The Abbey Green Plane Tree (planted c.1880)

Abbey Green in 1911 with the Plane Tree in the centre.
The Plane Tree in Abbey Green was probably planted in 1880 as photographs at the turn of the century show it with a small girth and the Water colour by James Blackamore dated 1785 reveals a large Green surrouned by cobbles and no Tree.
Commonly known as the "plane" in England, it was first planted here in about 1550, but most will be a little less than 300 years old. Those seen in London belong to the group that is often described as the London Plane. The planting of suburban London's Plane Trees would have taken place during the times of urban development, so most larger trees in London are likely to be from the 19th Century.Their bark is unusual, and the longevity of the trees is down to the nature of their composition.