Old Photographs of Chideock & Seatown 1920 - 1940
Anthony Broad has kindly allowed some of his large collection of old photographs of Chideock and Seatown to be displayed on this website for others to enjoy. He has divided them into 4 groups. These are (1) Chideock & Seatown (1870-1900), (2) Chideock & Seatown (1900-1919), Chideock & Seatown (1920 - 1940), Chideock (1940 - ). Click on headings to view these selections. Below are those from his Chideock (1925 - 1940) collection.
The Watch House in 1930
Squire Seatown in 1922
Seine Fishing - The Catch
Seatown - Mill Footpath
Seatown - Fisherman`s Hut in 1926.
Seatown - Hider sent 1937
Seatown 1926
Seatown - Man on Bench 1926
Seatown - Hider 1935
Seatown from Doghpouse Cliff in 1937
Seatown Farm and Er Meads 1937
Seatown Cliff Looking East with Tents 1926
Seatown and Golden Cap 1935
Seatown 1930 after rebuilding Cottage.
Seatown 1920
Ruins Lane Pump 1930.
Roman Catholic Church School 1931
Roman Catholic Church School 1931
R. Burge at Baytrees playing cards
Outside The Vicarage in 1930
Mrs. Jack Manning outside Anvil Cottage.
Mill House at Seatown in 1930
The Manor Staff in 1930 outside Broadmead.
Mabel Samaways on the right, Whittle
Looking West 1933
Looking West 1938
Looking West 1928
Looking East 1925
Keepers Cottage Yenhay 1925
Harvesting Seatown in 1920
Frying Pan Cottage in 1930
The Football Team - early 1920s
Cottages at Seahill in 1930
The Clock House in Chideock.
The Clock House Gardens
The Clock House Gardens
Bridge Stores in 1938.
Bridge Court remodelled in 1930
Bridge Court rebuild about 1930.
Bridge Court demolition about 1930
Brideg Court Wall with young boys in 1927.
The Blacksmiths Forge at Trefoil, Duck Street.
Bill Farwell (left) and Dash at the Anchor Inn in 1920
Arthur Pidgeon cutting Corn
Anvil and Cob Cottages 1920
The Anchor Inn and Cottages 1930
Anchor Cottage 1930
Alf Squire at Glendale(Hollow) Cottage
David Strawbridge and his Mother in 1921. Alf Squire at teh rear of Glendale.
Alf Squire by the Lodge
Frying Pan in 1930. Alf Squire by Glendale in 1930
The Butcher family camping in the 1920s
W. Foss with George Payne. Court Leet.
The Seavington Hunt outside teh Castle Inn 1925
A Childrens play in the 1930s
Football Champions West Dorset League in 1927
Womens Institute Dancing in 1925
Football Team in 1926
Football Team(Viper shirts) in 1922
Cath Foss on the pumps in 1930
Mrs. Young with Flo and her young grandson.
A Fishermans Hut in 1920
Men on a Bench WH Terrace.
Messrs. Hussey, Farwell and Love in 1930
Grinter, Matthews and others at Seatown.
Seine Fishing - The Catch
Seine Fishing - catching the Fish.
Seeine fishing on Seatown beach.
Seatown Becah. Fishing boat.
Arthur Pidgeon with horses and young Donald Huxter.
Victor Huxter on his Milk round.
Sam Shute at Park Farm in 1930
Don Huxter Strawbridge with a Cow and calf.
Threshing at Marsh`s Farm in 1930
A Picnic with Huxter, Chedd and Pigeon.
Huxter and others at Silverbridge
Eva Wheeler at School in 1923. Will Symes as a boy in 1921
Council School - 1st May 1923
Catholic School in 1930
The Village looking west in 1923
The Vilalge looking west from Lilac Japonica.
Ruins Lane from the top in 1931
Ruins Lane with the Payne family by the Pump.
The Village looking west with teh Vicarage on the left in 1935.
A Birds Eye View of Seatown in 1930.
Park Farmhouse in 1924
Appletree Thatch in 1935
Duck Street looking North in 1920
Bridge Court pre alterations 1927
Bridge Court in 1939
David Strawbridge and his mother in 1926. Greystones in 1930
The Spurle sisters at Mill in 1925.
Mill House from Ridge Cliff in 1930
George Young Rowing in 1925. Granfer Matthews walking by the Mill.
Seatown Farm & Seatown Cottage
Bob Hussey on Terrace 1938
Huts and Cafe on teh beach in 1937
Seatown House in 1928
Marsh`s Farm in Seatown.
Seatown from Seahill in 1930.
The Beehive in 1922
Ivy Cottage now Yew Cottage in 1930
The Village from Langdon Hill
Langdon Hill Morcombelake.
Hell Farm in 1930.
Squire. Silverbridge in 1922
Glendale in 1930
The Manor with St. George`s flag.
Yenhay Lane 1930. Baytrees (Clock House Garden).
Watercress gatherers in 1923. Chimneys in 1920.