Western & Midland Directory 1783
BASKERVILLE, John, Clothier
Bailward, Samuel, ditto
Bethell, George, Superfine Clothier
Cam, Hillier, and Bush, Superfine Clothiers
Clutterbuck, Daniel, Attorney at Law
Cross, Nicholas and John, Tanners
Davis and Brown, Surgeons
Hart, Moggeridge, and Co. Clothiers
Hart, William, Mercer and Draper
Halliday, Robert, Clothier
Head, George, Superfine Clothier
Hill, Francis, Clothier
Joyce, Thomas, ditto
Jotham, Thomas, ditto
Jotham, John, ditto
Nicholls, Thomas, Mercer and Draper
Phelps, Joseph and Stephen, Clothiers
Renison, John, Saddler and Post-master
Smith, Joseph, Attorney at Law
Timbrell, Thomas, Dyer
Warman, William, and Son, Linen and Woollen-drapers
Yerbury, John, Clothier and Cassameer Manufact. Belcomb Brook