The Yerbury Family
This is the only family, with a pedigree recorded in the Herald's Visitation of 1623, whose direct male descendants still continue resident in Bradford-on-Avon. The sudden decease of its gallant and worthy representative almost whilst these sheets are passing through the press, gives an additional interest to the account we are about to lay before our readers, a portion of the materials having been kindly furnished by himself to the writer of this sketch.
The earliest member of the Yerbury family mentioned in the Visitations is ' LAUEENCE YERBBIE,' described as of Batcombe, Somerset, who was settled there, about the middle of the fifteenth century. Connexions by marriage with some of the leading families of Wiltshire brought them soon afterwards into this county, where they applied their energies to the wool-trade, from which at that time the greater part of the wealth of the country was derived. Either as ' Wool Staplers' or ' Clothiers/ (dealers, that is, in wool, either in the raw or the manufactured state,) they traded and prospered in our neighbourhood from the commencement of the sixteenth century.
The first member of the family known to have settled in our vicinity was ' THOMAS YERBERIE ' described as of Trowbridge, who married Alice, daughter of Thomas Horton, of Westwood. The last is a name frequently mentioned in our pages, and one which our readers will almost have learnt to regard as a synonymous for worldly wealth. Connections also, as the pedigree shows, were formed about the same time with the ' Longs ' of Trowbridge, and of Whaddon, a family that every year was increasing in property and station. With such advantages, it is not wonderful that ' Thomas Yerberie' of Trowbridge prospered, and was able, at his decease, to bequeath a goodly portion to each of his children.
He left behind him three sons,-JOHN, according to the best authorities, the eldest, and the first that settled at Bradford-on-Avon ;-WILLIAM, who remained at Trowbridge :-and THOMAS, described as of Frome, and several of whose descendants are buried in Laverton Church, near Frome, where there are monumental tablets to their memory.
The two first-named-John and William, belong more immediately to this memoir. The family spread itself in course of years into other parts of Wilts,-to Conock,1 to Lavington, to Coulston, &c., but our present enquiry extends only to those who came here or into our immediate neighbourhood. And as we are able to bring down a direct descent in the Bradford-on-Avon line to the present time, it will be more convenient to dispose first, of the second or Trowbridge branch.
WILLIAM YERBURY of Trowbridge married his first cousin Anne, daughter of Henry Long of Whaddon. They became the ancestors of several men of mark. The characteristic of this family seems to have been, a steady and unswerving fidelity to their King. Amidst all the troubles of his troubled reign they were true to the fortunes of Charles I. They were

1 There is some difficulty in reconciling the various authorities in their statements concerning the pedigree of Rogers. Aubrey gives, under 1 Headington,' a pedigree, in which is included a memorandum, said to be from the Herald's college, from which it would appear that ' George Rogers, of Luppit' was a brother instead of a son of Thomas, the Serjeant-at-Law. I have tried to reconcile the various statements, but have been unable. The pedigree I have compiled is that which certainly has the greater weight of authorities in its favour, and I have added the sources of information, in doubtful cases, on which I have relied. Canon Jackson tells me, that the pedigree in Aubrey's MS., is on a separate leaf and not in Aubrey's own hand-writing. He says, moreover,-" Three of the Rogers family were successively Rectors of Headington (Wilts Inst. 1605, -1670-and 1724) and it is most likely that Aubrey received the pedigree from ' Henry Rogers,' Rector from 1670-1721, who also held the livings of Leigh Delamere, and Yatesbury."

1 The estate of ' Gifford Yerbury' at Conock came to the ' Warriner' family. At a sale of the effects of the last owner no very long time ago Mr. Ellen, of Devizes, bought an oak chair having the cypher G. Y. and a Merchant's mark carved on the back, with the date 1621.
staunch, uncompromising Royalists; no peril deterred them from avowing, no hope of gain induced them to renounce the principles.
Amongst those who ' lent money to the King's Majesty (James I.) in the year 1611, is the name of EDWARD YERBURY (the son of William and Anne,) though the Commission appointed to ' note the names of such persons as were thought fit to lend such money' had not included his in their lists The same Edward acted afterwards as Commissioner for King Charles I. For this, when the Parliament triumphed, he had to compound for his estates and to pay a fine of £160. (See p. 53).a From an inscription on a monument in Trowbridge Church,3 erected to his memory by Edward Yerbury, his grandson, we learn that he was obliged afterwards to flee from Trowbridge. The reason of his compulsory retirement may be understood from the following extract;-"4 May 1647. "An order arises from Goldsmiths' Hall directing the renewed sequestration of Edward Yerbury, Esq., by the Wilts Committee, unless within ten days he produced a certificate from London explanatory of his conduct: his offence being, that, after the settlement of his fine, he neglected to sue out his pardon under the Great Seal." He retired to Plymouth as a hiding-place, and there, as an exile, he died, and found his last earthly home, a few months only before his royal master suffered at Whitehall.
Eleven children, five daughters and six sons, were born to him, most of whom survived him. From one of the former, Eleanor, married to Dr. Alworth, Chancellor to the Bishop of Oxford, descends, materially, the family, of Merewether, well known and highly esteemed in Wiltshire. Several of the former, loyal sons of a loyal father, shewed like him their devotion to their King. More than one of them rose to positions of influence and dignity. EDWARD YERBURY, the eldest son, was Secretary to Lord Seymour, brother of the Marquis of Hertford, and acted in this capacity, it is believed, during the sittings at the treaty at Uxbridge. A few years afterwards, together with his brother William, and others, whose names, - Wallis, - Lovell, - Long, - Sydenham, - indicate a family connection, he joined in the attempt commonly known as the ' Penruddock rising ' the object of which waa the overthrow of Cromwell's government. Its result, as is well known, was most disastrous to many concerned in it, though the Yerbury`s, somehow or other, contrived to escape. The ring-leaders were taken prisoners ; Penruddock and Grove were beheaded at Exeter; several others suffered at Salisbury; some were sold for slaves in Barbados.
We find another of the sons of Edward Yerbury the elder, JOHN, by name, in the list of Royalists, on whom, in 1643, the Commissioners appointed by the Parliament, levied fines for the privilege of holding their estates, It was his son EDWARD, a Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, (successor in that position to an uncle of whom we must speak more fully,) that erected the monument in Trowbridge Church to which we have alluded. No doubt to his pen we owe the correct and elegant Latin Inscription, which records the decease of his grandfather, - his father, - and his uncle Edward Yerbury.
The most distinguished, however, of the sons of Edward Yerbury the elder, (at least for his attainments,} was HENRY, who was for many years a Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.1 Like his father and brothers, he too, was a staunch Royalist, and, in due time, reaped the consequences of his principles. When the Parliamentary Commissioners visited Oxford, he was ejected by them from his Fellowship. After his expulsion he traveled to the South of Europe, and settling at Padua took the degree of Doctor of Physic at the University there established. Whilst there he seems to have acted as tutor to Thomas and Henry Howard, successively Dukes of Norfolk,1 the former of whom died unmarried at Padua in 1677. On the Restoration in 1660, Dr. Henry Yerburv recovered his Fellowship, and followed up at Oxford those tastes for natural science which he had cultivated in Italy He became a pupil of the noted Peter Sthael, a chemist and Rosicrusian of Strasburg, who had settled in Oxford in the year 1659, brought thither by the Hon. Robert Boyle. Amongst those, besides Dr. Henry Yerbury, who attended the classes of this foreign, and, at the tune, highly-esteemed lecturer, were several whose names are very familiar to us . They were,-Sir Christopher Wren,-Nathaniel Crew, afterwards Bishop of Durham,-Dr. Ralph Bathurst, afterwards President of Trinity and Dean of Wells'-and Sir Thomas Millington, of All-Souls' College.3
Shortly after this time, Dr. Henry Yerbury became involved in disputes with the President of his College, in consequence of which he seems once more to have been removed from his Fellowship. Dr. Pierce, (a son of John Pierce,8 a wealthy alderman and draper of Devizes,) who, with Henry Yerbury, had been ejected from a Fellowship at Magdalen College by the Parliamentary Commissioners, was, on the Restoration, raised to the high and coveted post of President. His domineering spirit caused much dissatisfaction in the College, and this at last led to an open rupture between himself and the other members of the Society. The President resolved at length on the extreme step of declaring Dr. Henry Yerbury expelled from his Fellowship. The circumstances were gingularly unlike those under which he waa before ejected; for now a determined Koyalist was expelled by one who was the stout and uncompromising a Royalist as himself. A paper which speedily followed this act of the President. One pamphlet, especially caustic in its tone, entitled, "Dr. Pierce, his preaching confuted by his practice," led to the expulsion of its author, 'John Dobson,' from the University. Peace was not restored till the resignation, in 1672, of the litigious President. Three years after his retirement from Magdalen, Dr. Pierce was appointed Dean of Sarum, where his contentions temper again displayed itself in a smart controversy with the Bishop, Dr. Beth Ward, on the right of bestowing the Prebends of the Cathedral; a controversy, which, though it was determined in the Bishop's favour, is said nevertheless to have embittered the closing days of his life. Dr. Henry Yerbury, we presume, regained his Fellowship on the retirement of Dr. Pierce, for he died at Oxford in the year 1686, and was buried in the chapel of Magdalen College. He must have been highly esteemed in the University, for in the year 1679 he was one of the candidates proposed for its representation in Parliament. He voluntarily retired, before the contest, began, in favor of Heneage Finch, then Solicitor General, afterwards created Earl of Aylesford, who was especially recommended by the then Chancellor of the University.
Before we leave the Trowbridge branch of the Yerbury family, we must make a passing mention of their generous benefactions to the poor of that, as well as of several of the neighbouring parishes. The new Alms-house at Trowbridge was erected by the three brothers, William, John and Richard Yerbury. It was subsequently endowed by bequests under the wills of two of them. Dr. Henry Yerbury, and his nephew Edward, of both of whom mention has been already , augmented its income with their respective donations. Yerbury, of Hempstead, who was, we presume a, son
of Richard Yerbury, towards the middle of the last century conveyed to Trustees a certain portion of land for its endowment. At the time of the visit of the Charity Commissioners! to Trowbridge, about twenty-five years ago, they reported the income of this Charity as amounting to £129 18s. per annum - (representing a principal sum of at least £4000,) - the whole of it the produce of successive offerings from members of the Yerbury family.
William Yerbury, one of the builders of the new Alms-house at Trowbridge, also made provision for the poor of Bradford-on-Avon, of Road, and of Beckington. In a previous page we have spoken of the first of these gifts ; it is now unhappily a thing of the past, many years having gone by since it was diverted from its original purpose, or distributed in bread, in accordance with the founder's will, amongst the poor of Bradford -on -Avon .
The branch of the Yerbury family that settled in our town, if not so famous, were perhaps as useful in their generation as their kinsmen of Trowbridge. ' JOHN YERBURY,' the first who seems to have lived in Bradford -on -Avon, had four sons, all of whom were engaged in commercial or agricultural pursuits. 'THOMAS,' one of these sons, is the first that is described as a 'Clothier.' The family which still remains to us and resides at Belcombe, an estate that now for some generations has belonged to them, descends from ' WALTER,' another of the sons of 'John Yerhury.' Each of the brothers married and left several children. Few names are more frequently met with in early Parochial Registers or Rate-Books. Prom the beginning of the seventeenth century they began to spread themselves in our immediate neighbourhood, and are known not only as occupiers, but as owners of land.
As might naturally be supposed, with respect to such members of the family as devoted themselves to the quiet pursuits of agricultural, or some kindred, occupation, we know but little. Generation by generation they seem to have increased their store of worldly means and extended their possessions. Family tradition speaks of one as the ' golden Farmer,' in consequence of his reputed wealth. The great grandson of Walter, by name JOHN YEBBURY seems to have by his means and position by a marriage, in 1703, with Frances, daughter of Joseph Davisson of Freshford, whose mother was Joanna Bluet, of Holcombe Court, in Devon. Of the same family was Colonel Francis Bluet, the Royalist commander, killed at the siege of Lyme in 1644, whilst serving under Prince Maurice.
It was, however, the son of the last named John Yerbury, who bore the name,-so frequent in this branch of their family, - of FRANCIS, that struck out a new path for himself, and reaped fully the reward of his ingenuity. He was educated at first for the bar. Having a taste for all kinds of mechanical contrivances, he was accustomed, whilst a resident in London, to visit the silk manufactories of Spital Fields. The 'mystery' of cloth-making was not unknown to him, from his connection with Brad ford-on-Avon. He conceived the idea, that, by introducing into its manufacture some of the plans and contrivances adopted in the weaving of silk, cloth might be materially improved in quality. What was made here, before his time, was thick and coarse in its texture, and had, technically speaking, little or no 'face' on it. He matured his plans, and, when ready to carry them into effect, obtained far his invention, or, at least, improvement, the protection of a Patent.1 The document is still in the possession of the family. His enterprise and talent met with an ample reward in a huge accession to his fortune. The improvements introduced by Francis Yerbury, were, in due time, adopted by other manufacturers, and led ultimately to results, so far as the cloth-trade was concerned, at the first but little expected.Of his son, JOHN WILLIAM YERBURY, who, on the death of the father in 1778, became the representative of the family here, we have a circumstance recorded that shows he had inherited no little portion of the brave spirit of his kinsmen In a Journal published at the time, (1787), we have the following account. " Some 1500 or more weavers from Bradford and Trowbridge having compelled their masters to acquiesce in certain new regulations [not stated] were so flushed with success that they marched in triumph from Trowbridge to Bradford, but were repelled at the entrance of the latter place by the principal inhabitants. At Belcomb Brook they also met with a stout resistance, for Mr. Yerbury had planted two patereros at his windows, which swept the lawn. Supported by many armed friends, he addressed the rioters in so able a manner as to induce them to retire without causing any disturbance. The military arrived the next day and the combination was at an end."
The son of the last-named John William Yerbury,-who bore the same name as his father,-will be very well remembered by many who read these pages. A few short months only have passed since he was busy amongst as, discharging diligently his duties as a magistrate and enjoying the well-earned respect of all his fellow townsmen. He too, like his grandfather, Francis Yerbury, was, in early life, destined for the Bar. He entered Trinity College, Cambridge, and in due time took big degree, in preparation for what was then his destined profession. His inclination, however, lay towards a military life; and, after a time, he obtained a commission in the 66th Regiment of Foot. Very shortly afterwards he joined the 3rd Light Dragoons, and in that regiment he remained until his retirement from the army, with the rank of Lieu tenant-Colon el, a little more than four years ago.
His period of active service extended over no less than thirty years. Some friend, evidently well acquainted with his military career, thus summed up his services in a well known periodical published shortly after his decease.--"Colonel Yerbury had seen much active service in India: he was
throughout the campaign of 1642 in Afghanistan; was present at the forcing of the Khyber Pass, at the storming of the heights, Jugduluck, the actions of Tezeen, and Hafkoatul, (where his horse was wounded) the occupation of Cabul, and tbe capture of Istalif. He commanded his regiment in the Punjaub campaign of 1848 and 1849; was present at Rumnagger, at the action of Sadoclapore, and the battles of Chillianwallah and Goojerat. He received a medal for Afghanistan, and a medal and two clasps for the latter campaign. At Chillianwallah the fate of the battle hung upon the charge of the 3rd Light Dragoons, and the honor of his country and the safety of the army were ably sustained by as brave and gallant a soldier as ever drew the sword. General Gough watched them with intense anxiety, and at last seeing them emerge on the other side of the enemy,-having ridden right through that wing of the Sikh army,-be declared that the day was his own."1
After he quitted the army Colonel Yerbury settled at Belcomb Brook, and looked forward to the probable enjoyment of some years of quiet retirement. And few, judging from outward appearances, had a greater right to indulge such hopes. But it was not so to be;-' I'homme propose, Dieu dispose' When in the midst of extensive alterations in his house, with but one room in which, whilst watching day by day the progress of the work, he had been living; he was seized with that illness which within a week proved fatal to him. It was almost a soldier's death: he breathed his last rather in a tent, than in a fixed abode; he fell in the full vigor of his strength, before man discerned a single trace of the decrepitude of advancing years.
He left behind him several children. May those who inherit his name, exhibit also his acknowledged Excellencies. They will find that, for their father's sake, as well as for their own, they will readily secure no scanty measure of respect and attachment from their fellow-townsmen and neighbours in Bradford-on-Avon. -extract from Rev. Jones History of Bradford on Avon

