Henry Mattingly (1813-1881)
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Copy hall farm is Tatchbury Farm on Map which is owned by George Anthony Wake in 1841 which is where Charles Mattingly is living. His father, Richard who had come to Tatchbury, Eling in 1815 would have no doubt lived there before him and his eldest son would have carried on as Gardener for the Timson family who probably owned Tatchbury Manor before George Wake. In 1851, his widowed mother and sister are also living there with his family. William, son of Henry is a house servant for George Wake at Tatchbury Manor House. Henry Mattingly as the younger son moved to a small cottage nearby in Winsor which he rented from the Bessant family. This family features considerably in the story as Charles Mattingky married Ann Bessant in 1831 and their children, Noah married Mary Bessant and Sarah married Moses Bessant. It is Noah who continues to live in Tatchbury Farm House after the death of his father in 1875.

Mary mildenhall born in Stoneham - reason for move.

I am still working on Mattingly Family Tree and will keep updating as more information comes to hand
1841 Census for Winsor/Tatchbury follows roughly in order compared with the Tithe Map two years later. The list is as follows: James Hurst, Henry Mattingly, Joseph Bevis, Peter Cabbatt, Benjamin Wren, Richard Bessant, Elizabeth Philpott, Fanny Beany, Hammett Taylor, Richard Thomas, Robert Whitmarsh. Benjamin Wren is not in that locality in 1841 and may have recently moved.
The 1843 Tithe Map and Record Book shows the following ownership and tenants:
1314 - 1321 - James Hurst , 1322 - 1326 - William Farmer rents to John Beavis , 1327 - 1328 - John Bessant rents to Richard Bessant, 1329 - 1330 - John Bessant rents to Peter Cabbatt,1331 - 1332 - John Bessant rents to James Every, 1333 - John Bessant rents to Elizabeth Philpott and another, 1334 - John Bessant owns and lives here. 1336 - 1359 - John Light, 1355 - Richard Thomas, 1339 - 1362 - Robert Whitmarsh.
1900 Map of Tatchbury and Winsor, Eling, Hampshire, with Henry Mattingly`s former House near the Mission Hall and Charles Mattingly`s residing at Tatchbury Farm
House on corner today, which may be where Henry lived in 1841.
The nearby Mission Hall in Winsor.
The Compass Inn - the village Inn in the centre of Winsor, where no doubt the two brothers would meet up for a pint!
The site of Tatchbury Manor Farm today, where Charles Mattingly lived in 1841.
1843 Tithe Map of Tatchbury and Winsor, Eling, Hampshire. Charles Mattingly was living at Tatchbury Manor Farmhouse (Copyhall) owned by George Wake who lived at Tatchbury Manor House and owned most of the surrounding land. Henry Timson lived at Tatchbury Mount.
1900 Ordnance Survey Map of Tatchbury and Calmoor, Eling, Hampshire.
Map of Tatchbury and Calmoor, Eling, Hampshire today.
Aerial View of Tatchbury and Calmoor, Eling, Hampshire today.
George Wake married Mary Maria Dodd of Ipsden Oxon. in 1820. 1786 the Manor had passed to Richard and Charlotte Wake until sold in 1875 to Courtenay Wilson who sold to W.C. Pollard. In 1859 George Anthony Wade resided there. 1831 Mary daughter of Charles and Anne gardener to Timson. Took over from father who died previous year he was only 18. By 1841 working for Wade.
A recent photograph of Tatchbury Manor awaiting restoration after many years of decline.

The Census describes Charles Mattingly as a Coachman living with his family at Tatchbury Farm. This farm and the area around it is owned by George Anthony Wake Esq, who lives in Tatchbury Manor House near by. It is one of three large mansions near each other. In 1841 Tatchbury Mount is owned by Henry Thomas Timson and Lopperwood by Captain John Taylor. George Wake is there in 1809
George Wake married Mary Maria, daughter of John Dodd, esq, of Ipsden, Oxon in 1820
Mary mattingly lives with her son and daughter Jane with son at Tatchbury farm which is probably the house her husband moves to prior to 1815 and sin continues to live in. Both are gardeners which may be reason they al move from Whitchurch. Noah is living in family home?

Loperwood bought by Henry Timson of Tatchbury Mount who sold it in 1860 to Henry Pearce.
Tatchbury Mount , Calmore, Southampton, in 1910

William Timson Esq, late of Moor Park, Surrey died aged 78 at Tatchbury Mount in 1818. Henry Thomas Timson died in 1849.
The mental deficiency colony was established before 1931 in Tatchbury Mount House which was an early 19th century country house. Three villas and a temporary hospital were built in 1939. A near by house Loperwood Manor was acquired by 1941 and several buildings erected. The grounds also include an Iron Age Hill fort . The building which were formally the stables and coach house to Loperwood House are listed. It would seem the original fine Georgian Mansion has been demolished.

