Rose Cottage.The Street. Charmouth.
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Thomas and Mary  Genge lived in no.2 Rose Cottage and are seen here with some of their 8 children. He was a Wagoner and worked with John Hodder who lived next door at no. 1 at this time.
The same view today

John Hodder standing proudly outside the entrance to Rose Cottage at the junction of Bridge Road and the Street where he lived.. He owned a Wagon and Wagonette and was the general Haulier for the area. He also manufactured aereated drinks such as Ginger Beer which he sold from his premsies.

"Rose Cottage" is east of "Mill View ". One half faces south in which have lived in recent years; Genge - then Florey and later E.Spurdle and his family, who still live there. The other half faces north and was occupied early in the century by John Hodder, familiarly known as "Scutter". He kept a horse and cart in a shed, where the modern bungalow "Phantasy" has been built by Barney Hansford, and did all the hauling in the village. He later went and lived at the top of the village. In 1914 Rose Cottage was occupied by William Bowditch and he left and lived in the first of the Catherston Cottages . The parish boundary passes through this cottage and Bowditch died in 1946 in that part, which was in Catherston parish and was buried in Charmouth Cemetry, but Elliott who followed him in "Rose Cottage" was buried at Whitechurch Canonicorum, ao he had come from Morecombelake.

John Hodder who lived at Rose Cottage in Bridge Street is shown here between two of his working horses. The 1911 Census shows him aged 65 and wife, Elizabeth, aged 64.
This postcard was used as an advertisement by John Hodder for his Carriage Rides. He is shown outside The Hunter Lodge Inn near Axminster in 1911. Samuel Hansford has inscribed on the plate "For pleasant and picturesque Drives - Go to Hodder, Charmouth who will give a graphic description en route". Samuel has posed his family including his mother, wife and children as well as nurse Rose and Miss Forrest in the carriage, with John Hodder holding the reins of the horses.
John Hodder is seen on the left with his horse and cart assisting with building the new road to Catherston Manor.
John Hodder is here riding one of the first grass cutting machines on Lilly Farm in Charmouth.
John Hodder on the right with his wife milking at Lilly Farm in Charmouth. The Chap on the left with the Milk buckets must be his brother judging from the likeness.