Rental of Bradford Manor. Wilts thought to be drawn up by John Hall at the start of Elizabeth's reign c.1550

Modernised Freeholders
- Anthony Rogers armiger payeth by the year of the hereditaments sometime Lancelot Lisle and 1 yard of ground sometime Thos. Momtheyes in Bradford 6s 8d
- the said Anthony holdeth of his own inheritance 1 hide of land sometime Tha? de lapid. lying in Bradford for which Roger Deverill of late held of the said Anthony and payeth by the year 14s 8d
- the said Anthony for 1 yard of land sometime William de port and payeth yearly 4s 8d
- the said Anthony payeth for one burgage in Millstreet sometime Kendalls land now hi the tenure of Robert Graunt 18d
- the said Anthony payeth for 1 plot of ground in Pepit street 1 d
- the said Anthony payeth for 1 new tenement in Podo streete in the which James Parks? now inhabiteth 12d
- the said Anthony for 1 burgage in Sele streete sometime soth? Mr Besiles hi which Thomas Yerbur and Rafe Cuthbert holdeth 21d
- the said Anthony hi High street hath a burgage hi the which Thos. Yerbery now dwelleth and payeth IVkl
- the said Anthony payeth for 1 house 1 shop a burgage of quarterly on interest which Edward Dally dwelleth 6d
- the said Anthony payeth for a hy house late Besiles 6d
- the said Anthony for 1 house sometime Thos Kendalls and late hi the tenure of Hugh Cornises 8d
- the said Anthony payeth yearly for a cundyte [conduit] to his house within Colver Close hi the which he dwelleth 4d
total 32s
- Thomas Hall esquire holdeth hi fee half a hide of ground and 2 mills in Bradford and payeth 75s
- The said Thomas holdeth 2 burgages hi Pepit street sometime Thomas Wellshotes in the which Thomas Jones dwelleth 17d
- The said Thomasholdeth 1 toft and 1 cottage 12d
- The said Thomas holdeth 1 piece of meadow under the grype now occupied by Thomas Love 18d
- The said Thomas holdeth 1 plot of ground over right against the burgage sometimes Welshotes now Thos. Yowe holdeth 4d
total 79s 3d
- Thos Bayly of Lyghe holdeth 1 burgage and payeth . 17d .
- Henry Ashe knyght for 1 burgage 3s Id
- The Feoffees of James Terumber for divers lands late pertaining to the chantry of Trowbridge 9s Id
-The heirs? of Nicholas Westley holdeth 1 burgage lying in High street occupied by Thomas Airlword 17d
-Thomas Bamfylde holdeth 1 burgage in High Street 13d
-The church wardens of Bradford for the church house 12d
-The heirs of Lancelot Lisle holdeth 1 burgage 21d
-The said heirs hold 1 burgage by Tooley 2s 3d
-One pound of wax Walter Graunt for 1 burgage in Saint Tullos? Street 4s Id
-Robert Graunt holdeth 1 tenement of late Walter Bayly in Saint Tollowes Street now occupied by Thomas Hamlyns V£d
Total £6 17s 4"/2d and 1 lb of wax
Customary tenants

-Lewis Smith payeth by the year 2s 4d
-James Ryder 22d
-Richard Rudell 6s lOd
-Katern? Rudell 5s
-Thomas Graunt 14s lO'/^d
-Richard Stere? 2s
--^Anthony Rogers esq. for Palmers Grove and others 5s 3d
-William Shewring? late Alice Lee 12s 2'/2d
-Roger Symonds late the said Alice 16s
-William Howell 3s 4d
-Anthony Watkyns barber 7s 8d
-Edward Horton 26s
-Thos Yerbry junior 6s 4d
-Richard Home 8s
-Walter Graunt 2s
-Rafe Cuthbert 5s 91M
-Alan Mayo 8s
-Nicholas Keymes 2s
-Anthony Varb? senior 7s 8d
-Henry Pi[-] knight 7s 4d
-Thomas Anly late William Harford 4s
-Robert Dimoke 4s 4d
-Thomas Woodward 3s
-Anthony Web for 1 quarr at Paltun [Poulton] 13s 4d
-Walter Graunt 6d
-Thomas Yerbury 2s 4d
-Nicholas Cupper [Cooper] 4d
-Henry Barret 4d
total £8 17s7'/2d
Robert Longe esq. holdeth 1 half hide of land and pays lOd?
John Pichin holdeth 1 hide and half 5s
The heirs of Tromwell hold 1 hide and half 5s
William Westbury holdeth 1 hide and half 5s
Total 16s 3d
Customary tenants
-Thomas Kentun 10s 3d /
-the said Thomas Kentun 14d
-Thomas Keppynge 14d
-John Hector 14d
-Thomas Taylor 2s Id
--George Strete 19s 8d
-Thomas Selfe 9s Id
--Ciclie Hall widow 12s 3d
--William Crook 15s4d
-Robert Hayward Id
Total £6 13s 10d

