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The Shops, The Street
Pryers Yard before shops were built in 1936. The Workshops still form part of The Pharmacy ( formerly Bragges Stores)
The same view today
The Street in the 1950`s
Inside Bragges Stores
Early map showing how Pear Tree Close was subdivided in the past. The Workshop still stands in the walls of The Pharmacy

In or about 1931 the Pryers Stone Yard was sold and four shops were built where the yard had been. The first to be built was a lock up shop by Bagshaw of Axminster which is now a Gift shop, then a hairdresser's shop was opened by Charlie Pewster, and Toy built a chemist's shop. Later bank premises were built by Lloyds Bank and in 1936 U.A.Gear built living accomodation adjoining the shop built by Bagshaw. Pryer's workshop was purchased by J.R. Bragg of Lyme Regis which was converted into a Grocer's shop.