Elizabeth Grace Hignell, 1911-2001
Elizabeth (Beth) Hignell came to Bradford on Avon in the early 1940's, a refugee from the bombing in Bristol, and for the rest of her life lived at 7 St. Margaret's Street. Information in an election address of 1959, when she stood for election to the Urban District Council, reveals that Beth ran her own business in Bristol and was one of the first women to be invited to join the Bristol Chamber of Commerce. She later worked as a Welfare Officer and for the Ministry of Health.
In all her time in Bradford on Avon Beth took a keen interest in local affairs. Her conviction that the character of the town needed to be preserved led to her election in 1963 as Vice-Chairman of the Preservation Society and she was especially active in seeking to save the cottages in St. Margaret's Hill. For a number of years she kept scrapbooks of the conservation debates in the town and these present a fascinating view of the arguments prevailing at the time.
As well as her work for the Preservation Society Beth Hignell was involved with many other organisations and charities in the town and is probably best remembered in later years for starting and running the Bradford on Avon section of Local Crafts of Wessex. Elizabeth Hignell died in 2001 just after her 90th birthday. A lady of great character and spirit, she had a refreshingly positive view of life and was quick to recognise good points in others, especially the young. When necessary she was also determined to stand up for what she believed in and was therefore one of the important band of local conservation pioneers for whom we in Bradford on Avon have much to thank
Colin Johns
Deed of Excahnge between Margaret Hignell, Widfow,of the Shubbery, Downend, near Bristol and the Reverend Charles Henry Kirby Turner , formerly of Dodington Rectory, Chipping Sodbury. The Rev Turner pays an additional £500 to Mrs Hignell by way of equality of exchange.In the schedule he details that the house has recently been reconverted from two dwellings into one.
Conveyances of one half share in 7 St. Margaret's Street from Robert Stephen. Hignell of 48 Queens Court, Clifton, Bristol, and now of 123 Bromley Heath Road, Downend, Glous. to Miss E.G. Hignell. on 31st December 1960 formerly of 48 Queens Court, Clifton, Bristol and now of 7 St. Margarets St, Bradford. They were joint tenants in "Brittagne" number 7 St. Margarets St, Bradford on Avon. since 30 July 1948. He sells his interest to his sister for £1,500.

Conveyance 28th January, 1959 between Leonard Paul Trevor Hill, Solicitor, and Elizabeth Grace Hignell of 7 St. Margaret's Street. for £25. All that piece of land 15 feet by 17feet (green) and a piece 21feet (pink). Later on the 13th December 1966 Miss Hignell sold the pink parcel to the Council


On 14th December 1966 Elizabeth Hignell sells to the council a parcel of land at the rear of her property forming part of that purchased from Leonard Hill in 1959.and they give her and her successors right of way over passage from St. Margaret's Hill. On 27th September 1962 Florence Blanche Long(wife of Albert William Long) had sold the council an adjoining parcel of ground(2-3 St. Margaret's Hill). On 11th February 1963 Leonard Hill had sold them a Garage at St. Margaret's Hill at the corner of Nowhere Lane and St. Margaret's Hill and also this pathway for £350. The original 1,000 year lease given by Zachariah Shrapnell is dated 5th May 1697 for £1 a year. The previous owner to Mr Hill are the Beavans who sell it to him in 1955. Bradford Council had earlier bought the property known as Wastfield House at the corner of Nowehere lane from the wife of Albert Long (he bought it in 1932) who had earlier lived at 7 St. Margaret's Street (Shrapnell House) for £350.

on the 28th January 1959 Miss Hignell purchases two pieces of land at Nowhere lane from L.P.T. Hill of 14 St. Margarets Street for £25
On the 13th December 1966 Miss Elizabeth Hignell conveyed to the Council the piece of land coloured pink