John Huntley died at the age or 94 in 1891 having been born in the year 1797.The following are reminscinces of the village told by him to Miss Helen Foxcroft in 1888
Jack Jones-the Highwayman
Jack Jones was a highwayman who lived in the times of old Huntley's f'ather. He had excavated a subterranean hiding place in the Friary Wood. It was only just possible to crawl through the narrow entrance, but the room itself was as large as Huntley's kitchen. Huntley said he had been taken to see it as a boy, and that it was a long time before the authorities discovered it. The walls of the cave in which Jack Jones lived were hewn out of the rock, and there he lived together with Ben Fussell, (brother of the af'ore mentioned James Fussell), and his sister who kept company with Ben Fussell. They had seven or eight children; and the whole company lived in the hole. Benjamin Fussell was a quiet man and took no part in the robberies himself'. As quite an old man he worked on the same f'arm as Huntley, and also worked f'or Mrs. Day at Hinton House, and drove her horses. Fussell used of'ten to tell Huntley that when Jack Jones had stolen a lot of sheep the place was like a shambles. Eventually Jones was hanged on Old Down for robbing his own Uncle of 11 1/2d. on the highway. The woman was transported and wrote to Fussell to "do something himself' and get sent out there". But Fussell did not see the point of this. "Hinton folk" said Huntley "were an uncommon rough lot then".