John YERBURYE or YERBURIE, Gentleman of Atworth in the Parish of Bradford, Wilts

PROB11 ref: /125

Legacies: • to our lady church of S[eend?] 6s 8d

• to the poor people of Atworth 40s

• to the poor of the parish of Bradford 40s

• my son John YERBURYE his Executors etc. to have the Capital messuage Seyte and Farme of Atworth with the appurtenances and all other the lands tenements and hereditaments to me demised and granted by Sir Francis of WALSINGHAM knight deceased late principal Secretary to the late Queen Elizabeth by lease dated 10 Jul 26 Elizabeth and the rents of the same premises until the expiration of the sd lease; nevertheless that my wife Joane YERBURIE shall have the third part of the sd capital messuage Seyte and Farme and of all other the said lands, tenements etc. and the third part of the bonds, issues and profits of same, the same third part to be had by Joane my wife and her assigns until the end of the said lease if Joane so long happen to lives

• to Walter YERBURYE my son the term of years which I have in the manor place and farm in Freshford, Soms, and the lands etc. lately to me demised and granted by John HALL of Bradford, Wilts, Esq. by lease dated 5 Oct 44 Elizabeth

• the 1000 marks of English money for which there is a bond already given to be paid by my executors to Joane YERBURYE my now wife according to the true meaning of the said bond i.e. five months after my decease

• to Joane my wife one half of all my household stuff; the other half to my Executors, except my plate which I devise as follows: to Joane my wife one silver Goblet double gilt, one other silver goblet parcel [?] gilt, also my second best salt double gilt, one silver Tankard double gilt and one dozen spoons with heads like maiden heads, and also except my best A_ as coverlet and my silk valances and curtains which my wife shall have the use of as long as she dwells in my house at Atworth, and after her decease and during such time as she shall inhabit in any other place, I give them to my said son John; all the rest of my plate to my executors

• to Margaret YERBURYE d/o my said son Walter YERBURYE £40 to be paid to her when she is 21 or marries; and to his son John YERBURYE £5 when he is 21 or marries; and to his son William YERBURYE £5 when he is 21 or marries; and to his daughter Elizabeth YERBURYE £5 when she is 21 or marries

• to William WEBBE s/o William WEBBE of Bromham 20s when he is 21 or marries; to Samuel WEBBE, another s/o William WEBBE, 20s when he is 21 or marries

• to John WEBBE, another s/o William WEBBE, 20s when he is 21 or marries

• to Mary WEBBE, s/o William WEBBE, 40s when she is 21 or marries

• to Samuel WHITE, one of the s/o Samuel WHITE my son in law, 20s when he is 21 or marries; and to Danyell WHITE and Jonathan WHITE, also s/o Samuel WHITE, when they are 21 or marry

• to Anna BARTLETT d/o John BARTLETT my son in law, 20s when she is 21 or marries

• to Mary HOPTON my wife’s kinswoman and my servant £5

• residue to my sons William YERBURY and John YERBURY

• 40s apiece to my Overseers

Executors: my sons William YERBURY and John YERBURY

Overseers: John BROWNINGE gent, my brother in law, my cousin Mr SMYTHE Esq., his son in law, William WEBBE of Bromham and Samuel WHYTE of Polshott, Clothiers, my sons in law

Signed: 24th Oct 1614

Witnesses: Henry BAYLYFFE, Sam WHITE, Anthony NEATE, George ASHLEY

Proved: 7 Feb 1615 at PCC London by... John YERBURY...

Marriage Settlement between Frances Davison & John Yerbury in 1703
Articles of Agreement Tripartite indented had made concluded and agreed upon this seven and twentieth day of November in the year of our Lord God one Thousand Seven hundred and three and in the Second year of the Reign of our Sovereign lady Ann by the year of God of England Scotland and Ireland Queen defender of the faith Between Francis Yerbury the Elder of the parish of Bradford in the County of Wilts Baker and John Yerbury of Bradford aforesaid Baker One of the Sons of the said Francis Yerbury of the first part Joseph Davison of Freshford in the County of Somerset Gentleman and Joanna his wife who was sister of John Bluett late of Holcombe in the County of Devon Esquire deceased abd Frances the daughter of the said Joseph and Joanna of the Second part Thomas Long of Rowden in the said County of Wilts and Zachariah Shrapnell of the said parish of Bradford Clothier of the third part. Imprimis. It is Covenanted Concluded and agreed upon by and between all the said parties to these presents that a marriage shall shortly hereafter be had and solemnised between the said John Yerbury and the said Frances Davison. And theras the said John Bluett did by the last Will and Testament or otherwise give unto the said Frances Davision the sum of four hundred pounds to be paid her at her day of marriage or age one and twenty years which should this happen and it being agreed upon by and between all the said parties to these presents that as well the said four hundred pounds do also the further sum of four hundred pounds which the said Francis Yerbury is to raise and pay in consideration of the said Marriage and portion shall be paid her or deposited unto the hands of the said Thomas long and Zachariah Shrapnell and the survivor of them his Execiutor and Administrators and for the said ...his wife covenant promise and grant and the said Joann his wife and the said Frances Davison do hereby consent and agree to and with the said Francis Yerbury and John Yerbury their Executors and Administrators by their presents in manner and form following( that is to say) that they said Joseph Davison and Joanna his wife their Executors or Administrators shall withgin six months next after the said intended marriage shall take effect pay or cause to be paid unto the hands of the said Thomas Longand Zachariah Shrapnell or the survivor of them his executor and Administrators the said sum of four hundred pounds of lawful money of England and Augmentation of the portion of the said Frances Davison shall within the time aforesaid pay the further sum of one hundred pounds of like money to the said JohnYerbury his executors Administrators or Assignees and also shall pay ot take to be paid unto the said JohnYerbury his executors Admistrators and Assignees a fifth share and proportion as well the sum of five hundred pounds agreed to be paid amongst the children of the said Joseph and Joanna by the marriage settlement or by some Articles of Marriage made before or after the Marriage of the said Joseph and Joanna……..
I'm sure the Trowbridge ones will be of some interest - the earliest omnes may well include information regarding the YERBURYs home(s) prior to Belcombe. At about 1600 some members of the family were at Alworth (John Y. d. 1614 e.g), some miles to the north-east, although there were always some in Bradford. The Grove Meeting House was founded by Francis YERBURY the Baker I think - many of his descendents were Presbyterians, including the Blackwell Hall Factors (below) and the WEREATs, and we know that many of the TOWGOODs were non-con ministers.

