Old Photographs of Chideock & Seatown 1940 - 2000
Anthony Broad has kindly allowed some of his large collection of old photographs of Chideock and Seatown to be displayed on this website for others to enjoy. He has divided them into 4 groups. These are (1) Chideock & Seatown (1870-1900), (2) Chideock & Seatown (1900-1919), Chideock & Seatown (1925 - 1940), Chideock (1940 - ). Click on headings to view these selections. Below are those from his Chideock (1940 - 2000) collection.
View over Frogmore Farm
Seatown in 1953
Seatown from the air in 2005.
Seatown from Golden Cap 1950
Seatwon from air in 1958.
Seatown from the air 1960
Seatwon about 1955
Seatown in 1950
Seahill Lane 1950
A Rowing Boat by Concrete Raod.
Roman Catholic School in 1950
Nissen Hut by Seatown Cottage.
The village looking east in 1960.
Ice Cream shop at Roadstead Farm in 1950.
Humph`s Barn Cider Press Main Street in 1954.
Golden Cap in 1930
Game keepers cottage Venhay Lane 1960.
Cutting Straw for Thatch - Symonds.
Catholic School 1955
Bridge Stores as Tea Parlour.
Bridge Stores 1954 waiting for the Royal Blue Coach.
Humph`s Barn. Mr. Cole and Len Hansford.
Villagers pulling a car in 1948.
Cliff Cafe 1950.
Play - Pools Paradise 1963
Mrs. Smith`s Panto - Cinderella in 1955.
The Football Team in 1952
The Postwoman - Jenny Mathews in 1950
Chideock Garage`s last day 30th September 1998.
Ian Barter`s Sheep in Carters Lane in 1984.
Francis Matthews and Len Hansford in 1957
Flax at North Chideock. Stitching.
Doghouse Flax Workers July 1947.
Threshing at Roadstead in 1990.
Appletree Thatch 1950.
Chimneys 1950.
Box Cottage Milk Bar
The George Inn. 1950.
Hill View and The Post Office. 1950.
Francis Matthews prize win Horse in 1948.
Doghouse Farm in 1953.
Dr. Ornand (Vicar) with Pearl Carr and Teddy Hohnson opening the Fete in 1960.
Bridge Stores 1951.
St. Giles Church 1950.
Duck Street. St. Peters Finger. Bird Cage.
The White House.
Frying Pan Thatched. 1950.
Seatown during the war with Dragons Teeth.
St. Mary`s Pettycrate.
The Beehive. 1951
Seahill Lane 1950
Roadstead Farm. 1953.
The Clock House with railings.
Wells Farm in 1953.
Lushayes 1970.
Champstead. Shutes Farm in 1948.
Dormers Cottage interior in 1947.
Cider Makers
The Gardeners Cottage 1950.
Chapel at the Mnaor 1970.
Interior of Chideock Museum.
Chimneys in 1977.
Dormer Cottage 1960
Chapel in Barn. Frescoes of Disciples.
Bridge Stores 1960.
A Bill for maintainence in 1940. Blacksmith`s Bill. The Forge 1944.
Church Clock from the north. The Memorial 1950.
Knocker on Dormer cottage. Vine Cottage 1950.
Mortuary Chapel. Dormer Cottage interiot. 1949.
Chapel enrance 1960. . Donkey House. Seahill Lane.
Kath Symes and Jeff Chattin 1995. Bob Hussey. Burton. Brook Afar.
Chideock House and Castle Inn. 1950.
The tomb of Sir John Arundell about 1545.
The Arundell and Weld Arms.
Turnpike Cottage Furches Hill. Chideock.
Three Ways. 1970.