The earliest record is that for the 1841 Census returns for Eling, near Southampton, Hampshire. It shows Henry Mattingly, living at Winsor,as a Groom, aged 25, with Mary his wife, aged 30 with William, aged 6, Thomas, aged 3 and Mary aged 8 months. The description in the 1841 Census reference book is as follows: "All that part of the Parish which lies North of the Sarum Turnpike road from the New Inn at Cadnam to Bears Lane end, South of the Parish Road from Bears Lane end to Whitemoor Pond and East of the Parish road from Whitemoor Pond to the New Inn at Cadnam".
a Groom is a person responsible for the feeding and care of horses

Richard Mattingly, son of Henry Mattingly (Labourer) and Mary Mattingly (formerly Philips) 12 May 1846. He was born at Calmore in Eling, near Southampton, Hampshire. Henry was unable to sign his signature and left a X instead.
1851 Census for Calmore in parish of Eling showing Henry Mattingly (aged 38) widow with William (aged 15), Thomas (aged 12),Mary (aged 10), James (aged 6), Richard (aged 3). Henry is shown as an Agricultural Labourer born in Stoneham, Hampshire in the year 1813.
In 1857 his son, William Henry Mattingly, who is shown as a Coachman, living in Church Street, Marylebone. Henry is described as a Groom.
The 1861 Census for Calmore Although it is difficult to read the handwriting, this is indeed Henry Mattingly, aged 48 showing him remarried to Ann, aged 59. He is still living at Calmore in probably the same cottage. He share it with his son, John aged 16, and Richard, aged 14. This is Richard Edward Mattingly, who would have been the direct ancestor of my branch of the family.
This death certificate is for Richard Charles Mattingly, the son of Elizabeth Mattingly, daughter of Ann Mattingly of Calmore, Eling who died aged 1 year in 1865.
20th june 1868 Marriage at St. Mary Church Whitchapel, Middlesex of Richard Mattingly (aged 22) a Footman living at 50 Sussex Square, Brighton, whose father was Henry Mattingly (Coachman). He married Elizabeth Herriot (aged 20) of 8 Chapel Street, Union Street, Whitechapel whose father was Glawford Herriot, a Brass Finisher, probaly in the famous Bell Factory, which still exists in the town.
The 1871 Census shows Henry, now aged 57, living with his wife Ann, much older at 68 at Calmore, near Loperwood. He is described a formerly being a Groom, but there is reference alongside that his now an Invalide. His brother Charles is living near by at Tatchbury Lodge, with his wife Anne ans his sister Jane, who is unmarried. He is shown as a Keeper.No doubt both men had worked on a large Estate, probably Tatchbury Mount, which was still owned by the Timson family at that time. Further down the listing is Richard Mattingly aged 36, described as a Slatelayer, born at Tatchbury. Eling, and is married to Sarah Ann. It is his father Charles who is the keeper on the estate.
In 1879 his son, William Henry Mattingly, who is shown as a Coachman, living in 110 Keppel Street, Chelsea remaaries aftter the death of Eliza. Henry is now described as a Coachman.
1881 Census shows Henry Mattingly (aged 66) born in 1815 in Stoneham, Hampshire, former Labourer, living at Calmore,Eling in Hampshire. He is still living in Eling and has re-married Ann .., aged 78, who was born in Eling in 1803. It is in this year that he is to die.
Henry Mattingly`s death is recorded in 1881- he is shown as aged 65 and living in New Forest, no doubt at Eling. It is intersting to see in the same lists the death of Thomas Mattingly, living in Kensington, aged 42, this no doubt was his son.
Below are the references to Henry`s elder brother, Charles, who also spent his life in Calmore, Eling near Southampton. I am quite confident that he inherited his house from his father, Richard as his mother continued to live in the house with his Sister, Jane for the rest of her life.
Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of Eling in the County of Southampton in the year 1831
2 nd July 1831 Mary, daughter of Charles and Anne Mattingly – Tatchbury, Gardener to H.G. Timson. Esq.
1841 Census shows Henry`s Brother - Charles Mattingly living at Tatchbury with his family. His Mother, Mary, aged 59 is widowed and her daughter Jane, aged 23, is also living in the same household.
1851 Census for Winsor in parish of Eling showing Charles Mattingly (aged 39) older brother of Henry married to Ann (aged39) whose eldest son is also named Richard(aged 17). It is of great interest that his mother Mary(aged 68) and unmarried Sister, Jane (aged 32) is living with them as Paupers. She is shown as being born in North Stoneham. This may of been where she was living when she met Richard Mattingly (1783-1830) and accounts for their short period of approximately 7 years living there before moving to Eling, where he is shown as Gardener to H.T. Timson, owner of Tatchbury Mount.
EXTRAORDINARY BURGLARY BY BREAKING OUT or a House. -On Monday last, Richard Mattingley, up to the time of this occurrence, gardener in the service of Richard Fownes Wingrove Esq. of Langley Cottage, Eling, was charged with Burglary.09 February 1856 - Hampshire Advertiser - Southampton, Hampshire, England
