Limpley Stoke Hotel
The Limpley Stoke Hotel c. 1910
A view of the gabled Farm House and a number of buildings that were to disappear when the Hydropathic Hotel was established in the 1860`s
A view of the Farm building in 1850 which was to be part of the Hydropathic Hotel established in the 1860`s
The Hotel stands on the site of Stoke Farm and incorporated in the present building is part of the original farmhouse with a date of 1625 inscribed into it.In the 1860`s the Hydropathic Establishment came into being making use of the many springs coming from the hillside.THe grounds of the "West of England Hydropathic" covered seven acres, consisting of beautiful gardens whish stretched up to the Cliffe Hotel and Middle Stoke. The owners of the Hydro lived in the Cliffe Hotel building before it became a hotel.