Kingston Place - the former Vicarage
to Holy Trinity Church
The Old Vicarage with Holy Trinity in the background as painted by Nattes in 1805.
The Vicarage with Holy Trinity in the background as painted by Elizabeth Tackle c.1850
The Vicarage with Holy Trinity in the background as painted by Elizabeth Tackle c.1850
Kingston Place c.1880
Kingston Place today
1772 Prebend Map with the Vicarage to the left of the Church
1837 Ashmead Map using different numbers to those of the 1841Tithe Map.In 1843 the old Vicarage House, having fallen into decay, was taken down and a new house erected, the expense being defrayed by money borrowed, on the security of the revenues of the living, from the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty.
1864 Ashmead Map using Tithe Numbers
1886 Ordnance Survey Map
1924 Ordnance Survey Map

Abstract from Jones`s History of Bradford on Avon:
There are two Terriers in the Registry of the Bishop of Salisbury relating to the Vicarage, which, as they are very short, we print verbatim. They would seem to show that the land formerly belonging to the Vicar was of somewhat large in extent than at present. The former of these Terriers is as follows:-
" BRADFORD. A Terrier of the Lands of the Mother Church of Bradford made the 19 of Octr. Ao. 1608.
" Imp. One Mansion or Dwellinghouse with gardens, orchards and other grounde belonging to the same to the quantity of two acres, or thereabouts, invironed by the Churchyard on the easte, and a grounde called Barton Orchard on the weste.
" Item. One littell Close in the Church [yard*] reaching from the Church geate to the very ground of the Garden, by estimation one halfe acre or more.

The latter Terrier, made about a century later than the former, runs thus :-
" A True and perfect Terrier of the Gleab Lands, Houses and other Edifices in the Borough of Bradford, in the Deanery of Potterne and Diocesse of Sarurn, belonging to the Mother Church and Vicaridge thereof.
" Dec. 20, 1704.
"Impr. One Mantion House, where the Vicar is resident, with one Stable or Outhouse.
" One other House where the Clark of the Parish Church now dweleth.f " One other House where the Sexton of the Parish Church now dweleth. " One other House where one Cooper now dweleth, all erected and built upon the Church Yard or Gleabe thereunto belonging.
" Item. One Parcel of Meadow ground or pasture containing Two acres, or thereabouts, now converted into a public Garden with a House thereon built, and Three other gardens ;-and all other Dues usually belonging to any Vicaridge.
(signed) "Tno. LEWIS, Vicar. " JOHN SHE WELL, ] Ch. "Tno. CATOB, j Wardens."