As to the PRO boxes, I have recently received some extracts from C112/79 which relate to the following:

o 1672 exchange of land between Fras Y, Baker of Bradford, and John METHWIN Esq.; mentions son Fras, dau Jane
o 1690 lease, John HALL of Bradford Esq. to Fras Y Snr, Baker of Bradford on lives of his chn Fras Jnr, John and Nathaniel
o 1720 covenant to levy a fine (1) Fras Y Malster and Thos Y Clothier son and heir apparent of Fras, both of Bradford (2) John Y Malster of Bf and James FELLOWS Gent of Bf
o 1730 assignment of mortgage (1) Fras Y Snr, Malster of Bf, (2) Richard Y Blackwell Hall Factor s/o Fras (3) Walter LONG of South Wraxall, psh of Bradford Esq. (4) Fras Y Jnr, nephew of (1), Clothier of Bradford
o 1732 articles of copartnership, Richard Y and William Y, Blackwell Hall Factors
o 1735 marriage articles (1) John WEREAT Snr, Mercer of Bf and Ann his wife (2) William Y BHF of London (3) Ann WEREAT spinster d/o John (4) Richard Y BHF of London: (1) covenants to pay £700 on top of £100 due to (3) from her
uncle John ROGERS als BALL decd
o 1742 marriage settlement, Ebenezer HEAD, Richard Y and Frances Y, d/o late Fras of Bradford
o 1742 lease, Mercers' Co. to Richard Y
o 1743 marriage articles (1) [Halsey} Henrietta TOONE wdw of Wm TOONE late Citizen & Weaver of London and Wdw of George KNIGHT formerly of Barbados and afterwards of Tottenham [!] Merchant (2) Richard Y BHF of London (3) Richard SNOW, Saddler of Coleman St, William LOVELL, Merchant of St James Clerkenwell
o 1747 marriage settlement (1) Thomas WATSON Snr, BHF of London, and Jemima his wife (2) Richard Y BHF of London (3) Thomas WATSON Jnr, Gent of London and only s/o TW Snr (4) Rachael Y, Sp of London, one of the d/o (2) (5) Ebenezer MUSSELL Esq. of Bethan Gn & William TATUAL , Warehousement of Ironmonger Lane, trustees for (3), Richard SNOW, Merchant of Coleman St and Ebenzer HEAD, Clothier of Bradford, Wilts, trustees for (4)

who are all part of this branch of the family, the first few clearly referring to the builder(s) of Belcombe, the others being his/their descendents. I don't know what the other 3 boxes contain though.

I am led to believe that the METHWIN family connects with mine. The John METHWIN mentioned in item 1 is closely related to the vicar of Frome (Anthony M 1574 to 1640) whose granddaughter married John YERBURY a Clothier, who is probably my 7 x ggf, according to a correspondent, even though I know nothing of John Y's origins.

I've also transcribed a number of early YERBURY Wills but can find nothing specific about dwellings in Bradford which might connect with the SHRAPNELs I'm afraid - the closest I can get os the Will of John Wereat, Clothier of Trowbridge, Wiltshire made 28 Jun 1771, proved 15 Mar 1780 who was the brother of the Ann WEREAT who married William YERBURY in 1735 and who leaves a bequest "to my brother in law Richard Shrapnell ..." I think his wife was Joanna SHRAPNEL and she and Richard were ch/o James S & Hester (née REDISH.). I don't know if this helps much but it may connect with something else in time.

Most of the following deeds (part of the Miles family's deeds) are the property (1989) of Dr Dido Davies, 10 Hertford Street, Cambridge CB4 3AG Tel 0223 356639 (also St Edmund's College, Cambridge Tel 64004). Others (so marked) are at the Wiltshire Record Office.
Descent of Wellclose House
1687 Part of settlement from Francis Yerbury senior to his son Francis on his son's marriage to Joanna Baldwyn. John Curie and Thomas Daniel trustees.
1719 Thomas Yerbury/ Mary Yerbury marriage settlement
1740s Property now linked with Manvers estate (mortgage?). Lease on the lives of Mary Yerbury, Thomas Yerbury and Joseph Yerbury - all dead by 1753.
1751 Marriage settlement Thomas Yerbury /Ann Tatlow
1786 Wellclose left by Thomas Yerbury to his mother, Ann Pitman, of Derby. (Ann had remarried a Mr Pitman of Derby)
1801 Pitman to William Jotham
1828 5-6th Nov. Solicitor's note lists a deed of sale from Wm. Jotham to John Miles.
1892, 1914 Col. S.B. Miles
1925 Lt. General Sir Herbert S.G.Miles
Some references to tenants at various times:
1687 William Alderwicke
1774 Charles Milsome Before Dec.
1801 William Jotham the younger and Humphrey Rolph gent.
1841 John Alford
1862 Mr Meares
1890 Walter Wilkins, common brewer is described as of 'Wellclose' in a mortgage connected with Wilkins Bros brewery in Newtown (Wilkins and Hill papers in Wiltshire Record Office)
1891 Mrs Foley (probably ceased then)
1893 - till at least 1899 Mr Compton 1914 -
1923 Capt. Wilkins (Mr and Mrs Mullings, at Wellclose Cottage)
1924 - 1925 Commander and Mrs Butler (Mr Mullings at Wellclose Cottage)

26.7.1687 Bargain and sale. Francis Yerbury the elder of Deeds to Wellclose House, Bradford-on-Avon Bradford, maulster (1) to (trustees) John Curle of Bradford, clothier and Thomas Daniell of Burieston alias Brislington, Somerset, yeoman. Properties are; Messuage or tenement called Well close house, close of meadow and pasture ground called Wellclose adjoining to the said messuage, 2% acres and all houses, edifices and buildings thereon erected, piece of arable land in commonfield called Hereknappfeild 2 acres (all in occupation of Francis Yerbury the elder), messuage in Pippett Street heretofore in tenure of Thomas Browne and now of several tenures of Edward Norris and Joane Millard, widow and also messuage with barn and garden in Church Street, in tenure of Francis Yerbury the elder, and messuage in Church Street heretofor in tenure of Richard Collins and now occupied by Benjamin Dicke. Witnesses; Stephen Chapman, William Hollisbry and James Daniell [This is preliminary deed for conveyance of next day]
27.7.1687 Marriage Settlement; Francis Yerbury to Joanna Baldwyn. Parties; Francis Yerbury the elder of Bradford, maulster (1) Anne Baldwyn of Bursleton alias Brislington, Somerset, widow (2) John Curie of Bradford, clothier and Thomas Daniell of Bursleton alias Brislington, yeoman (3) Marriage intended between Francis Yerbury the younger, eldest son of Francis, and Joanna, spinster, eldest daughter of Anne. 400 from Anne. Curie and Daniell are trustees. Properties are; Wellclose House Wellclose, meadow adjoining house of 2% acres Hareknap, 2 acres of arable (All in possession/occupation of Francis Yerbury the elder)
Tenement in Pippett Street formerly occupied by Thomas Browne, now by Edward Morris and Joane Millard, widow. Tenement with barn and garden in Church Street, now in occupation of Francis Yerbury the elder
Another tenement in Church Street heretofore occupied by Richard Collins, now by Benjamin Dicke.
Trustees to hold properties to uses, all that messuage called Wellclose House and all barns, stables, outhousing and buildings thereto belonging, pasture ground called Wellclose and all houses, edifices and buildings thereon, and all orchards, gardens, courts, backsides thereunto belonging. All property after marriage to the use of Francis Yerbury the younger, then Joanna, then their children. Wellclose is conveyed except;
'And as for .. all those severall roomes hereafter menconed parcell of the said messuage or tenement wherein the said Francis Yerbury the elder now dwelleth and inhabiteth (that is to say) the bakehouse and the oven thereto belongeing the Chamber over the old bakehouse and the garrrett and the little Chamber called the closett with the greate Chamber adjoineing to the same To the use of the said Francis Yerbury the elder Deeds to Wellclose House, Bradford-on-Avon his heires and assignes until the said marriage shall bee had and consummated and afterwards To the use of the said Francis Yerbury the younger and his assignes for and dureing the terme of his naturall life and from and after his decease To the use of the said Joanna...1 and to heirs.
'And as for and concerneing the other part of the said messuage or tenement with the outhouses, maulting houses and appurtenances thereunto belongeing To and for the use of the said Francis Yerbury the elder and his assignes for and during the terme of his naturall life and from and after six moneths after his decease To the use of the said Francis Yerbury the younger...1 then Joanna then heirs.
Tenement in Church Street formerly occupied by Collins, now Benjamin Dicke to the use of Francis Yerbury the elder until the marriage then to Francis Yerbury the younger until his father's death when it is to go to Jane wife of Francis Yerbury the elder, then to Francis Yerbury the younger then to Joanna, the heirs or in default of heirs to heirs of Francis Yerbury the elder.
Pippett Street property (for which there is a lease for 3 lives in being and the rent thereby reserved) for use of Francis Yerbury the elder for life and then to Francis Yerbury the younger then Joanna, then her heirs or in default of heirs to heirs of Francis Yerbury the elder. Declares right of Francis Yerbury the elder to all the properties, no other sales, mortgages, dowers (including dower of his wife Jane) to be effective except one indenture of lease made by Francis Yerbury the elder to William Alderwicke of part of the house called Wellclose house. And that Francis the elder and Jane his wife and the heirs of Francis will whenever requested within the space of ten years and at the cost of the trustees provide all assurances etc for conveying of properties and Francis and his wife shall not be compelled to travel more than 10 miles from the place of their abode at the time of such request to be made. Yerbury the elder also covenants with trustees at his own proper costs and charges within the space of six months next ensuing to 'well and sufficiently reedifie and new build the messuage or dwelling house hereinbefore menconed to be in the tenure ... of ...Benjamin Dicke
Signed Francis Yerbury the elder in presence of Steph. Chapman
Anne Baldwyn Wm Hollisbry James Daniells John Curie " Daniel Culverwood, John Lucas, Wm Miller Thomas Daniell " Katherine Yerbury, Sarah Baldwin, Sarah Persons (mark) (Wiltshire Meeting House Certificates WRS) 6 April 1692. Bradford-on-Avon. The dwellinghouse of Frances Yerbury. (Presbyterian) Benjamin Flower (WRO Al/110 E1692)
17.8.1719 Lease for a year Francis and Thomas Yerbury to John Yerbury and Thomas Dicke. [First part of conveyance of next day]
18.8.1719 Marriage settlement, Thomas Yerbury to Mary Yerbury Parties Francis Yerbury of Bradford maulster and Thomas Yerbury of Bradford clothier (eldest son and heir apparent) (1) Elizabeth Yerbury of Bradford widow (2) Thomas Dicke of Limpley Stoke gent and John Yerbury of Bradford maulster (3) Mary Yerbury of Bradford spinster daughter of Elizabeth Yerbury (4)
500 paid by Eliz. Yerbury to Thomas Yerbury, this is Mary's share of her late father John Yerbury's estate. Also 50 given to Mary by Thomas Lewis her late grandfather by his will. Thomas Dicke and John Yerbury, trustees
Messuage Wellclose house Meadow Wellclose adjoining 2% acres, all houses, outhouses, edifices and buildings thereon 2 acres arable land in Hareknap All in occupation of Francis Yerbury.
Elizabeth will pay 500 marriage portion within 1 month of marriage and in her lifetime or within 3 months after her decease will give Thomas real or personal estate to value of 100.Francis Yerbury covenants within one month after the marriage to pay Thomas Yerbury 200, and at the same time as Elizabeth Yerbury will give to Thomas the said real or personal estate to value of 100, Francis will give in real or personal estate the value of the further sum of 200 without delay for use of Thomas and his heirs. Mary quitclaims to Elizabeth Yerbury the 50 in her grandfather's will and all estates of her father All parties sign. Witnesses; Margreat Yerbury, Edward Davis, Stephen Jones.
1.5.1746 and 2.5.1746 Conveyance .(lease and release). Mr Thomas Yerbury of Bradford, clothier only son and heir of Thomas Yerbury late of Bradford, clothier, deceased by Mary Yerbury one of the daughters of Elizabeth Yerbury late of Bradford widow also deceased (1) to Mr Joseph Dobbins of Castle yard in the parish of St Andrews, Holborn London gentleman (2). Messuage Well Close house, close of meadow or pasture ground adjoining called Well Close, 2% acres and all houses, outhouses, edifices and buildings thereon erected and arable land in Hareknapp Field, 2 acres. All now in possession of Thomas Yerbury. Conveyed to uses.
Second part; Thomas Yerbury (1) to Joseph Dobbins (2) John Edwards of the City of London gentleman (3). For barring an entail. Bargain and sale of property listed above, conveyed to uses. Dobbins to become a good and perfect tenant of the immediate freehold of the premises against whom one or more Common Recovery or Recoveries with double voucher may be had and for the uses declared. Recovery to be before the end of this present Easter terra. John Edwards to be plaintiff and Dobbins defendant. All three sign. Witnessed by Walter Strickland, Geo. Berwick and Christopher Dobbins.
Easter term 19 George II (1746). Common Recovery. John Edwards demandant, Joseph Dobbins defendant, Yerbury vouchee. One messuage, 7 acres of land, 7 acres of meadow, seve[n] acres of pasture in Bradford.
7.11.1751 Marriage settlement. Thomas Yerbury of Bradford cloathyer (only son and heir of Thpmas Yerbury late of Bradford cloathyer by Mary Yerbury one of the daughters of Elizabeth Yerbury late of Bradford, widow) (1) and Joseph Tatlow of the City of london gentleman and Ann Tatlow spinster (only daughter of the said Joseph) (2), William Tatlow of Derby malster and John Church of Stanhope Street parish of St Clement Danes Middlesex gentleman (3). Tatlow agrees to pay Thomas Yerbury 2,000 on the day of the marriage, for his own use. Conveys to William Tatlow and Church as trustees Well Close House and Well Close 2% acres and all houses outhouses etc thereon, 2 acres arable land in Hare Knapfield all in tenure of Thomas Yerbury for use of Thomas Yerbury until the marriage and after to the use of Thomas Yerbury during his life. He to have rents, issues and profits for his own benefit and that of the trustees. (To provide for Ann Tatlow and eventually their eldest son, or other male heirs, daughters etc). Property can be sold if all agree and property of equal value purchased with same legal restrictions. All sign except Joseph Tatlow who makes mark. Witnesses Joseph Dobbins, attorney and Richard Yerbury. Wm Tatlow1s witnesses Samuel Brown and John Tatlow Junior.
13 and 14.4.1774 Lease and release for possession, to suffer a common recovery. Mrs Ann Pitman of Derby (formerly Ann Tatlow spinster and afterwards wife of Thomas Yerbury, deceased, clothier of Bradford) and Thomas Yerbury of Derby, gent, her son (1) to Mr Benjamin Sparke of the Inner Temple, London gent. (2), Benjamin Taylor of Derby gent. (3). Ann and her son convey the property to uses, to bar an entail. Two messuages known as the Well Close Houses, meadow and pasture ground called Well Close 2% acres, all houses, outhouses edifices and buildings thereon, arable land in Hare Knap Field 2 acres. All of which premises now in the occupation of Charles Milsome or his undertenants. Together with all manner of houses, outhouses, cellars, sollars, warehouses, workshops, edifices, buildings, barns, stables, gardens, orchards, backsides, lands etc., commons, common of pasture, etc watercourses etc. Taylor to demand against Sparke in Court of Common Pleas 2 messuages, four warehouses, four gardens, 4 acres of land, 4 acres of meadow, 4 acres of pasture and common of pasture for all manner of cattle in the parish of Bradford. Ann Pitman and Thomas Yerbury still to have use of property. Ann and Thomas sign.
Easter term 14 George III (1774) Common recovery. Benjamin Taylor gent demandant, Benjamin Sparke gent tenant and Yerbury gent, vouchee. Two messuages, four warehouses etc as set out in deed above. 2.7.1774 Office copy of will of Thomas Yerbury of Derby gent. Gives his dear mother Ann Pitman all his reversionary estate etc to the two messuages, with the warehouses, workshops, buildings, lands and premises thereunto belonging in Bradford now in occupation of Charles Milsom, his undertenant or undertenants. Gives his real estate to his mother and his personal estate to his uncle Joseph Tatlow of Derby, mercer and draper. Joseph to be executor.
9 and 10.12.1801 Lease and release in fee (sale). Mrs Ann Pitman to Mr William Jotham the younger of Bradford, clothier. Ann was devisee in fee named in the will of Thomas Yerbury late of Derby her son. Refers to deeds of lease, release and marriage settlement 6 and 7th Nov 1751 between Thomas Yerbury of Bradford (1), Joseph Tatlow of the City of London, gentleman and Ann Pitman (then Tatlow) the only daughter of Joseph Tatlow (2) and William Tatlow of Derby maltster and John Church of Stanhope Street in the parish of St Clement Danes, Middlesex gentleman (3). Also refers to lease and release and common recovery 1774 Ann Pitman and Thomas Yerbury (1) Ben. Sparke (2) Ben. Taylor (3). Thomas's will was 2.7.1774. Sale to Jothara for 1,360. Two messuages known as Well Close Houses, Well Close and buildings thereon and arable land in Hare Knap. All formerly in occupation of Charles Milsome and now of William Jotham and Humphry Rolph gentleman.

