An abstract of a Document in Somerset Archives (DD/RG4) relating to Edward Baynton`s purchase of a number of estates including properties in Bradford on Avon in 1700
The last Sir Edward, best known as "Hungerford the Waster," who was one of the least worthy members of the court of Charles II. He gave £500 for a wig to which he had taken a particular affection and gambled away, in succession, twenty-eight manors. He is said to have paid £30,000 across the green cloth. By 1700 Edward Bayntun of Spye Parke had bought the following:
The Castle , Park & Manor of Farleigh Hungerford,
The Adowson of the Church of Farleigh
.. Coppice lying in or near Farleigh,this was at that time a large Wood, since converted into farmland, part of which is called Castle Farm.
The Manor of Weeke, (Wick Farm) or West Wick lying in the parishes of Hinton, Norton & Farleigh.
Hinton Woods 400 acres
The Manor of Tellisford the messuages, Farm, or demesne of Tellisford, with the adowson of the Church.
The Manor, Farm & demesne of Iford , in Somerset and Wiltshire.
The Manor of Rowley in Somerset & Wiltshire.
The Manor of Rode & Langham, with the Adowson of the church of Rode
The Manors & Lordships of Hinton, Norton St Phillips, The Manor of Wellow & Twinhoe with the Rectory or Parsonage there and all tithes , Glebe thereunto belonging.
All those Messuages of Hungerford in Fox, in Mitford & Freshford, with lands etc. And others in Westwood, Bradford, Bradford Leigh, Wingfield, Woolverton, with rights of fishing, etc.
for this Mr Baynton contracted to give the sum of £56,000. £10,000 to be retained in his hands and to be paid to Lady Mackareene at the time specified in her marriage article of 1664, viz, after the death of Sir Edward Hungerford. Mr Bayntun borrowed £30,000 from the hon. John.. of Hartwell, George Hadley of Eats Barnet, Sir John Poultney of the Inner Temple, Esq. & Sir John Foche Kt of Clapham.
The Castle and Castle yard at Farleigh was purchased by Mr Hector Cooper. And it was not until the year 1730, that it was sold to Mr Houlton, by Thomas Cooper, brother & heir of Hector. Sir Edward was to receive during his life £500 a year out of the estate, being in interest of 5 per cent, on the £10,000 payable at his death to his daughters. The different purchasers at Bayntun's death had therefore to pay annually their proportion of this annuity to him. The Master in Chancery appointed to manage the sale was Dr Edisburg. The sale appears to have been constructed, not by public auction but by private biddings to the master. The competitors for Farleigh were Mr Hector Cooper of Trowbridge, and Joseph Houlton. Esq. (who married the heiress of the Grittleton Estate)
Amongst the many properties owned by the Hungerfords was in the area where the St. Margarets Car Park stands today.
the Hungerford properties including a number in Bradford on Avon, which were originally purchased from the Horton family, were as follows:
All those two Messuages lying in Bradford now in the possession of Edward Thresher, John Roberts,
… All that messuage in Bradford in possession & occupation of John Houlton Deceased, now of Edward Thresher,
and all the messuage adjoining now in occupation of John Roberts
adjoining a barn now converted into a Meeting House for the people called Quakers
on the west and the backside belonging to Reane June?
On the south side meadow called Calvers,
3 acres abutting on the south of a lane called Priory Lane Pasture called Doily Crook .
Edward Threshers house known in the past as St. Margaret`s House(now the riverside Inn). The barn converted to the Quakers Meeting House stood near the entrance to the Car Park until demolition in the 1960`s
1837 Map of Town . Westbury House (no.1106) , Prebend house (1101) and Quakers Meeting House (no.1109) St. Margaret`s House(1110) Dye House(St. Margarets Hall)(no. 1108)
June 1699
In pursuance of an Order made upon ye hearing of this Cause Defendants … subsequent ye James Druce of Bradford in ye County of Wilts, Clothier hath produced before and left with me a proposal by him made & consented unto by Mr. Thomas Gibson on behalf of the Mortgagees for the purchase of the reversion and inheritance of all those 2 messuages or tenements in ye possession of John Dyke & Richard Druce & ye lands thereto belonging & the quit rent issuing there out being part of the Manor of Rowley in ye County of Wiltshire & to give for the same the sum of £76 & also Edward Thresher of Bradford aforesaid Clothier hath also produced before & left with me another proposal by him made & consented unto aforesaid for the purchase the reversion & inheritance of all that messuage & tenement with ye appurtenances situated in Bradford aforesaid thereunto granted to J. H. deceased for 3 lives & since assigned to ye said Edward Thresher & to give for ye same ye sum of £28 and also all Thomas Barnard of Bradford aforesaid hath proposed to for ye purchase of ye reversion & inheritance of all that Messuage & tenement or cottage situated in Bradford now in ye possession of John Roberts & to give for the same the sum of £15 and have respectively agreed to pay their said Moneys on the 10th day of July next if a good yo the be made of ye said premises by then respectively purchased as aforesaid free from all encumbrances upon with proposals issued out … of the said Mr. Druce, Mr Thresher & Thomas Barnard as ye best purchasers of the said premises.