1,2 Three Gables (460)
At Bradford One Estate of the yearly value of Eighty five pounds for
three lives reserving the yearly rent of four ponds. The Inheritance sold to
Mr. Cooper about eight years time. Several Esates more at Bradford
leased out for Lives or Years determinable on Lives, The Inheritance sold
to several persons at Bradford the particulars I cannot yet learn.
The Estates Sold at Bradford consist chiefly in houses and I have been
informed Sold for about 1,000 about eight years since.. Two or
Three Small Estates at Bradford not exceeding in the whole 10
a year still unsold and in hand.
Yerbury papers WRO 687/8
18.5.1732 Sale Edward Lisle of Crooks Easton to James Miles of Bradford. Oaky Coppice [near Belcombe Court] totalling 4 acres,
also a tenement, backside and garden 'situated near the South West end of the bridge in Bradford'. All for £100, the tenement
probably for around £60. (Oaky Coppice was sold on to John Wilshire of Winsley 10.10.1732 for £40)
Miles family documents in possession of Dr Dido Davis ofCambridge ~ 11.5.1737 Grant of £20 annuity to Joan Cornick by James Miles,
baker. (See deeds to Pippett Street properties) Properties concerned are; (a) messuage ~n possession of James Miles
(b) messuage in possession of James Phillips victualler as tenant to James Miles, all of which premises near the Bridge in
Bradford purchased from Edward Lisle Esq.
(c) messuage, garden and malthouse in occupation of William Lea, known as Pippetts Well (d) cottage near Pippetts Well now
in occupation of William Watson, joiner which was amongst other things lately purchased by James Miles from Joan Cornick. James
Miles marks with cross in circle. Witnesses John Bailward, James Phillips, Richard Hiller and John Bailward junior.
5.4.1821 Lease for 14 years from 21.12.1820 of Queenshead Inn and premises adjoining Mr John Miles of Cheshunt, Herts
gentleman to Mr James Crisp of Bradford, victualler. Described as messuage or dwelling house or inn called the Queen's Head
Inn with the cellars, brewhouses, offices and stables belonging now in the occupation of James Crisp as tenant. Also the
tenement or dwelling house adjoining formerly in the occupation of Henry Viney but now of Hannah Sheppard as undertenant to
James Crisp. All the premises are on the S side and near to the bridge. And all the outbuildings, courtyards, backsides etc.
Yearly rent of £57. Building not to be used for any other purpose than an inn. John Miles to insure. James Crisp to take
out the annual licence. James Crisp signs. Witnessed by John Bush, solicitor.
26.10.1830 Lease for 14 years Colonel William Miles of Cheshunt, Herts (in Hon. East India Co.'s Service)(l) to James
Crisp (2). Inn and other premises. Rent £42.10s.0, commencing Ladyday 1835. House adjoining now in occupation of Mary
Deadman. Witnessed by Bush as before.
28.7.1914 (G13/990/45 at WRO) Sale of Spencers Brewery,
Whiteheads Lane~ Bradford.