During the war 1939- 45 there were the following war services.
Rest Centre.
The stores for this were kept at Hinton House, and were the responsibility of Miss C. Foxcroft.
During the Bath Blitz or April 1942, many people fled rrom Bath and were housed and fed at the Rest Centre in the school, where they stayed for three weeks. Mrs. Cyril Colborne was in charge. The Memorial Hall was equipped as a First Aid Point in charge or Miss G. Wiltshire. There was also a fire station with Fire Engine and Tender. This was situated in Mr. Colborn`s yard. Mr. C. Jacob being responsible for night duty. All air raid wardens were under the command or the late Mr. Benn or the Crown. Mr. Edward Andrews was the Special Constable. At different times during the war the village housed and fed numbers or evacuees from cities and towns which were subject to bombing.