Customary tenants
-Edward Rogers 40s
-John Barton junior 8s
-Richard Druate 7s 6d
-JohnWyght 12d
-Thomas Styvens 16s 81/2d
-John Morrice 19s 8d
--John Fox 10s8d
-Margaret the wife of John Nowell 8s71/2d
-Robert Hendy 10?s 4d
-Robert Coles 6s 5 1/2d
-John Hall the son of Thomas Hall 8s 1 d
-John Mason 10s
-Anthony Web 4s 1/2d
-Richard Home 6s 8d
Total£9 15s 21/2d

Thomas Whyte for the land late Lord Lewarne? in Foxley next Linkington 40s
The heirs of Lancelot Lisle 6s
Total 46s
Customary tenants
-Robert Whytt 54s 8d
-Richard Devarell 35s 4d
-Thomas Poole 39s
-William Longe 50s 21/2d
-Edith Longe widow 6s 2d
-John Halle 16 111/2d
-John Rodewey alias Legge 15s
-John Longe 20s
-JohnMayson 3s4d
-Christopher? Andrews of Stoke 4d
Total £12 12s '/2d half

The heirs of Lancelot Lisle 13s 4d
The foresaid heirs 12s
Anthony Rogers esquire 10s
Thomas Hall esquire Id
Total 35s 5d
Customary tenants
John Rogers 26s 6d
John Bayly alias Taunton 53s 6d
Harry Bapshin? 9s 4d
Thomas Hall esquire 20d
Total £4 6s
Customary tenants

Edeth Clarke widow 33s 6 1/2d
James Rogers 17s 1d
William Harford 22d
William Dicke 5s
James Pikinge 13s4d
William Bayly alias Taunton 3s 9 1/4d
JohnMathew 9s61/2d
Total£4 4s l'/4d
Customary tenants

Robert Longe esquire 35s
John Collet 15s
The Earl of Hartford 22s 2d
Total £3 12s 2d

The heirs of Lancelot Lisle 44s 91/2d
Robert Longe armiger 2d
Total 44s l1 1/2d
Customary tenants
Richard Curll 29s lOd
William Bayly alias Taunton 44s 7d
Griffin Styvens 13s 4d
John Chapman 19s2d
Alis Mayho widow 20s 8d
Marye? Graunte 30s 4d
Alyse Howell widow 2s Id
JohnHillpes 19d
Thomas Blanchard 17s 8d
Thomas Busye 20s
Total£10 2s 11d

Henry Asheley miles 37s
Total 37s
Customary tenants
Joan Willis widow 40s
Edward Mede 26sll'/2d
David Atkynes 15s 7d
Thomas Willshere 16s2d
John Reynoldes 13s 4d
William Hendy 13s4d
The said William 10s
William Raynoldes 13s4d
JaneHuntle 13s4d
William Gydynge 3s
JohnWillshe 16s
Jone Androo alias Willshere 8s
Anthoni Carter alias Druse 20s Id
John Payne 7s
Robert Pontynge 18s 4d
William Drues alias Carter 21 s 8d
Robert Burgis 15s
John Deverell 8s
William Carter alias Druse 17s
John Willsher alias Taylor 10s 8'/2d
JohnMede 10s
John Willshere the son of Robert Willshere 17s
Richard Dicke 9s
Thomas Bristo 2s 1/2d
William Willshere 4s 6d
Robert Nutte 26s 8d
Antony Rogers esquire 12d ^
The "homage of the cote holders gathered within themselves yerly to be payed at one payment 6s
Total £19 13s 8 1/2
The tithingmen pay;
Winsley per annum 8s
Troll 4s Holt 8s
Attworth 6s
Wraxall 6s
Lygh 7s 4d
Total 39s 4d
The farme of demaynes
Antoni Web payeth for the farme of Barton by the yeare £22 18d
The farme of the demaynes
Antoni Web payeth for the scite of the manor or farme mere by the yeare £4 16s9d
Antoni Web payeth for fisshinge 2s
So it appeareth the annual rent of the whole manor with farms to be £130 11s 6 1/4
Transcribed by P.M. Slocombe 2003