Extract from tape interviews by Margaret Dobson for "Bradford Voices"

July 1989 Mrs. Bancroft (b.1913) who grew up at 7 St. Margaret's Street & Mrs. Granville, her niece, (b.1925)
We were lucky really, we didn't have a bathroom ( you used to have a tin bath), but we were snobbish enough to have an inside toilet and we had 4 bedrooms.That's next to the Liberal Club They've joined them together in some way, there's one couple living there (now). I don't know what they wanted all that space for,but there are 7 bedrooms between the two houses besides my Grandpa's workshop and there's a living room and sitting room in each one and we had what we used to call a scullery in those days.
Ours was the double fronted one and Grandpa's was the single fronted one but it went back. Our gardens went right back to where St Margaret's Court is now. The Liberal Club had a tennis court and our garden went right back to there,and in the garden there were 2 dilapidated houses. One house we daren't go in but the other house was quite a nice place actually. Upstairs and downstairs- it gradually went to rack and ruin and Grandpa kept fowls downstairs, pigeons upstairs arid round the walled gardens he had a greenhouse and the rest was rabbit hutches. Now attached to that one there a (stable:) for the horse. He had the horse stabled in there and a little place in there room for the carriage as well And they used to go out and come out by the side of St Margaret's Court where St Margaret's Court is, there were lovely houses there. Barton houses. and also houses opposite where they've made the garages. We used to call that Morgan's Hill.(now St. Margaret`s Hill).