John Huntley died at the age or 94 in 1891 having been born in the year 1797.The following are reminscinces of the village told by him to Miss Helen Foxcroft in 1888.

Julia Clements-The Postwoman

Julia Clements, the postwoman of the 1880's and 1890's, is still remembered by a few of the older generation in Hinton. Not for her the little red vans which speed about the country- side: Armed with a stout heart and equally stout boots and basket she used to start her round by collecting the letters at Norton. From there she walked, come rain, hail or snow, to Hinton where she collected the letters at the Post Office. All these she then carried to the Post Office at Freshford. This accomplished, she collected the mail which had been sorted on arrival by train from Bath, and delivered it at all the houses in Hinton and Norton to which mail had been addressed. For this work she received the hardly princely pay of 5/- a week, a sum which could scarcely have covered the wear and tear incurred by her footwear. She spent retirement living with Mrso Densley, who had been housekeeper at Hinton House, in the Farleigh Lodge where Mr. George Smith now lives.