On the 3rd March 1856 Richard Mattingly (aged 23) was sent for Trial held at Winchester in Hampshire for Theft and Burglary and received a sentence of 18 months.
Harrods Directory for Eling in 1865
Langley House, Hounsdown, can be seen in the top right hand corner of this map.
In 1851 Emma Wilson (nee`Timson) is shown at Langley Cottage, Hounsdown, Eling.
In 1851 Edward Timson is living at Tatchbury Manor, Eling.
In 1851 George Wake is living at Tatchbury Manor House. William Mattingly, aged 15 is a House Servant there who was born in 1836?
William appears to have been listed twice as he also appears as eldest son to Henry Mattingly at Calmore in the same year.
1856 Marriage Certificate for the marriage of Noah Mattingly to Mary Ann Bessant, daughter of Henry Bessant. Charles Mattingly is described as a Gardener, as was his son.
The 1861 Census shows Noah, son of Charles Mattingly as also living at Tatchbury with his wife, Mary sons- Charles and George. Their neighbour is Mary Bessant, aged 65 with her grandson. She may well be the mother of Mary as her maiden name was Bessant.
1861 Census showing Charles Mattingly living at Lopperwood in Eling , Hampshire. He is aged 49 and described as a Gardener- Domestic.His wife Ann is the same age and was born in Eling, as were all their children -Arthur (14), Fanny (10) and Ruth (2). His sister, Jane is also living with them.
1871 Census shows Charles Mattingly,aged 69 as a Keeper living at Tatchbury Lodge suffering from Rhumatic Gout. He is living with his wife, Ann aged 59 and daughter Ruth, aged 12. His sister, Jane is also living with them and is described as "Afflicted". He was to die in 1875.
1871 Census shows Richard, son of Charles Mattingly also living at Calmore. He is aged 36, married to Sarah Ann Harwin and is a Platelayer for the railways.
The 1881 Census has Ann, widow of Charles living at Lopperwood, Eling with her sister in law, Jane (aged 60) and her son Richard (aged 46) and grandson Alfred Herbert (aged 9)
Noah Mattingly died in 1890 and his death certificate is shown here.
The 1891 Census for Eling shows a number of the Mattingly family living in a row of cottages at Ringwood, Totton, Eling. There is Ann Mattingly (aged 78) widow who had been married to Charles Mattingly (died in 1875) living with her daughter (sged 38) married to Edward Andrews (aged 48). Next is Mary A Mattingly, Widow,(aged 55) with Elias (aged 29) and Eva (aged 17). Finally there is Charles H Mattingly (aged 34) and Ellen, his wife (aged 34) with their children.
Richard, eldest son of Charles and Ann Mattingly is shown in 1901 as a Labourer who is boarding with Sarah Biles at Causweay End, Eling.
By 1911, Richard has ended up in the New Forest Union Workhouse. He is to die there two years later, aged 85.
1868 Ordnance Survey showing Tatchbury Mount and Calmoor,where Charles Mattingly lived in a cottage with his family.
The view over the River Teste from Tachbury Mount when it was put up for sale in 1927
Decades Thomas Sarah   Richard Mary Occupation   Henry Mary/Ann Occupation   Richard Elizabeth Occupation   Richard Ethel Occupation   Edward Edith
1750 1750 Wootton?                                      
1780 1778 Whitchurch   1783 Whitchurch                                
1790   Whitchurch     Whitchurch                                
1800   Whitchurch     Whitchurch                                
1810   Whitchurch   1808 Stoneham     1813 Stoneham                        
1820   Whitchurch   1815 Eling Gardener     Eling                        
1830 1832 Whitchurch   1830 Eling Gardener     Eling                        
1840       Died?       1836 Eling Groom                      
1850               1851 Eling Groom   1846 Eling                
1860                 Eling Groom     Eling                
1870               1871 Calmore, Eling Coachman   1868 Brighton Footman              
1880               1881 Calmore, Eling Coachman   1871 wandsworth Valet   1878 Pimlico        
1890                       1896 Pimlico Restauranter     Pimlico        
1900                       1901 Kennington Green Grocer   1901 Kennington Shop Assistant      
1910                       1911 Alton     1911 Pimlico        
1920                       1917 Alton Farmer     Pimlico        
1930                       1927 Wandsworth     1933 Brixton Gardener   1926 Brixton
1940                                 Brixton Gardener     Brixton
1950                                 Brixton Gardener   1948 Brixton
1960                                 Brixton       Sidcup
1970                               1965 Brixton       Margate
1980                                         Margate
1990                                         Margate
2000                                         Margate
2010                                       2010 Margate
The Chart above with the available information shows the main line of ancestors of my branch of the family. It lists where they lived in specific decades and their occupation, if recorded at that time.