Images of Lyme Regis

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This picture of the Cobb, as it was in Monmouth`s day, is taken from the 1724 edition of Stukeley`s "Itinerarium Curiosum". The original plate has a footnote that explains that A (bottom right corner) - where the Duke of Monmouth landed, B - Portland, C The Pier (Cobb), which in 1685 was seperated from the shore
Monmouth arrived on the"Helderenburgh" with two smaller ships on June 11th 1685 and moved on June 15th, staying at the "George" while in Lyme. This engraving of the "George" appears in"The life of James, Duke of Monmouth" by Lyme Regis author, George Roberts, which was published in 2 volumes in 1844.
South West View of Lyme Regis - engraved for Roberts History of Lyme Regis 1834