Old Photographs of Chideock & Seatown 1900-1919
Anthony Broad has kindly allowed some of his large collection of old photographs of Chideock and Seatown to be displayed on this website for others to enjoy. He has divided them into 4 groups. These are (1) Chideock & Seatown (1870-1900), (2) Chideock & Seatown (1900-1919), Chideock & Seatown (1925 - 1940), Chideock (1940 - ). Click on headings to view these selections. Below are those from his Chideock (1900 - 1919) collection.
"Hellfire"Jack Walsh driving his Coach
Old Post Office in 1907
Chideock Castle Inn pre 1893 Fire.
The Butchers outside Castle Inn. Whalebone Gateway to Chideock Manor in 1913.
Castle Inn with Horse and Carts outside in 1907
The Lodge with Priest outside 1907
Chideock Manor in 1908
Glendale Roman Catholic School in 1910
Hell Lane from Quarry Cross
Lane by Green Cap & Quarr Cottage & Champsland 1914
The Forge in 1900
Children in Duck Street 1910
Swiss Cottage 1910 in French
Swiss Cottage 1910 in French
Seahill Lane (Beehive, Redwoods and Weldersly 1909
Redwood 1918
Seahill Cottage 1910. Matilda Young standing in entrance.
Seahill south cottage 1910
Mrs Chedd who farmed at Home Farm and Lizzie Larcombe on their way back to North Chideock. Also in the picture is the Chauffer to the Weld family. Mr. Francis Jerrard in his smart uniform waiting outside the Post Office to drive his passengers in a Daimler Tonneau, one of the first cars in Chideock. The crispy approned maid was probably in service to Mrs Bindloss and her daughters Gertrude and Mabel at Myrtle Cottage now Chideock House Hotel.
THe Farmers Arms Pub.
K.Foss baby in pram with the Bakers & Ropers.
W. Foss cycle agent with his daughter, Kathleen.
Linnet Cottage - Mrs Hannah Hussey
A sunny day in 1910 with the Baker Boys.
Brook Mead
Chimneys about 1910 with Alf Squire.
Market Day with cows in theStreet 1913
Chideock looking west
Children outside The George Inn with Bakers Van
Ada Reeve about 1905
Looking East
Chideock from Bridport Road.
Looking west in 1908
Peace celebrations 1919
Children outside Brook Cottage in 1910
Mr. Roper with his Bakers Cart.
Cast from The Merchant of Venice outside the Board School
Board Achool in Cinderella in 1901
Board School - 1910
Board School in 1902
Catholic School 1902
Catholic School pre 1920
Catholic School 1905 French Student
Council School 1915
Board School group 1 1902
Donkey & Mower at teh Mnaor
The Stall Frying Pand - Flax Store
Haymaking Frying Pan 1901
F. Shute and Labourers and Land girls
THreshing at Marsh`s Farm
Snow in 1905
The Squire family 1915
Church from North Road in 1913
Local Transport in 1910
Chideock in 1903
Funeral for private Grinter - 16th September 1915
Fred Love, the Butcher in 1910
William Farell in front of a Fisherman`s Hut. Joseph ans Sarah Shute Diamond Wedding.
The Burge relartives in 1910. Len and Mable Hussey - Len Hurst 1900
A WEdding photograph of Mrs. Hurst. Tom Meyers - Chief Coastguard in 1900.
The Spencer Family on a Bull.
Alf Squire, Manor Bailiff outside "Chimneys".
Ancjhor Cottage By Q.C. Grafton 1905
A painting looking East to the Bridge
Staff at the Watch House.
A group of villagers outside the Cottage next to the George Inn.
Men on Anchor doorstep in 1910. Seahill Cottage 1918
Looking West in 1910
Looking West in 1907
Seahill Cottage in 1914
Seahill Cottage in 1914 (reverse)
Chideock looking west at Lilac in 1910
Looking West in 1910 - hand coloured.
A Watermans Permit in 1917
Seatown in 1905
Hurst Picnic at Seatown in 1902
People outside the Anchor Inn in 1910
Seatown from the river mouth in 1909
Seatown from upriver in 1907
The Mill and Packhorse Bridge in 1908
The Mill in 1900.
The Mill Pond
Seatown Weir in 1913
William Farwell with his children in his boat
Seatown in 1905
Seatown in 1900 by William Shepherd.