The Family Tree for the Yerbury Family from Jones History of Bradford on Avon, 1907
Descendents of Laurence YERBURY
First Generation
1. Laurence YERBURY was born about 1451. He died 1516 and was buried in Batcombe.
BIOGRAPHY: The descendents of this man are taken from the Rev. Jones book "Bradford on Avon: Old Families & Worthies" published in 1907 and augmented with data from the IGI, published Wills, GB censuses (various), Parish Registers and other (validated) sources.

Batcombe is a village near Shepton Mallet and not far from Maiden Bradley which has an Iron Age fort of some repute - one suggestion for the derivation of "Yerbury" is "dweller by the fort" but the translation of Saxon-based names is a popular pastime; in any case, surnames only became commonplace during the Middle Ages when the language had moved on a good deal. It is also not far from Bruton, home to a number of ERBURYs (and variants) who seem to have died out there about 1638.

The families descending from Laurence are regarded as splitting into three main branches: Bradford on Avon with cloth manufacturing and wholesaling, Trowbridge noted for academics and politicians, and Frome of which little is known from Jones though the supposition is that the Laverton family (which includes the Bethells) descends from that branch and, just possibly, our own.

Whatever the truth may turn out to be, it seems highly likely that the London-based "Tree 1" (the descendents of Thomas of St Dunstans, Stepney) is connected with the Bradford branch.

DEATH: In his will of 1516 Laurence names his sons Thomas and John and a daughter Joan as legatees and his remains to be buried at "ecclesia Bte Marie de Batcm". The IGI now shows Thomas (b. about 1477), John (c.1479) and Johanna (b. about 1496, d. 1583 - and later married to Thomas Long) as children.

He had the following children:
+ 2 M i. Thomas YERBURY was born about 1477 and died 1554/1557.
+ 3 M ii. John YERBURY was born about 1479 and died after 1516.
+ 4 F iii. Johanna YERBURY was born about 1496 and died after 1516.

Second Generation
2. Thomas YERBURY (Laurence) was born about 1477. He died 1554/1557 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
DEATH: In his will, made in 1554, proved in 1557, Thomas named seven sons by two mothers, sharing three forenames, and 3 daughters.

Thomas married (1) His 1st Wife.
They had the following children:
5 M i. John YERBURY Of Batcombe.
6 M ii. William YERBURY.
7 F iii. Edith YERBURY.
Edith married Thomas WILLETT.
8 F iv. Christian YERBURY.
Christian married VALLYS.
Thomas also married (2) Alice HORTON, daughter of Thomas HORTON and Margery BARKESDALE. Alice was born about 1514 in Iford, Wilts.
DEATH: Will made Dec 1573, proved July 1574; to be buried in Trowbridge Church near her husband. Leaves bequests to her daughter Mary Burges, nephew William Bird, 3 sons: John Yerbury of Bradford, John of Warminster, and Thomas of Frome, Alice and Mary daughters of her son William, cousin Thomas Jordan of Sarum, and "Mary Burges Agnes Snow Margaret Taylor, my daughters, Jane Y Elizabeth Y Margaret Y Elizabeth Y & Agnes Y my daughter in laws". Sadly, she doesn't match them with her sons.

They had the following children:
+ 9 M v. John YERBURY died 4 Nov 1614.
10 F vi. Mary YERBURY died 1586?.
BIOGRAPHY: Will proved 1586? Her father's Will (1557) names his 3rd daughter as Margery which is also his 2nd mother-in-law's name.

Mary married BURGESS.
11 M vii. Thomas YERBURY Of Frome.
BIOGRAPHY: It is supposed - by the Rev William H Jones in his book 'Bradford on Avon: old families & worthies' for one - that it is from Thomas that the Laverton family of Yerbury and Bethell descend. However, the Laverton branch - specifically starting with John Yerbury, husband of Mary Brent - is more likely to have descended from Richard, son of this man's brother, the John Yerbury who died in 1614.

+ 12 M viii. William YERBURY died about 1609.
13 M ix. John YERBURY Youngest.
+ 14 M x. Thomas YERBURY died 1572/1573.
3. John YERBURY (Laurence) was born about 1479. He died after 1516.
He had the following children:
+ 15 M i. YERBURY was born about 1520.
4. Johanna YERBURY (Laurence) was born about 1496. She died after 1516.
Johanna married Thomas LONG, son of Henry LONG and Johane. Thomas was born about 1492 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. He died 1554/1562.
BIOGRAPHY: The Will of Thomas Long of Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire was proved 9 November 1509; Thomas is also known as being "of Trowbridge" and was probably this Thomas' grandfather - in the will he refers to his children John, Thomas, Edith and Henry.

The Will of Thomas Longe, Clothmaker of Trowbridge, Wiltshire was proved 6 March 1563 and that of Johan Longe, Widow of Trowbridge, Wiltshire on 20 January 1584.

They had the following children:
16 M i. Henry LONG was born about 1520 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. He died 1520.

Third Generation
9. John YERBURY (Thomas, Laurence) died 4 Nov 1614 in Atworth.
DEATH: The Will of John Yerburye or Yerburie, gent. of Bradford, Wilts. was made 24 Oct 1614 and proved at London 7 Feb 1615. The authorities for his children's and grandchildren's details derive from (a) Rev Jones, (b) John's own Will, and (c) an Indenture of 1621 made by John's son, William. In his Will John names his wife as Joane and it is now clear that this is not the John who married Agnes about 1565 - see will of John of Westcombe (1605) - but, because of the dates of birth of his grandchildren it is possible he may have been married before.

John married (1) 1st Wife. 1st died before 1580.
They had the following children:
+ 17 M i. William YERBURY died about 1626.
+ 18 M ii. John YERBURY died after 1625.
+ 19 M iii. Walter YERBURY died after 1614.
+ 20 M iv. Thomas YERBURY was buried 1612.
+ 21 F v. Margaret YERBURY.
+ 22 F vi. Mary YERBURY.
+ 23 F vii. YERBURY.
John also married (2) Joane BROWNING, daughter of Richard BROWNING and Elizabeth PARSONS, on 27 Jul 1580 in Coaley, Glos.. Joane died 1626 in Corsham.
DEATH: The Will of "Joane Yerbury or Yearbery, widow, of Westrope, Cosham" was proved before the PCC in 1626; in it she names Richard and Daniel as her sons and executors.

