Poor Rate for Bradford on Avon - 1741
Bradford Poor Rate for 1741.to collect £3.19s 2d.
Mr John Stafford & Mr. M.A. White, Overseers

The Duke of Kingston 7s 7d
and for ye Mill 6d
and for Taplins 1d
Paulet Wright Esq. 14s 0d
Thos. Methuen Esq. 4s 8d
and for Plurrets & rawlings 3d
John Thresher Esq. 1s 1d
John Cooper Esq. 8d
Mr. Paul Methuen 9d
Mr. John Stafford 5d
And for Rimboys 1d
Mr. Norris or Shewell 1s 2d
Mr. Matthew Smith 9d
more to ditto 3d
ditto for Wheller 1d
Mr. Zachariah Shrapnell 11d
Mrs. Elianor Chanler 10d
Mr. John Druce 1s 8d
Mr. William Halliday 1s 2d
Mrs. Halliday.Widow 2d
Mr. Robert Marsh 5d
Mrs Mary Whatly d4
occupiers of Henry Whatly 2d
Mr. Thomas Dike-Brewer 3d
Mr. Richard Burcomb 4d
Thomas Whitehead for Kelsons 9d
Thomas Whitehead forYoung 1d
Administers of Whitehead 3d
Mr. George Hutchings for Whitehead 7d
Joseph Houlton Esq. 9d
Mr. Richard Yerbury 10d
Mr. John Yerbury`s Widow 3d
Mr. Christopher Brewer for Lane 2d
Mr. John Smith in Mill Street 11d
Mr. William Read 5d
Nathaniel Smith for Stevens 3d
Mr. Thomas Dike for Brewery 4d
Mr. Jos. Dike for Capps 2d
Mr. John Bailward 7d
Ed Baber 2d
John Crook 4d
Dr. Harris 4d
Dr. Jones 8d
Dr. Clarke 4d
William Baily widow Atter. 2d
William Baily widow Hill 4d
William Baily widow in ye Mai 2d
Ferret widow 2d
Mr. Edward Baily 2d
Jane Strawbridge 3d
Mr Anthony Druce for Yernury & co. 7d
Mr. Israel Noys 6d
The Reverend M. Rogers 2s 6d
Ann Ferris 1d
Occupiers of Mrs Cook 4d
John Palmer for Fryery etc. 11d
Widow Kendal 3d
Occupiers of Hardfords 2d
Occupiers of ye Bear Inn 4d
Occupiers of William Spenders 3d
John Stemiord 2d
William Stemiord 2d
Mr. Skidmore 10d
James Miles & for Fools 1s6d
William Tapnells Widow 3d
Thomas Stevens 5d
William Orpin or occupiers 3d
John Taperly Widow 3d
Mr William Bush for ye Swan 11d
Val Stevens 1d
Widow Reeves for Brain 11d
Thomas Penny or Occupier 11d
Widow Jones for …. 8d
Mr. Thomas Bush 2d
Gay for Cators 2d
Lemor Willet 3d
James Wheller & Newton 3d
Mr. John Wereal & for Dikes 5d
Robert Harvey for Laivy? 5d
Occupiers of Ebenezer Plurret 1d
… or occupier 1d
Thomas Plurrets widow 4d
Occupiers of Gibbs 2d
George Grant 2d
Samuel Reynolds 3d
Posthumous Bush ye Eld. 3d
Juen Davis 4d
Edward Young 2d
Widow Dunick 1d
William Shute 2d
John Eylews ye Elder …… 0
Widow Plamer for Knighty 4d
Widow Tucker for knighty 2d
Charles Timberell 2d
Occupiers of John Skrine 2d
Abel Perce(?) 1d
Harry Lyddiard or Occpier 2d
John Darling for Hentons 3d
Occpiers of ye Market 3d
Richard Gardener or Occupier 2d
Occupiers of Elizabeth Fisher 1d
Arneys or Occpiers 1d
Edward Head 3d
Thomas Timbrell or Occpier 2d
Philip Eyles 1d
John Silby 1d
Mr. William Dangerfield 5d
Dr. Burton for Stevens etc. 4d
Edward Thresher for Hill & … 3d
John Pitman 1d
Walter Pitman 1d
Charles Cottle. Slad Brock 0
Ann Shrapnell Widow 2d
Widow Gulliford for Grist 2d
David Gore 1d
Robert Hanny 1d
John Aland 1d
Robert Dix 2d
William Clear or Occupier 2d
Thomas Sauntion of Wraxall 2d
Mr. William Lea & for Tupsolls 6d
Mr Richard Lea 3d
John Eyles
John Wastfield
John Mark
Widow Baber
Mathew White
Robert Roberts
Jone Shrapnell Widow
Occupiers of Bartons
Mr Thomas Yerbury`s Widow
Tytus Reake
Juda. Larance or occupier
Pawlet Wright Esq for R. Baber
Widow Moxham
Philip Hayward
John Baber
Jeffery Pinnell or Occupier
Robert Wiltshire
James Ford 1d
Ambrose Porch 1d
Molinox for Mitchell Med 2d
Roger Marks 1d
Thomas Wickham 1d
Thomas Harris Brasr. 2d
Mr John Shrapnell 1d
Jacob Silby Widow 1d
Mr. Thomas Sanders 2d
Jonathan Godwin 1d
Mr Henry Methuen 2d
Mr Francis Yerbury 2d
Mr. David Lea for Cook 1d
Mr Joseph Yerbury 1d
Mr Edwaord Poor 2d
Robert Wever 2d
Thomas Derret 1d
James Mark 1d
Mr Francis Yerbury for Belcombe Brook 3d
Mr William Davis 2d
William Porch 1d
Joseph Fry 1d