The Pass Family
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After the long ownership of the Manor by J.J. Coulton, the next potential buyer was unable to complete its purchase due to his untimely death. It was to be to his son that the title Lord of the Manor of Charmouth was to be given in 1908 when he paid £1,400 for the Cement Mill with the surrounding 63 acres.
Albert Capper Pass was born in Bristol in 1837, where his father worked as a metal refiner and dealer. They later moved to Bedminster into much larger premises and prospered by processing gold and silver as well as lead and copper. In 1870 his father died and he took the business over and it went from strength to strength under his guidance. The factory went over to making solder and doubled in size from 1875 to 1882. As well as an industrialist, he was very well educated and had many interests, especially archaeology. Up until 1894 when it became a limited company he was the sole owner. In the following year profits are shown as almost £12000, most of which goes to Alfred. Towards the end of his life he seeks to become a country gentleman and endeavours to create an estate based on Wootton Fitzpaine Manor. In 1895 he purchases this house with 1776 acres at auction. He later buys land in Fishponds, Hawkchurch, Monkton Wylde and Abbots Wootton He adds parts of Charmouth and a number of other properties until on his death the Estate totals nearly 5000 acres. The farming had previously been in a sorry state and he endeavoured to turn into a sporting and hunting estate employing many people from the villages. But sadly he does not live long enough to enjoy it and dies on October 4th 1905, aged 68.
His son Alfred Douglas Pass inherits a thriving metal refining and solder works. He follows in his father's footsteps by enlarging the buildings and finding new markets for its products. He is to appoint a University friend, Paul Gueterbock as the Managing Director who proves to be outstanding. He also receives his fathers extensive Estate and over £60,000 in stocks when he reaches 21 the following year. In 1912 he marries Katherine Heycock and they were to have five daughters.
During the First World War, Alfred was listed missing believed dead, for some months after the Gallipoli campaign. He turned out to be a prisoner in distant Anatolia.
During the Second World War, Colonel Pass became army welfare officer for the area. At the same time he continued to run the family tin smelting works in Bristol. Douglas Pass had long been on the Dorset County Council and a Bridport magistrate. He was also a scout commissioner. He loved Wootton and for many years it was run at a loss as he regarded it as a special place to be cared for jointly with his tenant farmers.
Having originally owned Charmouth foreshore, he sold it to the Parish Council. He also sold them their playing fields, and land for the tennis courts in Lower Sea Lane for nominal amounts. Much was given to Enter­prise Neptune, helping to buy the farms that now provide the wonderful walk from Golden Cap to Charmouth along the cliffs. He also gave them Lamberts Castle and much of Fishpond and his wife gave Coney's Castle to the National Trust. Most of the estate was disposed of after his death though there are still links in Wootton with the family today.
On a personal note it was Alfred who sold an acre plot to Grace Icombe in 1922 for £130 on which she was to build Thallata where Neil lives today.


Alfred Capper Pass (1837-1905)
Alfred Capper Pass (1837-1905)
The Bristol works based in Bedminster from the air in 1924
Workers at the Bedminster Works in 1887
Alfred Douglas Pass (1886-1970)
Olive Pass (1890- 1973)
The Family in 1937. From Left to Right: Philippa, Mrs Olive Pass, Joan, Colonel Douglas Pass, Honor Matilda, Katherine.
An engraving of Wootton Fitzpaine Manor as it was in the 19 th Century
Wootton Fitzpaine Manor today.
The Poster for the Sale of Wootton Fitzpaine Estate in 1895 which resulted in Alfred Cappers Pass successful bid.
The Tenant Farmers and Household staff presentation of a Silver Bowl on Alfred Douglas Pass becoming the new Lord of the Manor in 1906 when he was just 21. The Long List of tenants included R. Morgan who was renting Charmouth Stores and F.Coles the Bakers from him
A Map showing part of the 61 acres of land inclding the Foreshore that Alfred Pass purchased in 1908 from the Coultons
The purchase of Hogchester Farm by Alfred Capper Pass in 1896 for £3,500.

Memorials to Alfred Capper and Douglas Pass in Wootton Fitzpaine Church.
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