According to the IGI, a John Yerbury married Joan Browning at Coaley, Glos. on 27 Jul 1580 and a corresponding Ancestral File exists which records his being "of Alford, Wilts" her parents as Richard Browning & Elizabeth (Parsons) tracing the Browning line back to John born at Leigh, Glos. about 1335.

John and Joane had the following children:
24 M viii. Daniel YERBURY died after 1626.
+ 25 M ix. Richard YERBURY died 1661.
12. William YERBURY (Thomas, Laurence) died about 1609.
DEATH: Will proved 1609.

BIOGRAPHY: The VCH for Wiltshire reports, under Warminster, as follows:

Another estate which eventually passed to the Thynne family once belonged to Roger Twynyho, and passed at his death in 1497 to his brother George. He died in 1525 leaving a son Edward, who in 1550 sold the property to William Stump of Malmesbury. Stump's son William sold it in 1580 to William Yerbury, a Trowbridge clothier, whose son Edward sold it in 1615 to Edward Scutt of Warminster. Scutt mortgaged the property to Sir Thomas Thynne in 1626 and released his right in the following year. It then consisted of six houses and a small amount of land, mainly near Portway.

William married Agnes LONG "Anne", daughter of Henry LONG and Mary HORTON, on 26 Aug 1566 in Trowbridge.
BIOGRAPHY: Anne/Agnes was the granddaughter of Thomas Horton and Margery and thus she and William were first cousins.

In "A Genealogical and Heraldic History of The Commoners of Great Britain And Ireland Enjoying Territorial Possessions or High Official Rank: But Uninvested With Heritable Honours" under "History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland" we learn:
Long, of Rowde Ashton.
Long, of Semington, Trowbridge, Whaddon, Monkton, ??howde Ashton, &c. in the County of Wilts.
VI. Anne , m. William Yerbury , grandson of Lawrence Yerbury , of Batcombe , and had issue.

They had the following children:
26 F i. Alice YERBURY was christened 1567 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
27 F ii. Marye YERBURY was christened 1570 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
28 F iii. Elner YERBURY was christened 1571 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
+ 29 F iv. Margery YERBURY was christened 1572.
30 F v. Christiane YERBURY was christened 1574 in Trowbridge.
+ 31 F vi. Anne YERBURY was christened 1576.
32 M vii. Thomas YERBURY was christened 1578 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
33 F viii. Joane YERBURY was christened 1581 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
34 M ix. William YERBURY was christened 1582 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
DEATH: Will proved 1611.

35 F x. Rebecca YERBURY was christened 1585 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
+ 36 M xi. Edward YERBURY was christened 1588 and died 1648.
14. Thomas YERBURY (Thomas, Laurence) died 1572/1573 in Bradford, Wilts.
DEATH: Will proved 8 April 1573 in which he mentions: brother William Yerbury of Trowbridge; wife Margaret; eldest son Thomas Yearbery; and "children" - i.e Thomas wasn't the only child.

As Thomas Yerbury of Frome Selwood was a witness, then this Thomas was another person, and he was not mentioned in his mother's will of the following year.

Thomas married Margaret. Margaret died after 1572.
DEATH: [Bradford PRs] burials 1609: Margaret Yerbury - might have been she.

[IGI] a Thomas YERBERYE married Margaret TAYLOR in Trowbridge, 23 May 1559 and again on 23 May 1566. Their children are not on IGI data for Trowbridge.

Thomas and Margaret had the following children:
37 M i. Thomas YERBURY.
15. YERBURY (John, Laurence) was born about 1520.
BIOGRAPHY: The father of John (d.1605) was still living in 1605.

He had the following children:
+ 38 M i. John YERBURY was born about 1540 and died 1605.

Fourth Generation
17. William YERBURY (John, Thomas, Laurence) died about 1626 in Powlshott, Wilts.
DEATH: William was plainly alive in 1614 when his father named him co-executor with another son, John. In the Writ of 1633 alleging John (jun.) lunatic (possibly in 1625) William is said to have died at Powlshott. There was an Inquisition in 1626 "after the death of William Yerbury".

BIOGRAPHY: In 1621 William made an Indenture naming two brothers (Daniel and Richard) and his sisters Margaret White and Mary Webbe and their children.

He had the following children:
39 M i. John YERBURY was born 1591.
40 M ii. Nathaniel YERBURY was born 1595.
DEATH: [Bradford PRs] Nathaniel buried 1595.

41 M iii. Thomas YERBURY was born 1596.
+ 42 M iv. William YERBURY was born 1596.
18. John YERBURY (John, Thomas, Laurence) died after 1625.
BIOGRAPHY: The Wiltshire Parish & Probate records (q.v) include several references to John Yerbury who became "lunatic" on or about April 1625; was this he? If so, he had 3 daughters who were identified in a later writ (of 1633) - Joan (aged 16), Elizabeth (15), and Mary (9) which means that there is a gap of over 20 years between Samuel and Joan. The Writ alleging lunacy refers to his father as being the John who made his Will on 24 Oct 1614.

Sarah Lowther reports a baptism at Atworth of Mary d. of John 7 Sep 1623 which is exactly right for the above.

John married Alice HORNE on 1589 in Bradford, Wilts.
DEATH: Bradford burials 1591:
Alse w. John
Katherin d. John

They had the following children:
43 M i. John YERBURY was born 1591.
44 M ii. Samuel YERBURY was born 1594.
45 F iii. Joan YERBURY was born about 1617.
46 F iv. Elizabeth YERBURY was born about 1618.
47 F v. Mary YERBURY was christened 7 Sep 1623 in Atworth, Wilts.
19. Walter YERBURY (John, Thomas, Laurence) died after 1614.
BIOGRAPHY: In his grandfather's will of 1614 only Walter's children Margaret, John, William and Elizabeth are named, all described as being under 21.

Walter married Elizabeth EDWARDS on 1590.
They had the following children:
48 F i. Margaret YERBURY was born 1592.
Margaret married William GIBBONS on 1615.
49 M ii. Walter YERBURY was born 1594.
BIOGRAPHY: Who was Walter of Beckington (Will proved 1657)? Whoever he was, he had a number of children baptised in Beckington including a Thomas (1637) who might have been the one to marry Sarah Newenhuis in 1659 either there or at St Bartholomew the Less in London and whose children Jane and Walter, were also baptised in Beckington.

50 M iii. John YERBURY.
51 M iv. William YERBURY.
52 F v. Elizabeth YERBURY.
+ 53 M vi. Francis YERBURY was christened 1602.
+ 54 M vii. Nicholas YERBURY was christened 1605.
55 M viii. Edward YERBURY was christened 1608 in Bradford, Wilts.
56 M ix. Miles YERBURY was christened 1610 in Bradford, Wilts. He was buried 1610 in Bradford, Wilts.
20. Thomas YERBURY (John, Thomas, Laurence) was buried 1612 in Bradford, Wilts.
DEATH: Will of Thomas Karburie, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire was proved 11 May 1612.

Thomas married Edith, daughter of Nicholas FLOWER.
They had the following children:
+ 57 M i. Thomas YERBURY died 1651.
+ 58 M ii. Gifford YERBURY was born 1599 and died 1630.
59 M iii. William YERBURY.
60 F iv. Edith YERBURY was christened 1601 in Bradford, Wilts.
+ 61 F v. Ann YERBURY was christened 1604 and died 1686.
62 F vi. Rebecca YERBURY was christened 1607 in Bradford, Wilts.
21. Margaret YERBURY (John, Thomas, Laurence).
Margaret married Samuel WHITE.
BIOGRAPHY: Named in father in law's will as Samuel Whyte of Powlshott, Clothyer. The first 3 children (Samuel, Daniel and Jonathan) are named in John Yerbury's Will of 1614 while the next 2 (David and Henry) also appear in William Yerbury's Indenture of 1621 which may imply likely birth dates for the children.

They had the following children:
63 M i. Samuel WHITE was born before 1614.
64 M ii. Daniel WHITE was born before 1614.
65 M iii. Jonathan WHITE was born before 1614.
66 M iv. David WHITE.
67 M v. Henry WHITE was christened 26 Sep 1619 in Poulshot, Wilts.
68 F vi. Rebecca WHITE was christened 7 Aug 1625 in Poulshot, Wilts.
69 F vii. Mary WHITE was christened 2 Jun 1628 in Poulshot, Wilts.
70 M viii. Thomas WHITE was christened 22 May 1631 in Poulshot, Wilts.
22. Mary YERBURY (John, Thomas, Laurence).
Mary married William WEBB. William died after 1631.
BIOGRAPHY: Named in father in law's will of 1614 as William Webbe of Bromham, Clothyer. In William Yerbury's Indenture of 1621, Wm's sister, Mary Webbe is not named but her 3 sons are. This may not be significant as, dealing with property transfers, daughters might have been excluded anyway. Gifford Y's will of 1631 mentions his uncle, William Webb. There were a number of Webb families in Bromham to any one of which William may have belonged.

DEATH: [PRO] The will of William Webb of Bromham, Wiltshire was proved at the PCC 31 August 1636.

They had the following children:
71 F i. Mary WEBB was christened 2 Sep 1604 in Bromham, Wilts.
72 M ii. William WEBB was christened 20 Apr 1606 in Bromham, Wilts.
73 M iii. Samuel WEBB was christened 27 Nov 1608 in Bromham, Wilts.
74 M iv. John WEBB was christened 19 May 1611 in Bromham, Wilts.
75 M v. William WEBB was christened 17 Apr 1614 in Bromham, Wilts.
23. YERBURY (John, Thomas, Laurence).
BIOGRAPHY: [IGI] There were Bartletts in Chirton incl. John and Robert (sons of John bap. 1584 & 1582) and their children (incl. Hanna, d. John, chr. 1613).
[PRO] Wilts & Swindon RO hold papers for (parish of) PURTON - ref. 212B/5491 - date: 1635 July 3:
Bartlett, Robert, of Chirton, gentleman
Bartlett, John of, gentleman.

They had the following children:
76 F i. Anna BARTLETT was born before 1614.
25. Richard YERBURY (John, Thomas, Laurence) died 1661.
DEATH: [PRO] Will proved 1661; younger sons under age and names two Richards - senior and junior - from which Lewis surmises that there were two such sons rather than an error of transcription. Lewis also asserts that this Richard was the son of John Y who died 1614 in which case he was referred to as being a "clothier of Westropp" (Corsham) in his brother, William's, indenture of 1621 along with another brother, Daniel.

BIOGRAPHY: [Gomez] The Will of Robert WHITCHURCH, Mercer of Frome Swd mentions:
"a lease of the land of Mr Richard YERBURY, Gent, of one house with garden and orchard and a ground adjoining, all lately held by Thomas POWELL, Cardmaker of Frome deceased to Robert my son on condition he suffer his mother to enjoy it until he is 15" The Will was Signed 9 March 1634 and proved 22 May 1635 at PCC London.

Richard married (1) UNKNOWN.
They had the following children:
+ 77 M i. Richard YERBURY was born before 1639 and was buried 29 Feb 1672.
78 F ii. Jane YERBURY was christened 1630 in Frome.
79 F iii. Jane YERBURY was christened 1632 in Frome.
Richard also married (2) Joan MICHAELL on 1639 in Frome.
They had the following children:
80 M iv. Richard YERBURY "Junior" was born after 1639.
BIOGRAPHY: [Lewis] Had land in Frome from father, which he sold to his brother, Richard the elder.

