Mr Mallory Hayter, The Chairman of Charmouth Council,
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In 1934 Charmouth Parish Council took out a lease with Alfred Douglas Pass on the Old Cement Works and the area around with an option to buy. This they took up 4 years later by paying £2970 for the freehold. Altogether they borrowed £4206 from the Dorset Council and Ministry of Health to complete the sale and make repairs. It was a popular decision and was carried unanimously by the Council at the time. Until they acquired it the beach had belonged to the Lords of the Manor of Charmouth. There had been a reference in 1320 to the abbot of Forde owning the manorial rights, which was retained until the Abbey was dissolved in 1539. Later Queen Elizabeth I by a charter, granted to the Lords of the Manor the same rights enjoyed by the abbots together with houses, mills, dovecots, lands, marshes, waters, fisheries, etc. It included the foreshore, which the subsequent Lords had often taken persons to court to exercise their rights. The last of these had been in 1896 when J.J. Coulton won an action against a Trespasser for removing sand and shingle. Since then a royalty on sands etc and other rents for use of it had to be paid to the Lord of the manor. This is very unusual as the Crown Estate controls most of the foreshores in this country and in 1853 the Lord at the time, Matthew Liddon had to prove to them his ownership. Since 1938 it has been the Chairman of the Parish Council who has held the position of Lord of the Manor. It is fitting that our current Chairman, Mallory Hayter is Lord as the story becomes almost full circle as he was instrumental in the advantageous purchase of the Elms in 1996 on very favourable terms to the electorate, with it never being a burden on the rates. This building, though much altered has a long history. it was originally owned by Forde Abbey and still has a 2000 year lease dating back to 1564 given by the then Lord of the Manor, Sir John Petre. The Elms is also now the home of the Pavey Group and it's collection of artefacts and archives relating to the village where future generations will be able to enjoy its rich heritage.

The minutes from the Council Meeting agreeing to the purchase of the Cement Works and Foreshore from Alfred Douglas Pass.
The Poster placed around the Village regarding the Council`s decision to purchase the Cement Works and Foreshore from Alfred Douglas Pass.
A Plan of the lands and buildings that the Parish Council was renting in 1934 and subsequently purchased in 1938
A plan of the land the Council bought including the Foreshore in 1938
A plan of the land the Council bought including the Foreshore in 1968
Other smaller parcels of land, including Evans Cliff, were given as gifts to the council by Mrs Evans formerly of Hammonds Mead in Charmouth
Mallory Hayter - Chairman of the Parish Council and Lord of the Manor of Charmoth