Hinton Charterhouse at War
There seems to be no record extant in the village of any body of volunteers having been formed in Queen Elizabeth I time, but judging by the extract given below it is highly probable that there was some such body in Hinton. In the extract from the Rev. P. J. Goodrich's book on Freshford, the name of one of our well known Hinton inhabitants appears, John Girrish. Spelling it must be remembered was according to taste up till well on in the 19th century~ A defensive militia was maintained during Queen Elizabeth's reign in view of possible invasion by the Spaniards. "There were: -
1. Archers.
2. Bill men, (who carried a Bill hook set in a short staff, their duty being to strike at, and unhorse cavalry).
3. The Arquebusiers.
4. The Pikemen
They speedily became greatly valued and were 'formidable' I'.
In the year 1569, a list of Freshford men was made who had joined the militia, and among them was a John Girrish who enrolled as an arc