The Long Family
Albert Long at the wheel of this Germain car in the grounds of the house now known as Little Underwoods, Frome Road. Mr Long was the second man in Bradford to own a car, Dr Tayler being the first. Seen here with Mr Long is Dr. Tayler`s Chauffeur teaching him to drivre. around 1912
LONG, Albert Frank
architect of Warminster
[Expanded entry] Aged 37, 1901 census. At i Ash Walk (Kelly 1890). Residence The Chesnuts, Portway from c.i895-c.i93O. In 1911 house numbered 8ia, c.i924 main house split into 8ia and 8ib, 1965 became 42 and 40. By 1907 described as 'formerly of Long & Glass', 1923 practice at 17 High Street. ChL
Practice at 1 Ash Walk, Warminster (Kelly's 1889, 1895; at 21 East Street
(Kelly's 1899); as LONG & GLASS, at 53 Market Place (Kelly's 1907 - 1927 at
LONG, Albert William
builder and carpenter of Bradford-on-Avon 1867-1952
Son of Charles Long. Worked for uncle James Long for a while. Bought nos. 6-7 St. Margaret's
Street in 1919. Retired to Weymouth, Dorset. RM
1 BRADFORD-ON-AVON St. Margaret's Villas RM
2 BRADFORD-ON-AVON Frome Road, Underwoods RM
LONG, Alfred
architect of West Bromwich, Staffs. Relative of the Bradford-on-Avon builders.
i BRADFORD-ON-AVON St. Margaret's Street, Independent Chapel, specs, for work 0.1913 RM

LONG, Charles
builder and quarry master of Bradford-on-Avon 1835-1888
Son of William Long. Of St. Margaret's Street in 1865 (HD).
Of 36 Newtown (had been plot 140 on Tithe Award) in 1887 (Bradford Directory). Died by 1891. RM
LONG, Charles Berkeley
builder, mason and carpenter of Bradford-on-Avon 1864-1950 Son of Charles Long.
Living at 14 Middle Rank in 1891 (census) and aged 26.
At 36 Newtown (formerly plot 139 on Tithe Award) in 1908 (Bradford Directory).
Had son Berkeley. Obtained many local contracts for road and path repairs and stone and haulage work. RM

LONG, Charles Edmund
upholsterer, cabinet maker, carpenter, joiner and funeral furnisher of
Son of John Long. Of 2 and 3 The Shambles (Bradford Directory 1887). RM
builder and contractor of Bradford-on-Avon Of Milsom House (Bradford Directory 1887). RM
LONG, Jacob & Sons builders
i NORTH WRAXALL Ford, St. John's Church 1897 (architect C. E. Ponting) WANHS
Newspaper cuttings vol. 2, p-329
builders of Bath
1. TROWBRIDGE. County Hall 1938-40 (architect P.D.Hepworth)
LONG, James
mason and builder of Bradford-on-Avon 1820-1911
Son of William Long, mason. RM and MA
Became successful and wealthy man. Lived at Ferndale, St. Margaret's Street? Or in Trowbridge
Road. RM
1. BRADFORD-on-AVON. The Hall, restoration 1848 RM and MA
2. BRADFORD-on-AVON. Town Hall 1855 (co-builder with J.Spender) RM and MA
3. BRADFORD-on-AVON. Belcombe Place. Belcombe Lodge. Bnpty plot owned by him in 1864. House built between 1870-80 PMS
4. BRADFORD-on-AVON. Church Street, North Wilts Bank (now Lloyds Bank), designed and built it c!871 HF
5. DEVIZES. 'Much building work' after 1871 RM and MA
6 BRADFORD-ON-AVON Bath Road, Berryfield House, lodge (now gone) probable attribution as contract for cemetery states to be of same standard undated WILBR
7 BRADFORD-ON-AVON Holt Road, cemetery walls, sexton's cottage, and two mortuary chapels 1856 (architect T. Fuller) WILBR
8 BRADFORD-ON-AVON Mount Pleasant, weighing engine house (design and build) 1873 TCWTo
LONG, J. & Sons
builders of Railway Road, Bath, Som.
