Extracts from a Survey of the Duke of Kingston`s
properties in Bradford on Avon in 1752
Greenland House, garden, orchards, piece of
pasture Ground called the Hams & the Hillside - 5 acres
lessee- died 1757
John Shrapnel Baker)
Mary his wife died 1741
fine 142
Zachahry Shrapnel, jnr. (10)
rent 1-11-10d
son of Z. Shrapnel (lesee brother)
Herrot 1-6-8d
Little Trowll
A close called Upcroft (2 acres)
Exors of James Shrapnel
Elizabeth Shrapnel, daughter of Edward Shrapnel (4) dead
fine 20
of Trowbridge
james Shrapnel , son of Jamesd Shrapnel (20)
A tenement, part of the old Chapel, now a stable - 3 perches.
John Harris, Apothecary
Martha Harris, lesees daughter, now wife of William Palmer
John, son of Philip Milsom, Blacksmith
Anthony Druce, son of Anthony Druce, Clothier (dead 1756)
after a long list of lesses and descriptions of fields the following:
part of a parcel enclosed with other vland of Mr Threshers
& Robert Harvey called French Grass Ground - 2 acres
a parcel on Morgans Hill butting on W. Hallidays - 1 acre
a parcel of N.W. part of south field, the North end butts
on a piece of Mr Timbrells inclosed - 2 perches, 3 roods.
5 parcels granted in fee simple in 1748 to
Thomas Bethel for 297-10-0
Granted a lease to Huimphrey Tugwell, Clothier of a little strip
of the garden of no.16 .. Next Mill Street and adjoining
Thos. Rogers Wall to build a Dye House for thelives of said
Humphrey, William, Thomas (his sons)
A garden & barn near the Almshouses in St.Margarets St -2 acres
A triangular piece enclosed in St. Maragrets Moor next to the lane - 1 acre
next to the lane - 1 acre
Another piece lying open with the Parsonage land of south
end of former 1 acre
a close called 12 acres on Shimple Hill- sold in fee to
Thomas Bethell with other lands
The Old Bear Inn & appurtenences in Silver Street 19 perches
fine - 168
Richard Grant
Mary Grant (14) daughter
(in hand)
Ann grant (12) daughter
A House & Garden in Tooley Street adjoining
a house called the New Inn
John Baber
John Baber, jnr. Son
fine 30
Francis Baber son
A House & Garden at Whitehill late Edward Roberts
Richard Whatley
Mary Smith, daughter of John Smith (13)
fine 130
Elizabeth Pead, daughter (13)
Francis Yerbury, son of francis Yerbury (14) dead 1734
surrender of lease for new one
Richard Whatley
Eleanor, wife (dead)
Mary Smith (dead)
Elizabeth Pead
A house, garden & Orchard in St. Tooley Street - 1 acre
Ann Cooper, daughter of John Cooper, now wife of Edward
Mary Druce
Flemming Esq., in reversion after lesee, mary Druce (dead1737)
Fine 21
and John Druce, her brother (dead1741)
granted a reversionary lease to Humphrey Tugwell
to his life and William , his son
Fine 98
A house with the appertences in St. Margarets Street
(near the Almshouse) - 3 1/2 perches
this fell into hand upon the death of Joan, wife of Abel Pearce, 1740
A cottage adjoining to the Chappel in St.Tooley Street
Mary, wife of John Daviosn
Richard Baber
Richard Baber(7) son dead
fine 10
Walter Baber (4) son
A house in Silver St - 8 perches
Mary Lydyard (died 1755)
now wife of .. Brain a baker in Bristol
Wm. Gouch
John Lydyard, her son Dyer Bristol
John Pocock
reversion after Ebenezer Lydyard lease 1675
A house with its appertences in Church Street,
formerly the Red Lyon - 21 perches
John Holiday of Pitminster (24)
Elinor Chandler
John Wherat (22)
fine 280
Mary Wherat (24)
A cottage in st. Olaves Street near the Chappel
Tchosaphat Head
Edmund Head
James Head (died 1755)
in res after James Druce lease 1676
A cottage house part of the Chappel
Edmund Head
Elisha Head
Martha Head
Miriah Head wife of John Harris
Another part of Chappel
Edmund Head
lesee (dead)
Edmund Bailet (dead)
Ebenezer Head (son of lesee)
A parcel of Westwood Field butting on the road
that leads from Troll Common in Westwood I r.4p.
A parcel in Freshfords Moor near the Froom Road lands of Mrs.
Lisle Esast, and lands said to be Almshouses, lands at the west
end of Freehold lands of Z. Shrapnel on the south thereof - 2 acres
Zach. Shrapnel (lesee) son
Zachariah Shrapnel
lesee Z. Shrapnel (dead)
fine 2
Henry Shrtapnell (dead) lease 1716
The Almshouse in St. Maragets St.- 20r.
A House and ground with the appurtenaces in St. Margarets St.
in King`s Field - 1 acre
a parcel enclosed with another parcel of robert Hallidays, no 32b
Preb. Manor in Avon Field adjoining the Trowbridge Foot
path & is in the Tyning of Little Troll - 2 acres.
Robert Halliday
leasee (aged 20)
fine 35
Silvestra (son) aged 25
Henry aged 14
A parcel in little fields near St. Margarets Moor
on the south nside of an inclosure called short sparks 3 roods
North side of said enclosure 1 acre
Great Parcel butting Harvey pitt acre 2 acres
A Parcell of moor butting in Little field in terms with lands
formerly John Houlten`s now Zach. Shrapnel 2 acres
Lesee in reversion after Susannah Silby now wife of Abraham
Zach. Shrapnel
Hanney - & Jacob Silby son of John Silby(dead) lease 1700
Fulling Mill near Greenlands called Upper Mill
William Orpin (dead 1744)
fine 80
Thomas Methuen Esq.
Thomas Stevens (dead)
Thomas Penny in Jamaica
A Parcel in Avon Field abutting on Trowbridge Road - 1 acre
Lesse (dead 1757)
John Shrapnel
Elizabeth his daughter (2) now wife of Benjamin Fisher (dead1757)
Zach. Shrapnel, his nephew (13)