John Huntley died at the age or 94 in 1891 having been born in the year 1797.The following are reminscinces of the village told by him to Miss Helen Foxcroft in 1888.

Mr. Watkins-the Eccentric Vicar

From 1872 until 1893 the Rev. Charles Watkins was Vicar of Hinton. There are many stories of this eccentric character. Before taking orders he had been an Army Officer and was always reported to have suffered from a "touch of the sun".
On one occasion when there were very few people in Church, only 1/2d., was to be seen lying on the plate (plates were in use then in place of our more discreet bags). Mr Watkins on receiving the plate became exceedingly irate at the meagreness of the collection. He at once angrily enquired who was responsible for the only coin subscribed. On receiving no reply, he hurled the coin down the length of the Nave. As a reader of Old Testament lessons he favoured the dramatic form of delivery, looking only occasionally at the Bible to refresh his memory. With a fine disregard of the lectionary, he often read his favourite Old Testament lesson dealing wi th the cleansing of Naaman' s leprosy and the deceit of his servant Gehazi. Among his more obvious eccentricities was his habit of wearing his surplice with his head through the arm hole.