at 17 Spencer Road, Battersea. He is decribed as being s former Master Greengrocer aged 82. His son, Richard is then living at 59 Huntsmoor Road, Wandsworth.
Richard`s Family Tree shown above is split in two due to its length. It gives an idea of how extensive his family was to become.
William Henry Mattingly (1872 -1934) married Eliza Morgan (1836 - 1879) in 1857 who dies in 1879 and remarries Emma Woodfield (1837 - 1920) - no children.
Mary Elizabeth Mattingly (1873 - 1966) married Albert Henry Masey (1873 -1958) in 1896. 1 child - Albert William Masey (1898 - 1917)
George Edward Mattingly (1879 - 1918) married Florence Weston (1903 - 1994) in 1904. Frederick (1908-1999), George (1905 -1989), Ernest (1907 - 1998), Daisy (1912-2019)
Richard Edward Mattingly (1878 - 1965) married Ethel Pearson (1887 - 1931) in 1911. Eric (1911- 2002), Ethel (1914-2005), Helen (1915 - 2007), Richard Mattingly (1918 - 1923), Betty (1920 - 2003), George (1922 - 2011), Mary (1924 - 1997), Edward (1926 - )
Caroline Mattingly (1881 - 1971) married Ernest Hampton (1880 - 1915) in 1907 - no children.
Rose Mattingly (1883 - 1964) married Charles Grimble (1880 - 1964) in 1910 - no children.
Ellen Louisa Mattingly (1887- 1964) unmarried
Florence Mattingly (1891 - 1987) marries Joseph Chevalier (1881 - 1939?) in 1917
Elizabeth Violet Mattingly (1893 -1955) marries Peter Hill (1923 - 1980). 1 child - Peter Hill (1923 - 1980)
Eling Calmore Born to Henry Mattingly (1813 -1881) and Mary who have 5 boys and 1 girl.
Eling Calmore Mother dies
Eling Calmore Census
Eling Calmore Father remarries Ann. He is described as a Agricultral Labourer
Brighton 50 Sussex Square A Footman
Whitechapel St. Judes Church Marries Elizabeth Herriott
Battersea 24 Broughton Street A Valet
Battersea 25 Broughton Street William Henry born
Kensington 13 Blenheim Crescent George Edward born. A Greengrocer.
Pimlico 229 Ebury Street Richard Edward born. A Greengrocer.
Pimlico 229 Ebury Street Greengrocer entry in Directory.
Lambeth 100 Southville Caroline Emily born.
Brixton 76 Shakespeare Road Census. A Greengrocer.
Shepherds Bush 9 Eagle Terrace Rose born. A Greengrocer.
Dalston 5 Ridley Road Ellen Louisa born. A Greengrocer.
Greenwich 29 Stockwell Street Maude (Florence?) is born. Independent Means.
Greenwich 7 Stockwell Street Elizabeth is running an Eating House with her family
Lewisham   Violet is born.
Stockwell 157 Stockwell Road Mary Elizabeth marries Albert Masey. He is described as a Restaurant Keeper.
Kennington 1 Mansion House Street Living with his wife, Florence and Violet. A Greengrocer.
Brixton 7 Ferndale Road Caroline marries Ernest Hampton. Richard is described as a Farmer.
Brixton 65 Ferndale Road Richards Wife living apart as a Boarding House Keeper with daughter and granddaughter.
Alton Beech Croft Richard living with Ellen and Violet.
Alton Beech Croft Caroline remarries Henry Taptry
Brixton 120 Ferndale Road Elizabeth Violet marries Peter Hill
Wandsworth 10 Benham Street Richard dies.