? Richard of Conock aged 86, 1740 M.I; Will at PCC left land in Frome entailed for nephews Daniel & John. [Richard the Younger sold his holdings to his elder brother so Richard of Conock is more likely to have been Richard III, the son of Richard the Elder. MRY]

81 F v. Elizabeth YERBURY was christened 1644 in Frome.
+ 82 M vi. John YERBURY.
83 M vii. Daniel YERBURY was christened 1651 in Frome.
84 F viii. Elizabeth YERBURY was christened 1655 in Frome.
85 M ix. Daniel YERBURY was christened 1656 in Frome.
BIOGRAPHY: [Lewis] "of the Close" ? marr (1) Eliz d. of .. Northey of Tisbury 1677; (2) Eliz (wid. of Edw Marks of Sarum d. 1689) and d. of John Duke (?) of Stratford sub Castle. ? also Will at PCC 1742.

29. Margery YERBURY (William, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 1572 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
Margery married William GERRISH on 17 Jun 1597 in St Edmond, Salisbury.
BIOGRAPHY: There is (at least) one child baptised in Trowbridge around 1600, William (1603) son of Wm & Margery and another shown as child of William - Tomasen (f.) (1601). A William Gerrish married Mary Harding at St Thomas, Salisbury on 14 Jul 1628. Margery's father's will of 1609 names two Gerishe children: William and John.

[Sarah Lowther] St Edmond, Salisbury, Wiltshire Marriage 17 Jun 1597 Wyllyam GYRISHE and Margerye YERBERYE.

William and Margery had the following children:
86 M i. William GERRISH was christened 1603 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
87 M ii. John GERRISH.
31. Anne YERBURY (William, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 1576 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
Anne married Francis LOVELL on 25 Jul 1597 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Francis was born in Of Trowbridge.
They had the following children:
88 F i. Anne LOVELL was christened 17 Jun 1598 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
89 F ii. Frauncis LOVELL was christened 18 Jan 1600 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
+ 90 F iii. Marie LOVELL was christened 15 May 1603.
91 M iv. William LOVELL was christened 5 Jan 1605 in Trowbridge.
BIOGRAPHY: William may have married Jane Darke in Trowbridge in 1631.

92 F v. Margery LOVELL.
BIOGRAPHY: Margery may have married Thomas Pelling in Trowbridge in 1626. If so, they probably had a number of children christened in Trowbridge between 1627 and 1644.

36. Edward YERBURY (William, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 1588 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. He died 1648 and was buried in Plymouth.
BIOGRAPHY: Commissioner for Charles I.

DEATH: The Will of Edward Yerbury, Trowbridge, Wilts. was proved before the PCC in 1650; it is not listed on 'documentsonline' however.

Edward married Anna, daughter of Richard SOUTHBY.
They had the following children:
93 M i. Edward YERBURY was christened Sep 1617 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. He died 1666.
BIOGRAPHY: Secretary to Lord Seymour; implicated in the Penruddock rising of 1655. Died s.p.

94 F ii. Anne YERBURY was christened Mar 1619 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
95 M iii. William YERBURY was christened 17 Sep 1620 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. He died 1698.
96 F iv. Elizabeth YERBURY was christened 15 Sep 1622 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
Elizabeth married Richard BAILEY. Richard was born in Of Etchilhampton.
DEATH: The Will of Richard Bailey, Yeoman, of Warminster was proved in 1630.

+ 97 M v. John YERBURY was christened 16 Nov 1623.
98 M vi. Henry YERBURY M.D was christened 31 Jan 1627 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. He died 1685.
BIOGRAPHY: Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.

Royal College of Physicians website reports: Magdalen Hall Oxford 1642 aet 14. BA Oxon. 1645.6. Fellow Magd. College 1647.8. Ejected. Went abroad and became MD Padua 1654. Incorp MD Oxon. 1658. Cand RCP 1659. Restored to Fellowship of Magdalen College 1660. Died 1668. Buried at Oxford.

+ 99 M vii. Robert YERBURY was born 1623 and died 1646.
+ 100 F viii. Elionor YERBURY was christened 20 Dec 1631.
+ 101 M ix. Richard YERBURY was born 1634 and was buried 1702.
102 F x. Jane YERBURY.
Jane married Richard DAVIS on 22 May 1659 in London.
IGI Marr: "daughter of Edward Yerbury of Trowebridge"

+ 103 F xi. Honor YERBURY was christened 19 Feb 1643.
38. John YERBURY (, John, Laurence) was born about 1540. He died 1605 in Westcombe, Somerset.
DEATH: Will of John Yerbury of Westcombe left bequests to Batcombe and to his sons John and James and a daughter, Elizabeth; it also mentioned his father who appears to have still been living and his wife, Agnes, as well as "my wife's children" which makes it sound as though she had been married before. I have presumed that his father would have been a son of John, son of Laurence, because of the dates but the will of Thomas Y (1557) suggests another John of Batcombe, son of that Thomas' first wife.

It is clear that John (d.1614) is not the one who married Agnes.

John married Agnes about 1565. Agnes was born about 1544. She died after 1605.
They had the following children:
+ 104 M i. John YERBURY was born about 1566.
105 M ii. James YERBURY was born about 1568 in Somerset.
DEATH: The Will of James Yerburye or Yarburye, Mercer of Bristol, Gloucestershire was proved 6 July 1622.

106 F iii. Elizabeth YERBURY.

Fifth Generation
42. William YERBURY (William, John, Thomas, Laurence) was born 1596.
William married Mary?.
They had the following children:
107 M i. Thomas YERBURY was born 1631.
108 M ii. John YERBURY was born 1635.
53. Francis YERBURY (Walter, John, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 1602 in Bradford, Wilts.
Francis married (1) Ann. Ann died 1638.
They had the following children:
109 F i. Ann YERBURY was christened 1624 in Bradford, Wilts.
110 M ii. John YERBURY was christened 1626 in Bradford, Wilts.
111 M iii. Thomas YERBURY was christened 1631 in Bradford, Wilts.
112 F iv. Frances YERBURY was christened 1633 in Bradford, Wilts.
113 F v. Katherin YERBURY was christened 1635 in Bradford, Wilts. She was buried 1643 in Bradford, Wilts.
+ 114 M vi. Francis YERBURY was christened 1638 and died 1720.
Francis also married (2) Alice NORRIS on 1639.
54. Nicholas YERBURY (Walter, John, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 1605 in Bradford, Wilts.
He had the following children:
115 F i. Elizabeth YERBURY was christened 1629 in Bradford, Wilts.
116 F ii. Ann YERBURY was christened 1630 in Bradford, Wilts.
BIOGRAPHY: [Frome PRs] Marriage: 26 Dec 1654 Moses HODINOD of Frome, to Ann YEARBURY d/o Nicholas of Beckington. Could this be she?

117 F iii. Martha YERBURY was christened 1633 in Bradford, Wilts.
57. Thomas YERBURY (Thomas, John, Thomas, Laurence) died 1651 in Bradford, Wilts.
DEATH: The Will of Thomas Yerberry or Yerbury, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire was proved 5 December 1651 and named 3 sons in order of age: John, Thomas and William.

Thomas married Jane OBORNE, daughter of John OBORNE and Jane, on 3 Jan 1625 in Frome, St John.
BIOGRAPHY: Her father's Will of 1637 identifies him as a Clothier of Frome. Their other daughter, Susan, married William A'Court.

They had the following children:
118 M i. Thomas YERBURY was christened 1628 in Bradford, Wilts. He was buried 1630 in Bradford, Wilts.
119 M ii. John YERBURY was christened 1629 in Bradford, Wilts.
BIOGRAPHY: Mentioned in father's Will of 1651 but not in brother William's of 1665.

120 M iii. Thomas YERBURY was christened 1632 in Bradford, Wilts.
BIOGRAPHY: [FFHS] Sarum Marriage Bonds:
Date 1663 Groom Thomas YERBURY aged 26 occupation clothier residing at Bradford, WIL status - notes - Bride Janes BENNET aged 23 residing at Smalbrooke, - status sp notes - Bondsmen FROWD Edmund - to be married at -

Does "aged 26" mean "26" or just "over 25"?

Bradford PRs show three baptisms to Thomas & Jean/Jane: William (1670) Gifford (1675) & Francis (1678). If this is he, then it is unlikely that he was in Beckington with (a) children baptised to John & Sarah (1662 and 1664) or (b) to John & Mary (1668). He is unlikely to be father of "Tree 1".

Thomas fits reasonably well with the Thomas on the extreme left of Jones' pedigree chart (except for DoB) - brother of John, Robert and William, s/o Thomas etc - ESPECIALLY coupled with the FROWD name - this Thomas' mother was Jane OBORNE and he was cousin to Edward FROWD.

Named executor of brother William's Will of 1665.

121 M iv. Robert YERBURY was christened 1634 in Bradford, Wilts. He was buried 1639 in Bradford, Wilts.
122 M v. William YERBURY was christened 1636 in Bradford, Wilts.
DEATH: The Will of William Yerbury, Dyer, of St Antholin's, London was proved in 1665.

58. Gifford YERBURY (Thomas, John, Thomas, Laurence) was born 1599. He died 1630 in Bradford, Wilts and was buried 1630.
DEATH: There are two wills in the name of Gifford Yerbury, one (of Bradford) in 1631 and the other (of Chirton) in 1712; are they for father and son? The first relates to this Gifford and in it he makes bequests to his children Frances, Rebecca and Gifford, all under 21, his wife Frances, and makes reference to his father in law Ferdinando Hughes, and brother, Thomas Yerbury.

Gifford married Frances HUGHES, daughter of Ferdinand HUGHES, on 3 Sep 1621 in Bromham, Wilts.
They had the following children:
123 F i. Frances YERBURY was christened 1624 in Bradford, Wilts.
124 M ii. Gifford YERBURY died 1712 in Chirton, Wilts.
BIOGRAPHY: In 1679, a Gifford Yerbury paid 6s. in East Woodlands Tything towards the Church Rates of Frome.

+ 125 F iii. Rebecca YERBURY was christened 1629.
61. Ann YERBURY (Thomas, John, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 1604 in Bradford, Wilts. She died 1686 in Frome.
Ann married Robert SMITH, son of Robert SMITH and Alice, on 5 Jun 1626 in Bradford, Wilts. Robert was born 1605 in Frome. He died before 1685.
BIOGRAPHY: Robert's father's Will of 1622 shows that his father was a Clothier of Frome as was Thomas, his son, who died c.1674.

They had the following children:
126 M i. Robert SMITH was born 1628 in Frome. He died before 1674.
Robert married Mary COOMBES on 1652.
127 M ii. Thomas SMITH was born 1630 in Frome. He died 1674 in Frome.
Thomas married (1) Dorothy GIFFORD, daughter of William GIFFORD and Dorothea. Dorothy died 1681.
Thomas also married (2) Elizabeth NICHOLAS, daughter of Margery. Elizabeth died 1681 in Frome.
128 F iii. Ann SMITH was born 1632 in Frome.
Ann married Edward FROWD on 1656 in Frome.
129 F iv. Roberta SMITH was born 1635 in Frome.
Roberta married Edward MADOX.
130 F v. Abigail SMITH was born 1639 in Frome.
Abigail married (1) Francis MERCER on 1667 in Frome.
Abigail also married (2) Joseph GIBBONS on 1696 in Frome.
131 M vi. Jefferie SMITH was born 1641 in Frome.
132 F vii. Lydia SMITH was born 1645 in Frome.
77. Richard YERBURY "Senior" (Richard, John, Thomas, Laurence) was born before 1639. He was buried 29 Feb 1672 in Fisherton Anger.
BIOGRAPHY: [Lewis] Had land in Frome entailed by father; lived in Salisbury (1662) Richard Y of Fisherton Anger d. 1672 Will at PCC.

