1861 Census for the St. Margarets Area
~ Surname, Christian Name,Position, Age, Occupation, Birth Place & Address.

Morgan Hill
Green Joyce Head 76 Cloth Worker
Lowe Ruth Daughter 47 Bonnet maker
Hunt(?) Sarah Widow 50
Mitchell George Head 65 Fisherman
Mitchell Mary Wife 64 Rag Picker
Mitchell Emma Daughter 20 Rag Picker
Mitchell Edward son 19 Sawyer
Uncles James Head 37 Shoe Maker
Uncles Martha Wife 38 Shoe Binder
Uncles James son 14 Shoe maker
Uncles Frederick son 10 Shoe Maker
Uncles Mark son 8 scholar
Uncles Henry son 6 scholar
Uncles Frank son 3 scholar
Uncles Berkeley son 2
Uncles Septimus son 1
York William Head 20 Cloth Dresser
York Emily Wife 19 Cloth Dresser
Ford James Widower 74 Chelsea Pensioner
Keen Mary unmarried 34 House Keeper
Beadle William Head 66 Formerly Cloth Dresser
Beadle Sophia Wife 67 Wool Sorter
Fisher Edward Head 22 Plasterer
Fisher Eliza Wife 21 Cloth Burler
Fisher mary Daughter 2
Rickings Amelia Wife 24 Railway Porters Wife
Hart Rebecca Widow 70
King James Head 45 Shoe maker
King Ann Wife
King Alfred son 14 Ag. Labourer
King Albert son 11 Scholar
King Quily daughter 9 Scholar
King Frederick son 6
King Frank son 2
White John 43 Ag. Labourer
White Charlotte Wife 40
White Henry Clifferd son 10 Scholar
White Emily Clifferd Daughter 4
White Edward son 1
Banks Edward Head 36 General Labourer
Banks Hannah Wife 38 Cloth Dresser
Tadd John 25 Ag. Labourer
Cooper Ann 31
Godwin Susan Widow 40 Laundress
Godwin James son 16 Boat Man
Godwin sarah Daughter 12 Scholar
Godwin Alfred Son 10 Scholar
Godwin Eliza daughter 7 Scholar
Clifford Charlotte Widow 70
Clifford William grand son 19 Gen. Labourer
Yerbury William Head 56 Cloth Weaver
Yerbury Sarah Wife 54 attends to Grocers Shop
Yerbury George Son 13 Scholar
Burcombe John Head 50 Boat Man
Burcombe Sarah Wife 53
Burcombe Mary Daughter 19 Servant
Burcombe William Son 17 Boat man
Lunt (?) Daniel Head 48 Boat Man
Lunt Susan Wife 49 Laundress
Bryant Sarah Widow 73
Millard Philip Head 35 Boat man
Millard Lydia Wife 28 Cloth Dresser
Millard William son 7
Hart caroline Sister 21 Servant
Hart Hannah Widow 58
Bryant Alfred Head 25 Gen. Labourer
Bryant Mary Wife 28
Powell Charles Head 25 Stone Mason
Powell Elizabeth Wife 26 Dress maker
Powell Susan daughter Scholar
Powell Frederick Head 53 Stone Mason
Powell Eliza Wife 53 Cloth Dresser
Powell Eliza daughter 12 Scholar
Watts John Head 25 Machine Worker
Watts Mary Wife 22
Watts Charles son 4 Scholar
Watts Emma Daughter Scholar
Coombs Ellen 11 Servant
Turner Thomas 18 Blacksmith
Mitchell John Head 41 Cloth Dresser
Mitchell Mary Wife 27 Bonnet Maker
Bullock Eliza Widow 50 does Needle Work
Bullock Caroline Daughter 13 Scholar
Bullock Edmund son 11 Scholar
Bullock Ellen daughter 5
Baynton George 22 Laborer Maltster
Baynton Maria Wife 25
Austin Hannah Head Widower 61 Laundress
Ovens Jane Grand Daughter 9 Scholar
Ovens Hannah Grand Daughter 7 Scholar
Ovens Elizabeth Grand Daughter 6
Uncles William Head 59 General Labourer
Uncles Maria Wife 55