1 SWINDON Groundwell Road, Holy Rood Catholic school 1899 (architects Silcock and Reay) RAP
2 WINSLEY Winsley House, major rebuilding for Mr and Mrs Lee of South Kensington, London 1902 (architects Silcock & Reay) WT 12.4.1902
3 KINGTON LANGLEY Greathouse, major rebuilding 1913 (architect D. Stewart) WSRO 1144/1 accounts
LONG, John
i MARLBOROUGH Castle 1238 WRS vol. 12
LONG, John
carpenter of Warminster Quarter Sessions case 1585. WRS vol. 4
carpenter and joiner of Bradford-on-Avon Of 38 Frome Road (Bradford Directory 1887). RM
LONG, Michael Berkeley
builder of Bradford-on-Avon
Grandson of Charles Berkeley Long and son of Stanley Howard Long. Followed father in business based at Newtown Brewery (until 1990) and yard in St. Margaret's Street. Now retired. Work included maintenance of Avon Rubber buildings and The Hall, and repair of old houses. RM
LONG, Stanley Howard
builder of Station Approach, Frome Road, Bradford-on-Avon
Leased part of Newtown Brewery as builder's yard from about 1926 and bought the brewery premises in 1955. Trading as Stanley H. LONG & SON in 1957. Son Michael Berkeley Long subsequently took over yard. PMS
LONG, William
builder of Albert Terrace, Trowbridge Road, Bradford-on-Avon Born between 1820 and 1835. Son of William and brother of James. Bought surplus land after construction of railway at Bradford. RM and MA
1. BRADFORD-ON-AVON. Silver Street. New Mills (c!845?) YP
2. BRADFORD-on-AVON. Victoria Terrace from 1859, fine imposing row RM and MA
LONG, William
stone mason and builder of St. Margaret's Street, Bradford-on-Avon
Son of Jacob and Sarah Long, married 1786 at South Wraxall. Baptisedi796. Married Michal Derrett 1820. Sons James, William, John and Charles. In 1840 lived in part of nos. 6-7 St. Margaret's Street. Occupier of quarry at Bearfield 1841. Will proved 1861. RM, 1842 ETD
1. BRADFORD-ON-AVON St Margaret's Street, Independent Meeting House, schoolroom 1835 RM
2. BRADFORD-ON-AVON removal of Dainton's Grave tollhouse to Elms Cross hill 1841 WTo
LONG William, Junior
mason and builder of Bradford-on-Avon of Albert Cottage, Trowbridge Road where he had his Bath Stone Office in 1864. Proprietor of Poulton Quarry, Bradford and Farleigh Down Quarry. TNWA 28.5.1864 1865 (HD).
1 TROWBRIDGE Stallard Street, Police Station 1854 (architect J.M. Peniston) TWA May 1854
2 HILPERTON The Grange 1860? (architects Manners & Gill) TWA

In the 18th Century a branch of the Long Family are shown as living in Atworth, (see Family Tree). The first reference to the Long family being associated with Shrapnell House is in 1840 when William Long, Mason , is shown as living in one part of the property and Joseph Joyce, Watch maker in the other part. By 1841, William is shown as widower bringing up 7 children in his part of the house. Joseph Joyce, the tenant of the other part was living with his wife, mother, daughter and brother. To make it even more amazing ,four other families are shown living in former properties in the garden. Ten years later the Census shows that he is now living at 9/10 St. Margaret's Street, at what is now the Rialto Restaurant with his brother Michael and Charles, his son who at 15 is described as a Mason. Another son also William is living nearby in Beasor Street today a continuation of St. Margaret's Street. He was a member from 1826 of the Independent Chapel (now United Church and erected the first School room at the Chapel in 1835 and it was enlarged to its existing size in 1850. He had married Michal Derrett in 1820 at Westwood and their eldest son, James eventually built the Town Hall in 1854 and also was responsible for restoring "the Hall" for the Moulton's. Another son, William was to build Victoria and Albert Terrace. In 1865 their property in St. Margaret's Street was auctioned and is described as following:
FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE (now The Rialto Restaurant)
With the Yard, Tallow Chandler's Shop, and Outhouses at the rear thereof, situate in St. Margaret Street, Bradford, aforesaid, occupied by MR. THOMAS SMART, Grocer and Tallow Chandler, and MR. CHARLES LONG, Builder. The house occupied by Mr. Smart comprises a Front Shop, large Sitting Room, Wash-house and Scullery, with 3 front and 1 back Bedrooms, and there is a Tallow Chandler's
Boiling House, and Candle or Store Room in the Yard at the rear; and the House occupied by Mr. C. Long contains a Front Sitting Room, large Kitchen, and 4 Bedrooms over.