Senior married Mary.
DEATH: [PRO] The Will of Mary Yerbury, Widow of Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire was proved at the PCC 31 October 1693.

They had the following children:
133 M i. Richard YERBURY was born after 1651.
BIOGRAPHY: [Lewis] Eldest son; had land in Frome entailed by grandfather. The Will of William WHITCHURCH the Elder, Gentleman of Frome Swd mentions two bequests of relevance: "to my daughter Mary WHITCHURCH and her heirs forever all my lands in the Parish of Frome near Badcocks which I lately bought from John YERBURY together with all the houses on them; also Ð150 when she is twenty or when she marries; to my daughter Margaret WHITCHURCH and her heirs forever all my mills with the lands belonging to them in the Parish of Rode, Somerset, which I late bought from Richard YERBURY gent; also Ð230 when she is twenty or when she marries" He goes on to leave a number of mourning rings including " ... Mr Richard YERBURY of London, ... and Mr Willm YERBURY ... " The Will was signed in 1690 and proved in 1691.

134 M ii. John YERBURY.
BIOGRAPHY: [Lewis] Had land in Frome purchased by his father from his uncle, Richard.

+ 135 M iii. Daniel YERBURY died 1741.
136 M iv. Samuel YERBURY.
137 F v. Jane YERBURY.
82. John YERBURY (Richard, John, Thomas, Laurence) was born in Of Frome.
BIOGRAPHY: [David Smart, 16 Nov 2004] "J.O.Lewis has John YERBURY h/o Mary BRENT as s/o the Richard whose will was proved 1661 (so brother of two Richards, Daniel and Elizabeth)." Lewis relies on Richard's having two sons called Richard living at the time of his Will, probably by 2 mothers.

[Laverton M.I] Collinson states that on the south wall inside Laverton Church a tablet reads:

"To the memory of John eldest son of John Yerbury of Frome in this county, gent, by Mary his wife, daughter and coheiress of John Brent of Winborn in the county of Dorset, Esq. He married Joan Ralins of this place and died July 1 1691 aged 35.
"To the memory also of John, eldest son of the above John and Joan Yerbury who died Oct 18 1751 aged 70
"To the memory of Ann, wife of Jno Yerbury; she died Jan 24 1756 aged 74.

This was added after Collinson's essay of 1791:

"To the memory of John son of the above John & Ann Yerbury who died April 4 1795 aged 89

John married Mary BRENT, daughter of John BRENT.
They had the following children:
138 F i. Mary YERBURY was christened 25 Aug 1653 in Frome.
139 F ii. Jane YERBURY was christened 8 Mar 1655 in Frome.
+ 140 M iii. John YERBURY was christened 12 Oct 1656 and died 1 Jul 1691.
141 M iv. Humphrey YERBURY was christened 9 Nov 1665 in Frome.
142 M v. Thomas YERBURY was christened 24 Sep 1669 in Frome.
90. Marie LOVELL (Anne YERBURY, William, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 15 May 1603 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
Marie married Walter HUNGERFORD, son of Edward HUNGERFORD and Dorothy LATTON. Walter was born about 1604 in Of Trowbridge. He died 1634.
DEATH: Will of Walter Hungerford, gent., of Trowbridge, Wilts proved in London 18 Oct 1634.

They had the following children:
+ 143 F i. Margaret HUNGERFORD was christened 6 May 1627.
144 F ii. Ann HUNGERFORD was christened 19 Feb 1631 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
BIOGRAPHY: Ann may have married Roger Markes at Steeple Ashton in 1658.

145 M iii. Walter HUNGERFORD was christened 23 Jan 1633 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
97. John YERBURY (Edward, William, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 16 Nov 1623 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
BIOGRAPHY: Will of John Yerbury, Gentleman of Cottles, Wiltshire was proved in London, 19 May 1688.

John married (1) Jane MEREWEATHER.
BIOGRAPHY: Possibly connected with Market Lavington.

They had the following children:
146 M i. Edward YERBURY was born 1661. He died 1692.
BIOGRAPHY: Fellow of Magdelen College, Oxford.

147 F ii. Jane YERBURY.
Jane married Thos. BENNET. Thos. was born in Of Steeple Ashton.
148 F iii. Mary YERBURY died after 1687.
BIOGRAPHY: It seems possible that Mary married Benjamin Branthwaite - see Will od Wm Yerbury, 1739. The Will of Benjamin Branthwaite of Saint Allhallows London Wall, City of London was proved on 19 June 1769.

John also married (2) PAWLET. PAWLET was born in Of Cottles. She died after 1687.
BIOGRAPHY: She is described as "of Cottles" as is John in his will (proved 1688). Cottles House is a large country house near Atworth (between Melksham and Box) which latter also features in documents relating to John Yerbury (died about 1614).

99. Robert YERBURY (Edward, William, Thomas, Laurence) was born 1623. He died 1646.
DEATH: [Boyd's] In 1648 a YERBURY ROB was buried at LONDON (ST DUNSTAN IN THE WEST). He may have been this Robert. If so, he could have been the founder of Tree 1.

Robert married Catherine ALLET. Catherine was born in Of Iwood.
They had the following children:
149 F i. Catherine YERBURY.
Catherine married SHAMBER. SHAMBER was born in Of Somerset.
100. Elionor YERBURY (Edward, William, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 20 Dec 1631 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
Elionor married Dr. Henry ALWORTH on 19 Sep 1653 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
[Jones] Eleanor is said to have married Dr Alworth, 'chancellor to the Bishop of Oxford and from whom descends, maternally, the family of Merewether, well known and highly esteemed in Wiltshire.'

See also which states that Henry was Chancellor of Oxford University on 1660 and had a daughter, Janeverat, b. 1656 in Chippenham and who married John Merryweather, son of Christopher Merryweather and Genavora ? (b. 1655 in Lavington, Wiltshire) abt. 1676 in Lavington. He died May 18, 1724 in Devizes. Janeverat died 4 Jan 1724/25 in Devizes.

Henry and Elionor had the following children:
150 F i. Anne ALWORTH.
151 F ii. Eleanor ALWORTH.
152 F iii. Henrietta ALWORTH.
101. Richard YERBURY (Edward, William, Thomas, Laurence) was born 1634. He was buried 1702 in St Mildred Bread St.
BIOGRAPHY: It seems likely that this Richard moved to London sometime before 1662 becoming a Grocer and/or Salter. The IGI shows 2 christenings at St Margaret Moses to sons of Richard & Elizabeth (Richard 1664 and William 1671) plus 3 burials of his wives there: Alice (1662), Elizabeth (1671) and Elizabeth (1680). His Will was proved at London on 5 Sep 1702.

"In 1664 William ...(probably Hore) and ... Colville, citizen and goldsmith, assigned to Richard Yerbury, citizen and salter, their right in the White Horse (Cheapside - MY) and the shop under it then in the tenure of Richard Ladds, in the Horseshoe then in the tenure of Edward Neale, and in the Gunne then in the tenure of James Lancaster; this right appears subsequently to have been acquired by Bartholomew Layton and Thomas Potter, another goldsmith. Yerbury was later said to have had a lease from William Hore."

From: British History Online; Source: St. Mary le Bow 104/20. Historical gazetteer of London before the Great Fire, Keene, D.J.; Harding, Vanessa. (1987). URL: Date: 11/08/2004 Copyright 2003 University of London & History of Parliament Trust

His son, William, "of Hempstead" may in fact be Wm of Hampstead, for whom see Will 1739 and Old Bailey case of 1717. If this is the case, then the brothers, Wm & Rd of Blackwell Hall must be someone else's sons - for example: in his will of 1741 that Wm. refers to his "late uncle John of Bradford" and this is the Trowbridge line.

Richard married (1) Alice FLOWER on 1660. Alice was buried 9 Aug 1662 in St Mildred Bread St.
BIRTH: [Jones] Alice was described as "of Imber"; Imber is a now derelict village on Salisbury Plain, 6m NE of Warminster.

DEATH: [Ancestry - Parish & Probate Records] Alic was buried 09 Aug 1662; wife Richard Yerburie, salter at St. Mildred (Bread Street) & St. Margaret Moses.

Marriage Licence Bonds:
1660 Sep 8 Groom Richard YERBURY aged - occupation - residing at Trowbridge, WIL status - notes - Bride Alice FLOWER aged - residing at -, - status sp notes - Bondsmen YERBURY Edward, Trowbridge - to be married at -

Richard and Alice had the following children:
153 M i. Edward YERBURY was buried 2 Sep 1690 in St Mildred Bread St.
DEATH: [Ancestry - Parish & Probate Records] Edward was buried 02 Sep 1690; s. Mr Richarde Yerbury at St. Mildred (Bread Street) & St. Margaret Moses.

Richard also married (2) Elizabeth FARR, daughter of William FARR, on 1663 in St James Garlickhithe. Elizabeth was born about 1642. She was buried 20 Jun 1671 in St Mildred Bread St.
DEATH: [Ancestry - Parish & Probate Records] Elizabeth was buried 20 Jun 1671; wife of Richard Yerbury, grocer at St. Mildred (Bread Street) & St. Margaret Moses.

Marriage Licence issued by the Archbishop of Canterbury:
28 Sep 1663 Richard Yerbury, of St Margaret Moses, Lond., Salter, Widr, abt 30, & Elizabeth Farr, of the same, Maiden, abt 21, with consent of her father Wm Farr; at St James, Garlickhith, Lond., or [blank]. (Licences are issued for specific churches.)

Richard and Elizabeth had the following children:
154 M ii. Richard YERBURY was christened 25 Aug 1664 in St Margaret Moses.
+ 155 F iii. Rebecca YERBURY was born about 1669 and was buried 3 Oct 1693.
156 M iv. William YERBURY was born 18 Jun 1671 and was christened 20 Jun 1671 in St Margaret Moses.
DEATH: [Jones] Wm was described as "of Hempstead". If we allow that he was of Hampstead then his will was proved in 1739; in it he refers only to his neice, Margaret wife of Alexander Ouchterlony and a cousin Mary, wife of Benjamin Bra(n)thwaite.

The only cousin Mary we know about (27.10.04) is the daughter of John Yerbury (Trowbridge, 1623, s. of Edward & Anne) and Jane (Mereweather). Likewise, the neice may have been the daughter of his sister Rebecca (Mrs John Harte).

This is indeed the case; the IGI shows a marriage between Margaret Hart and Alexander Ouchterlony in 1736 (q.v) which proves that the Rev Jones' Wm of Hempstead is in fact of Hampstead. I can't find anything on the IGI for Benjamin but the PCC has the Will of Benjamin Branthwaite of Saint Allhallows London Wall, City of London Date 19 June 1769 Catalogue reference PROB 11/949. [The IGI shows a marriage between Benjamin Branwhite and Elizabeth Hobbs for Dec 1724 at Saint Augustine Watling Street which is near St Antholin's and a christening for a Benjamin Branthwaite on 8 Apr 1736 at Allhallows London Wall, s. of Benj. and Hannah.]