Crook George Head 32 Ag. Labourer
Crook Caroline Wife 33
Wheeler Ruth Head 59
Jones (?) Robert 31 Ag. Laborer
Jones sarh 28
Wiltshire Job Head 60 Boat man
Wilshire Caroline Wife 52
Wilshire Leah Daughter 10 Scholar
Mizen Charles Head 34 Carpenter
Mizen Charlotte Wife 35
Mizen Hariet Daughter 6
Powell George Head 31 Woollen Cloth Worker
Powell Ruth Wife 31 Woollen Cloth Worker
Powell Julia daughter 10 Scholar
Powell Emily 8 Scholar
Selwood George Head 30 Ag. Laborer
Selwood Mary Wife 29
Selwood sarah Daughter 9 Scholar
Selwood Hannah Daughter 6
Selwood Mary Daughter 1
Deverell Edward Head 42 Ag. Labourer
Deverell Charlotte Wife 43
Deverell Elizabeth Daughter 18 Wool Carder
Deverell Sarah Daughter 15 Domestic servant
Deverell Charles Son 6 Scholar
Bigwood Sarah un Married 70
Stantial Elizabeth Un Married 70
Holloway John Head 79 Gardener
Holloway Amelia Wife 72
Holloway John son 49 Gardener
Holloway Sophia daughter 23 House Servant
Winslow Stephen Head 45 Boat Man
Winslow Mary Wife 43
Winslow Samuel Son 13 Scholar
Winslow Mary Daughter 8
Winslow Martha daughter 5
Lippet Lucy Widow 80
Millard Charles Lodger 44 Carpenter
Hibberd Thomas Lodger Widower 64 Woollen Cloth Worker
Gould Nathaniel Widower 46 Quarry man
White James unmarried 26 N.K. Pensioner
Sadeler G. Head 44 Labourer
Sadeler Ann Wife 43
Sadeler Fanny Daughter 22 Cloth Worker
Sadeler Mary Daughter 20 Cloth Worker
Sadeler Susan Daughter 16 Cloth Worker
Sadeler Virtue Daughter 13 Scholar
Sadeler Amelia Daughter 11 Scholar
Sadeler Emily Daughter 8
Sadeler Charles Son 3
Sadeler William son 1
Parsons Maria unmarried 60
Self George Head 68 Laborer
Self Ann Wife 68 a Burler
Silby Benjamin Head 60 Slubber
Silby Eliza Wife 49
Jebb Hilary Widow 73 Woollen Cloth Dresser
Pilesford Elizabeth Widow 39 retired
Pilesford Maria Daughter 10 Scholar
Pilesford Emma daughter 8 Scholar
Pilesford William Son 5 Scholar
Stevens Thomas head 59 Gardener
Stevens Elizabeth Wife 55 Cloth Dresser
Stevens Mary Daughter 27 Cloth Dresser
Stevens George Son 23 Blacksmith
Hunt Charles Head 32 labourer
Hunt Mary 67
Hunt Ellen 37
Hunt Joseph Head 64 Stone Mason
Hunt Mary Wife 65 Cloth Dresser
Lloyd Thomas Head 80 Ag. Labourer
Lloyd Martha Wife 70
Acland Mary Head 70 Cloth Burler
Acland John Son 44 Masons Laborer
Ackland Martha Daughter 30 Burler
Chapman Edwin 45 Butcher
York George Head 60 Laborer General
York Hannah Wife 59 Cloth Burler
Hart Maria unmarried 20 Wool Spinner
White George Head 30 Cloth Dresser
White Dinah Wife 25 Cloth Dresser
White Emily Daughter 3
White Albert Son 1
Byfield Ann Mother 60 Visitor
Cooper Emily Visitor 27 Cloth Dresser
Coward Issaac Head 75 Brush Maker
Coward Hannah Wife 65
Bel Robert Head 70 Ag. Labourer
Bel Elizabeth Wife 68
Burcomb Matilda Head unmarried 49
Matthews Frederick 29 Stone Mason

Matthews Eliza Wife 50 laundress
Phillips William Head 49 Agricultural Labourer
Phillips Jane Wife 40
Phillips Selina Daughter 10 Cloth Dresser
Phillips John Son 9 Scholar
