Rupert House. No. 3 Prospect Place, The Street
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Stanley House and Rupert House in 1911, the flags are commemorating the coronation of King George V

Stanley House and Rupert House today
This property had prior to the 1864 fire, been part of the Carters area, but afterwards it was extended back considerably as a separate holding. James Wellman, aged 34, moved in shortly afterwards as the following year he brings out a Guide and Directory for Charmouth, which must have been a success as a second edition came out later in the year. It is to run to six editions, the final one being in 1880. He also trades as a Watchmaker, Jewellers and a Stationers from the premises. Both he and his sister, Martha, who lives with him, had moved there from their parents ' home in Hawkhurst. James Wellman died in 1881 aged just 52, and Miss Wellman continued with her Fancy Repository . Reginald Pavey tells us, that her shop also sold toys and newspapers and had a counter across the room and a large cupboard with a glass front in which were her toys. There were no railings; pedestrians in those days enjoyed the full extent of the pavement . Martha Wellman died in 1896 and George Cooper, aged 56 who is described as a Retired Military Official is shown as living there with his family. The 1911 Census describes the house as unoccupied, but the electoral register a decade later has Percival and Rosa Woolford residing at the address.
1841 Map showing the building prior to the 1864 fire.
1926 Map showing Prospect View after the rebuilding.

An early photograph c.1870, showing Prospect View shortly after it had been rebuilt. Stanley House at the end, was still to have its large projecting bay windows added to its front.

This view c.1880 shows Mortimer and his assistants outside his shop.
Edward Vince took the shop over in 1888 and ran it until 1896 when it was bought by John Baker.
A hand coloured photo of the group of properties comprising "Prospect View" c.1890.
An Advert dated 1857 from the "Beauties of Lyme Regis & Charmouth" showing James Wellman as both Jeweller and Bookseller at Rupert House.
Advert in Bridport News in 1865

WELLMAN (JAMES). A Guide to Charmouth, Containing a View and Description of the Village, Together with its Postal Regulations, Places of Worship, Charmouth : Published and Sold by J. Wellman. Printed by W. C. Frost, News Office, West Street, Bridport.
First Edition, 1865, Second Edition, 1865, Third Edition, 1866, Fourth Edition 1873, Fifth Edition 1875 & Sixth Edition, 1880. Copies of these editions can be seen at The British Library in London.

1865 Advert from Wellman`s Guide and Directory for Charmouth for his neighbour at Stanley House - Harry William Pryer, son of Giles.
1841 Giles Pryer aged 30 and Elizabeth Pryer, aged 20 shown as a Mason

1851 Giles Pryer aged 42, Mason and Plasterer employing 3 men. Selina aged 29 with Harry W.aged 7, Emma aged 5,Edwin aged 4 and Jane aged 3.

1861 Giles Pryer aged 52, Mason and Plasterer employing 2 sons . Selina aged 40 with Harry aged 17, Emma aged 15,Edwin aged 14, Selina aged 13, Eliza aged 3, and Elizabeth aged 4 months.
1871 - Five years after the devastaing Fire, it has been rebuilt by Giles Pryer and renamed Prospect Place. It now consists of four units - Charmouth Stores (1), Ashyford House (2) Rupert House (3) and Stanley House (4). George Mortimer is both Postmaster and Shop Keeper at Charmouth Stores.Christina Hutchings is a School Mistress with three pupils staying with her at Ashyford House. James Wellman runs his Watchmaking and Jewellers at Rupert House. Giles Pryer now aged 60 is shown as a Builder with his son Harry a Stone Mason and Cutter.
1881 - Henry Burrough aged 69 is shown as a Gardener living at Ashyford House (2 Prospect Place). James Wellman aged 62 is living with his Sister, Mary at Rupert House (3 Prospect Place) ) and Stanley House (4). George Mortimer is both Postmaster and Shop Keeper at Charmouth Stores.Henry Burroughs is described as a Gardener living with his family at Ashyford House. James Wellman runs his Watchmaking and Jewellers at Rupert House. Stanley House was still owned by the Pryers and may have been empty or used as a Business premises by them. Giles Pryer now aged 76 is shown as a Retired Builder with his son Harry a Builder & Monumental Mason aged 37 at the George Inn
1891Census records that No. 5 Pryer Villas built at the bottom of Barrs Lane is unoccupied ann show The Post Offuce and General Stores at 1 Prospect Place, Henry Burroughs is now shown as a Widower aged 79 at no.2. Martha, sister of James runs her Stationers from no.3 Rupert House and no.4 Stanley House is unoccupied.
1901 Census shows John Baker as a Draper and Shopkeeper and it would seem that he occupies both 1 & 2 Prospect Place. George Cooper, aged 56 who is described as a Retired Military Official is living with his family at no.3 Rupert House. Harry W. Pryer, aged 56 has returned back to the family home - Stanley House, which they have occupied since 1836.
1911 Census shows Harry William Pryer now aged 67 continuing to live at Stanley House, with his wife and servant.Rupert House is shown as unoccupied. Ann Thorne aged 56, a Housekeeper is now living at no. 2 (Ashyford House). No inforamtion is given for no. 1, Charmouth Stores.
1921 Electoral Roll for Charmouth shows Harry (Pussey) Pryer (aged 77) still living at Stanley House (no.4). Percival and Rosa Woolford are now at Rupert House (no. 3) and William Dampier is running Charmouth Stores (no.1 & 2)