John Huntley died at the age or 94 in 1891 having been born in the year 1797.The following are reminscinces of the village told by him to Miss Helen Foxcroft in 1888.

The Murder of Stocker Robinson.
Stocker Robinson who lived at the Priory was said to have been murdered by a gang of four men, close to his own house, as he was returning from collecting poor rates. The gang took the money and flung the body into Spire Pond. Many years later, when Squire Symonds was cleaning out the pond, the body was found. A watch and chain were round on the skeleton but could no longer be identified. The same men were supposed to have murdered Farmer Perrin who had disappeared mysteriously some years earlier when collecting poor rates. Their names were Richard Frapwell, Girt William Freeman, Joe Bryant, and James Fussell. A body, supposed to be that or Perrin, was found when some road alterations were being carried out. In the year 1816 Huntley heard a conversation between his master, one Farmer Smith, and Fussell one of the supposed murderers. Smith referred to the discovery or Perrin`s body and said he was certain it was Perrin`s as the two front teeth were very prominent, and his leg bones fell in two when lifted, and Perrin had once broken his legs. Smith said to Fussell, "Thee`st know more about that than anyone". Fussell denied it and said he had been in Ireland at the time. "Na, Na" said Farmer Smith, "Thou wassn`t in Irelandwhen he were killedl "
All the suspected murderers died miserably. Frapwell died in great wretchedness at Hinton. No one would do the last offices. "They couldnt keep the candles in; his master (the Devil) did sit by and blow t em out", Huntley believed there was money of Stocker Robinson's still in Chancery, his death having never been legally proved.