Phillips William Son 2
James Mary Daughter 14 Cloth Dresser
James Elizabeth Daughter 12
Scrine George Head 40 Brewer
Scrine Ann Wife 39 Wool Draper

St. Margarets Street
Green James Head 39 Licensed Victualler (Queens Head)
Green Ruth Wife 27
Green Julia Daughter Scholar
Green Henry Son 5
Green Thomas son 2
Green Herbert Son 1
Coward Luisa unmarried 17 House Servant
Deadman jane Mother Widow 78 Eating House keeper
Deadman jane Daughter 38
Brown James Head 41 Shoe Maker
Brown sarah Wife 33
Brown Martha Daughter 18 Shoe Binder
Brown George Son 21 Shoe Maker
Brown James Son 10 Scholar
Brown Mary Daughter 11
Brown Ellen Daughter 1
Brown Edwin Son 1
Jones Thomas Head 46 Masons Labourer
Jones Sarah Wife 42 Cloth Worker
Jones Laura Daughter 19 Servant
Jones Henry Son 17 Scholar
Jones Mary Daughter 9 Scholar
Jones George Son 6
Jones Thomas Son 4
Hayward Samuel Head 46 Ag. Laborer
Hayward mary Wife 37 Laundress
Hayward John Son 14 Masons Labourer
Hayward Jane Daughter 12 Scholar
Hayward William Son 9 Scholar
Hayward Rhoda Daughter 7 Scholar
Hayward Mary Daughter 3
Fricker Henry Head Widower 49 Plumber
Fricker Henry Son Unmarried 24 Plumber
Fricker Frederick Son Unmarried 22 Plumber
Fricker Julius Son Unmarried 20 Plumber
Fricker Hubert Son Unmarried 19 Plumber
Fricker Sydney Son Unmarried 18 Plumber
Fricker Emma Daughter 25
Applegate Hubert Head 31 Clerk to Cloth Manufactory
Applegate Emma Wife 30
Applegate Walter Son 8 Scholar
Applegate Maria Daughter 6
Applegate Florence Daughter 3
Applegate George Son 1
Hill Eliza unmarried 20 House Servant
Long William Head 64 Grocer
Long Michal Wife 62
Little Louise Daughter 28 Bonnet Maker
Little William Son 5
Little Frederick Son 3
Long Charles Head 25 Builder
Long Mary Wife 28 dress Maker
Duck James Head 57 Baker
Duck Hannah Wife 39
Duck Maria Daughter 26
Duck James Son 17 Shoe Maker
Duck John 9 Scholar
Ames William Lodger Widower 33 Officer of Inland Revenue
Coombs Mary Head Widow 67
Coombs Mary Daughter 27 proprieter of funded property
Scammell Isaac Grandson 16 Solicitors Clerk
Scammell Mary Servant 14 Servant
Baines Joseph Head 49 Surgeon
Baines Mary wife 50
Baines Henry Son 18 Scholar
Baines Emily daughter 9 Scholar
Buchin Mary Servant 19 General Servant
Gibbons Benjamin Head 75 Grocer
Gibbons Sarah Wife 64 serve in Shop
Gibbons Harriet Daughter unmarried 45
Milsom Richard Head 56 Boat Man
Milsom Sarah Wife 55
Derrett John Head 58 Grocer
Derrett Elizabeth Wife 57
Butler Jane Daughter 21

Beasor Street
Adams Stephen Head 57 Engineer
Adams Ann Wife 52
Adams Sarah 22 Milliner
Adams Agnes 12 Scholar
Adams Arthur son 9 Scholar
Hedges William Head 60 Retired Butcher
Hedges Francis Wife 62
Long William Head 37 Builder
Long Walter son of W.Long 3
Long William son of W. Long 1
Allaway John Head 48 Draper
Allaway Elizabeth Wife 48
Allaway Sarah Daughter 18
Allaway Elizabeth Daughter 16 Pupil Teacher British School
Golledge Henry 39 Relieving Officer
England George Head 29 Shoe Maker
England Ruth 28 Shoe Maker