Webb Family- references to this family
Henry Shrapnell, the Elder`s Will for 1681
I give unto my daughter Mary Deverell the wife of Anthony Deverell one shilling. I give unto the four children of my daughter Rebecca Alderwicke the sums of five shillings a year of good money. I give unto my daughter Edith Hodges, wife of John Hodges one shilling. I give unto my daughter Alice Marvin, wife of Robert Marvin one shilling
give unto my grandchild Hanna Shrapnell, daughter of John Shrapnell, one bed,
I give unto my daughter Ann Webb, wife of Francis Webb the sum of ten shillings of good money and I give unto Sarah Webb, my Grandchild
do give unto my son John Shrapnell of Trowbridge, in the County of Wiltshire, Cooper,.......
4 Mar. 2 Wm. & M. 1689. Surr: by Richard Alderwick Senr. who held by Copy dat. 8 act. 1 Jas II. for his own life & the lives of his s. & dau. Richard. & Ann A, a Customary Tent. etc.(with the use of a well in common with William Bayly). Grant of same to William Kendall for his life & the lives of James Hodges, & Martha dau. of the said J. H. of Ashley in p. of Bradford, worsted-comber.Rent p.a. 2'. 11 d Heriot 18. Fine, xij'i. (Sigs) Francis Powlett.Rob' Beach, Steward. [Endorsed] 31 Oct 1711. supervised by Rob'Beach, Stewd. 7° Aug. 1722 Surrendered by the within named. (Sig.) Randolph Webb, Steward
Church Rates for 1726