There is a capital Pump and Well of Water on the premises, and a back entrance and right of way, from No-where Lane.
Charles is recorded in 1868 as using workshops which had recently been converted by Henry Fricker at the rear of Shrapnell House (tithe No. 488)
His youngest son Charles (1835-1888) was also described as a Mason and Builder. It was his son, Albert W. Long, who was to
purchase Shrapnell House in 1919. He bought the property from the wife (Hariet) and daughters (Mary Parsons Coward, Sarah Agnes Down) of Julius Augustus Fricker. They had inherited the property on the death of Julius in 1913. An advert of the time shows Albert offering a comprehensive range of services from the property (see Advert).
William and Michal Long became membersof United Church in 1826. They had four sons, James, William, John and Charles all builders or carpenters in Bradford, represented now by Michael of Newtown, whose daughter Kim attends our Church. They are descended from the youngest son, Charles.
James and John were members of our Coppice Hill Chapel where James was a trustee and benefactor. William, Junior, was married twice, his first wife was buried with his sister near the pathway. His children were all baptised here and they lived in front of the Chapel from 1847 until he built Albert Terrace and Cottage in 1863. Incidentally, after the Railway was opened in 1858, he bought surplus land and built Victoria Terrace.
(Roger Mawby history of United Church)
In 1841 William Long, aged 40,is renting half of Shrapnel House,6-7 St margarets street whilst the other part is occupied by Joseph Joyce, a Clock Maker. His sons were to be successful builders and his grandson Albert Long would eventually buy the same house in 1919.
The Frickers had moved into the adjoining house and William Long and family had moved into the house he had purchased in 1845 and owned by James Long's Widow Dinah in 1841.
in 1836/7 a Rateable Value was given and the rate in the £; Annual Value Rateable Value @6d £
Charles Johnson James Batten House £15-0-0 £7-10-0 3-9d
John Long Late James Long £9-0-0 £4-10-0 2-3d
(this latter one was formerly the French Horn Inn) James Long was a Coal Dealer, and he died in 1836. Charles Long was the Executor for his father, but he became bankrupt and eventually that property was sold to William Long, Mason. He was a member from 1826 of the Independent Chapel (now United Church). William Long erected the first School room at the Chapel in 1835 and it was enlarged to its existing size in 1850. He had married Michal Derreett in 1820 at Westwood and their eldest son, James eventually built the Town Hall in 1854 with another Builder.
Their second son William, Junior, erected Victoria Terrace and later in 1863 Albert Terrace, Michael Long is descended from their fourth and youngest son Charles Long and he inherited one of the two houses on that site c.1864 and now one entire property, recently called Bryant's. The values in the Church Rate Book for the houses in this part of St. Margaret's Street with the owners and tenants below and the numbers given to them in the 1841 Tithe Awards.
Church Rate Book Tenants Owners
No. 457 CJ. Pearce General Shrapnel House & Garden £36
No. 456 Wm. Long General Shrapnel House £15
No. 455 Chas. Johnson James Batten House £20
No. 454 John Miles Dinah Long House £11
No. 453 Ann Reynor Ann Reynor House £12

This indenture made the first day of February 1868 between Henry Fricker of Bradford on Avon, plumber and glazier 7,
....and also all those workshops with the land, outbuildings and erections and premises belonging thereto adjoining the last described hereditaments leading out into Nowhere Lane and numbered 488 and the said Tithe Map and in the said Book of Reference therefore said stated 8 perches and which said workshops formally consisted of three cottages or tenements but have recently been converted into workshops by the said Henry Fricker and which are now in or lately was in his possession and part of the same in the occupation of Charles Long Builder.