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Charmouth Village Fete
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These two Edwardian scenes of Charmouth Fete are from 1908.the earliest on display. The band are the Charmouth Volunteers who were retained as a village band until the Great War, even though the Volunteers as such were disbanded in 1895. The huge banner is that of the Charmouth Club. The field where it was held was called Pear Close, at that time empty apart from Pryers Stone Masons Yard on the corner of The Street and Lower Sea Lane.
This group photograph is of the Fancy Dress entrants for the Fete of 1949. The event was held in the Church Hall because the weather was poor and the photograph was taken just outside on the eastern side looking towards The Street. This group photograph is of the Fancy Dress entrants for the Fete of 1949. Those pictured include:
2. Pat Hansford 12. Janet Holman 13. Sue Gower 18. June Frampton 21. Janet Long 22. Yvonne Vidler 23. Margaret Mackie 28. Ruby Hodder 30. Julia Holman 33. Diana Havis 34. Jill Linthorne 38. Yvonne Pincott
40. Dierdre Woollard 42. Joe Dukes.
1949 On wet fete days the event was held in the Church Hall and here we see fancy dress competitors Sue Gower (Punch) and June Frampton (Judy). The paving slabs remained after Nissen huts, used during the war by GIs in the lead-up to D-Day, had been removed.
Early 1950s The conclusion of a fete committee meeting with members about to leave the Church Hall. From L to R they are: Les Holman, Eddie Austin, Grant Edwards, John Yorke, Dennis Stokes, Basil Whybrow, Ron Frampton, Fred Penny, Barney Hansford and Bert Smith. Fred Penny was born in 'Bow House' in Charmouth in 1867 and died in 1957. He was deeply involved in village activities throughout his long life.
1951 -----and the winners are the 'Bisto Kids'
Monica Thomas and Julia Holman. A top of the village success with Monica and Julia living at 3 and 6 Nutcombe Terrace respectively.
c. 1951 Sports at the Playing Field. Barbara Dureall partners Angela Bowditch (wheelbarrow) with Barbara's father Tom just behind with Barney Hansford and Walt Rendell to his left. Angela is supported by her mother May and several of her sisters keeping pace behind the front row of spectators. John Bragg, George Restorick and Ron Dampier can be seen to the left. Chris Forsey second from right.
and below is shown a girl's sack race. Monica Thomas, June Frampton, Angela Bowditch, Dierdre Woollard and Maureen Turner are all recognised.
1953 Stephanie Woollard at the coconut shy. To her left, Heather Frampton and arms folded -- brothers Ron and Bill Draper with Harry Pigeon wearing protective headgear in control. To her right Jill Linthorne, Dierdre Woollard in profile and Maureen Turner
1954 Harry Grinter skittling for a pig. The portable alley was set up on the right inside the gates to the Playing Field just above the Scout Hut. Basil Whybrow seated and keeping the records. Eddie Austin second from right.
1958 ... and the moment of truth for the competitors in the Fancy Dress competition arrives Jimmy (or Philip) Forsey with the Dairy Farms banner is distracted by a dog which was present throughout the parade but whose role is uncertain.
1958 On a sunny Bank Holiday, the Fancy Dress parade passes Rupert House and Dampier's. Muriel Edwards and Glad Forsey can be seen with their children.
Village Fete Poster from 1973