Below are a number of photographs produced as postcards by Claud Hider from 1922 onwards. They are very scarce and as more come to light they will be added.

Thanks again to Ken farmer for kindly downloading this superb image of East Street, Bridport by Claud Hider.
Barrack Street, Bridport.
Barrack Street, Bridport.
A composite card, originally an Hider & Lawrence (H &L) card, but after 1923, just Hider.
West Street. Bridport.
Happy Island, Bridport.
On the reverse of the Greyhound Postcard is Hider stamp, which would date the card to 1923, shortly after he set up on his own and split with Lawrence. Underneath is the stamp for Hider and Lawrence (h&l) when they were at 28 South Mill Lane.