Sims Family- references to this family
A Marriage settlement for the wedding of Zaccariah Shrapnell to Elizabeth Minifree in 1724 (W.R.O. 212b - 489)
.... all those six several messuages or tenements and premises with their appurtenances there to belonging situate and being in a street or place called St. Margaret`s Street and Morgans Hill in Bradford aforesaid and now or lately were in the Tenure or occupation of the said John Bailward, Anthony Sims, Sarah Hopkins, James Morris, Robert Deverall, and Elianor Alderwick,
It is probably Anthony Sims who is living in Shrapnell House (7 St. Margarets Street) at this time.
Anthony Sims marries Elizabeth Cooper in 1725 and is shown as having the following children: John born 1727, Richard born 1727, Anthony born 1733, Mary born 1739.

1841 Census returns for the building that is now the Bungalow, 4 St. Margaret`s Street, Bradford on Avon

Sims Marriages

Isaac Simm married Catherine Deverall 1706
Rebecca Simm married Arthur Gibbs 1707
Mary Simm married James Long 1714
Grisold Simm married Edward Bezer 1715
Dinah Simm married Joseph Young 1718
Jacob Simm married May Showring 1719
Elizabeth Simm married James Harvey 1720
Hannah Simm married John Goodwyn 1722
Anthony Simm married Ann Cooke 1723
Sarah Simmmarried Walter Williams 1723
Robert Simm married Elizabeth Waters 1723
Anthony Simm married Elizabeth Cooper 1725
Samuel Simm married Margery Carter 1726
Isaac Simm married Mary White 1731
Elizabeth Simm married John Orchard 1734
Isaac Simmmarried Elizabeth Hillman 1736
George Simm married Ann Reeves 1737

Simms Baptisms

John Simm son of Matthew & Joanne 1703
Deborah Simm dau. of Matthew & Joanne 1705
Robert Simm son of Abraham 1705
Isaac Simm son of Matthew 1708
Benjamin Simm son of Matthew 1715
Sarah Simm daughter of Jacon 1720
Joana Simm daughter of Matthew & Lydia 1726
John Simm son of Anthony & Elizabeth 1727
Richard Simm son of Anthony & Elizabeth 1727
Anthony Simm son of Anthony & Elizabeth 1730

John Simm son of Matthew & Lydia 1730
Anthony Simm son of Anthony 1733
Isaac Simm son of Isaac 1736
Matthew Simm son of Isaac 1736
Isaac Simm son of Isaac 1737
Mary Simm son of Anthony & Elizabeth 1739
Mary Simm son of Isaac 1743

Simms Burials

Alice Simm1619
Alice Simm 1623
Margaret Simm 1681
Henry Simm 1711
Martha Simm (40) 1714
Ann Simm 1724
Anthony child of Anthony Simm 1731
Issac Simm 1739
Henry Simm 1743
Isaac Simm 1745
Ann Simm 1752
Mary Simm 1752
Hanah Simm 1753
Elizabeth Simm 1757
Mary Simm 1761
Ann Simm 1768