Sea View House, Lower Sea Lane, Charmouth
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Sea View Lower Sea Lane - Hales
Robert Hunter was the first to live in the house, which had originally intended for an Inn according to Tom Hunter, who was born there.
Sea View was built ona piece of Ground called The Potato Plot. Purchased by Rev J.D. Hales in 1837. Other properties bought by Rev. j. d. Hales in 1837.

Double Common (176) and Garden Plot (226) in 1841
Rev. John Dixon Hales owns the fields and rents to:
176 "Double Common to Joseph Cozens". The area is 2 acres

226 a "Garden Plot" to Sarah Felstone. The area is 16 perches

179 is "Minsons Common" owned by Ann Liddon in 1841 is 1acre 11 p.
181 is "Double Common" owned by Ann Liddom in 1841 and is 2 acres

Double Common (128) and Sea View (Garden Plot) in 1928
School (Double Common) and Sea View (Garden Plot) today
School (Double Common) and Sea View (Garden Plot) today
In 1921 Harry Pryer auctioned a number of his properties including Lot 1 - "Double Common" and Lot 2 "Minsons Common" and Lot 4 "Sea View".