Richard also married (3) Elizabeth WALCOT on 1675/1676 in St Bartholomew, Clerkenwell. Elizabeth was buried 9 Aug 1680 in St Nicholas Olave.
DEATH: [Ancestry - Parish & Probate Records] Elizabeth was buried 09 Aug 1680; wife Richard Yerbury - bur. at St Nicholas Olives and recorded at St. Mildred (Bread Street) & St. Margaret Moses (the mother church).

Marriage data Sources: Mrs Goldsborough; Boyd's Marriage Index; Faculty Office, (licence) 07 Mar 1675-6 *Yerbury, Richard Walcott, Eliz.

Richard and Elizabeth had the following children:
157 F v. Mary YERBURY.
158 F vi. Elizabeth YERBURY was born 15 Nov 1677 and was christened 25 Nov 1677 in St Mildred Bread St.
103. Honor YERBURY (Edward, William, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 19 Feb 1643 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
Honor married James HARRIS on 20 Jul 1670 in St Michael Christchurch Or Westbury, Glos..
Witness: William Yerbury, Trowbridge, Wilts., Armiger (=Esquire).
Allegations for Marriage Licences Issued by the Vicar: General of the Archbishop of Canterbury: 03 Nov 1669 James Harris, of St Anne, Aldersgate, Lond., Cit. & Mercht Taylor, Bachr, abt 30, & Honor Yerbury, of St Mildred, Bread Street, Lond., Spr, abt 22, at own disp.; at St Mary, Whitechapel, Midd.
This last suggests a connection between the London Yerburys and those of the Trowbridge line as well as those from Bradford UNLESS this is a different person. The marriage was evidently intended to take place at St Mary Whitechapel, which is associated with "Tree 1" in 1669 rather than "in the country" in 1670.

James and Honor had the following children:
159 F i. Jane HARRIS was christened 5 Jun 1673 in All Hallows, Bread St.
160 M ii. William HARRIS was christened 30 Mar 1678 in All Hallows, Bread St.
104. John YERBURY (John, , John, Laurence) was born about 1566.
He had the following children:
161 M i. John YERBURY was christened 23 Feb 1598 in Batcombe.
CHRISTENING: [Sarah Lowther] YERBURYE John son of John YERBURYE of Westcombe 23 Feb 1597/8 at Batcombe Somerset

Sixth Generation
114. Francis YERBURY (Francis, Walter, John, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 1638 in Bradford, Wilts. He died 1720.
BIOGRAPHY: In the marriage settlement between his son John and Frances Davison of 1703 both Francis and his son are described as Bakers.

The Grove Meeting House, Bradford on Avon is the oldest surviving non conformist chapel in the town. In 1672 the houses of John Holton and Francis Yerbury were registered for worship and in 1698 the chapel was built. Wealthy clothiers, such as the Yerburys, were involved in the early years and the congregation, which numbered 400 in the first part of the 18th century, was Presbytarian. From 1739 they inclined towards Unitarianism but did not adopt the Unitarian liturgy until 1793. The church was in decline from 1777 to 1810 and there was hardly anyone left in the congregation by 1815. At that point the chapel was let to a group of Independents who had seceded from the Morgan's Hill chapel. In 1823 they built the Zion chapel on a site opposite The Grove. This congregation became Baptists, after being joined by a group from the Old Baptist Chapel in 1842, and, after 1873, they took over The Grove Meeting House, which they used for a Sunday School until 1939 when the Zion congregation moved back into The Grove and used it as their chapel.

Francis married Jane Or Jean.
They had the following children:
+ 162 M i. Francis YERBURY was buried 1733?.
163 F ii. Joane YERBURY was christened 1662 in Bradford, Wilts.
164 F iii. Judith YERBURY was christened 1663 in Bradford, Wilts.
165 F iv. Katherine YERBURY was christened 1664 in Bradford, Wilts.
+ 166 F v. Elizabeth YERBURY.
+ 167 M vi. John YERBURY was born 1678 and died 1728.
+ 168 M vii. Nathaniel YERBURY was christened 1683.
125. Rebecca YERBURY (Gifford, Thomas, John, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 1629 in Bradford, Wilts.
Rebecca married Isaac WARRINER after 1650. Isaac died before 1680.
In Thomas Yerbury's will written in 1650, Rebecca is described as "spinster".

Isaac and Rebecca had the following children:
+ 169 F i. Rebecca WARRINER.
+ 170 M ii. Isaac WARRINER.
135. Daniel YERBURY (Richard, Richard, John, Thomas, Laurence) died 1741 in London.
Daniel married Susannah SHARPE on 1713 in St Bride's, Fleet St.
They had the following children:
171 F i. Susannah YERBURY was christened 1716 in All Hallows, Bread St. She was buried 1716 in All Hallows, Bread St.
172 M ii. John YERBURY was christened 1718 in All Hallows, Bread St. He was buried 1727 in All Hallows, Bread St.
173 F iii. Elizabeth YERBURY was christened 1720 in All Hallows, Bread St. She was buried 1722 in All Hallows, Bread St.
174 M iv. Daniel YERBURY was christened 1722 in All Hallows, Bread St.
BIOGRAPHY: David Smart reports (from David Gill's book on the Trinity area:

"The Yerbury and Whitchurch estates remained substantially intact until the 19th century. The former passed in 1736 to Daniel Yerbury, a nephew of Richard Yerbury III [who had received them in 1672], and then to the latter's son, also Daniel, in 1741 (WRO Sub-Dean of Sarum wills, 1736 No.15). Thereafter, Daniel and his brother William fell into increasing financial difficulties and in 1756 the estate passed to Edward Barnard, the principal creditor (PRO, C 12/1812/5; PRO, C 33/40)..." (p.8)

175 M v. William YERBURY was christened 1724 in All Hallows, Bread St.
140. John YERBURY (John, Richard, John, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 12 Oct 1656 in Frome. He died 1 Jul 1691 in Laverton.
John married Joan RALINS. Joan was born in Laverton.
They had the following children:
+ 176 M i. John YERBURY was christened 10 Oct 1682 and died 18 Oct 1751.
177 M ii. William YERBURY was christened 4 Aug 1684 in Frome.
178 F iii. Mary YERBURY was christened 15 Sep 1689 in Frome.
143. Margaret HUNGERFORD (Marie LOVELL, Anne YERBURY, William, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 6 May 1627 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
Margaret married Thomas LONG about 1657. Thomas was born about 1632 in Wiltshire.
They had the following children:
179 M i. Thomas LONG was christened 1658 in Monkton, Wilts. He died 1730.
180 M ii. John LONG was born 1659 in Monkton, Wilts.
181 F iii. Catharine LONG was christened 1660 in Monkton, Wilts.
182 F iv. Mary LONG was born 1665 in Monkton, Wilts.
183 F v. Elizabeth LONG was born 1666 in Monkton, Wilts. She died 1691.
155. Rebecca YERBURY (Richard, Edward, William, Thomas, Laurence) was born about 1669. She was buried 3 Oct 1693 in St Mildred Bread St.
DEATH: [Ancestry - Parish & Probate Records] Rebecka was buried 03 Oct 1693; wife of Mr John Harte, d. to Mr Yerbury at St. Mildred (Bread Street) & St. Margaret Moses.

Rebecca married John HART on 1688. John died after 1700.
[Boyd's/Vicar Gen.] Rebecca Yerbury m. John Hart 1688.
Marriage Licences issued by the Archbishop of Canterbury:
13 Jun 1688 John Hart, of St Michael, Cornhill, Lond., Linendraper, Widr, abt 28, & Mrs Rebecca Yerbury, of St Margaret Moses, Lond., Spr, abt 19, with consent of her father Mr Richard Yerbury; at St Bartholomew the Great, Lond.

John and Rebecca had the following children:
184 F i. Rebecca HART was christened 19 Dec 1689 in St Michael, Cornhill.
185 M ii. William HART was christened 28 Apr 1691 in St Michael, Cornhill.
186 F iii. Margaret HART was christened 13 Oct 1692 in St Michael, Cornhill. She died 1753.
DEATH: [PRO] Margaret Ouchterlony's Will was proved at the PCC, 30 Mar 1753; was this she?

Margaret married Alexander OUCHTERLONY on 1 Jul 1736 in Saint Anne Soho, Westminster.
BIOGRAPHY: The only Alexanders on the IGI are in Scotland - e.g Christening: 19 Jan 1703 Carmyllie, Angus (s. of David).

This marriage is indicated by (a) the Will of Wm Y of Hampstead (q.v) and the IGI which records a marriage between Margaret Hart and Alexander in 1736.

Seventh Generation
162. Francis YERBURY (Francis, Francis, Walter, John, Thomas, Laurence) was buried 1733?.
BIOGRAPHY: Under Wiltshire Community History, we find: Question:
I have noticed an old mill near the aquaduct at Avoncliffe. Have you any information about it?

A mill on this site was first mentioned in 1585 and by 1712 it had expanded into two water powered grist mills and a water powered fulling mill, all under one roof. A few years later the fulling mill was being used as a mill for grinding dyestuffs for dyeing wool, but by 1737 it was again used as a fulling mill for felting and thickening the cloth. The fulling mill was bought by the important clothier Francis Yerbury in 1740 and he, members of his family and others occupied it until 1845.

Francis married Joanna BALDWIN on 1687. Joanna was buried 1717 in Bradford, Wilts.
DEATH: Bradford burials: 1717 Joanah aged 50.

They had the following children:
187 M i. John YERBURY was christened 1689 in Bradford, Wilts.
+ 188 M ii. Thomas YERBURY was christened 1690.
+ 189 F iii. Sarah YERBURY.
+ 190 M iv. Richard YERBURY was christened 1697 and died 1753.
+ 191 M v. William YERBURY was christened 1698 and died 1741.
192 F vi. Jeane YERBURY was christened 1700 in Bradford, Wilts.
193 M vii. Nathaniel YERBURY was christened 1701 in Bradford, Wilts. He was buried 1701 in Bradford, Wilts.
194 F viii. Anne YERBURY was christened 1702 in Bradford, Wilts.
195 F ix. Joanna YERBURY was christened 1704 in Bradford, Wilts.
Joanna married Ebenezer HEAD on 12 Oct 1742 in Tottenham.
In Boyd's Marriage Index the entry for this marriage includes the phrase "one party from Wiltshire" which may mean that, as Ebenezer was described by Richard Yerbury in his Will of 1753 as "Clothier of Bradford", Joanna was a Londoner.

166. Elizabeth YERBURY (Francis, Francis, Walter, John, Thomas, Laurence).
Elizabeth married William BAILEY on 25 Sep 1702 in Bradford, Wilts.
They had the following children:
196 F i. Ann BAILEY was christened 10 Mar 1702 in Bradford, Wilts.
197 M ii. Timothy Edwardes BAILEY was christened 6 Jul 1702 in Bradford, Wilts.
198 F iii. Susannah BAILEY was christened 19 Mar 1703 in Bradford, Wilts.
199 F iv. Mary BAILEY was christened 25 Apr 1705 in Bradford, Wilts.
167. John YERBURY (Francis, Francis, Walter, John, Thomas, Laurence) was born 1678. He died 1728.
BIOGRAPHY: According to 'Country Life' (20 Jul 1989 pp72-6) and 'Wiltshire' by Nikolaus Pevsner John Yerbury was a Baker who became a Clothier and purchased an acre of land in 1722 from Samuel Davidson.

John died in 1728 and his son, Francis, built Belcombe Court on the acre of land purchased by his father. He commissioned John Wood the Elder (who was responsible for a number of notable buildings in and around Bath) to design and build the house near Bradford on Avon in 1734.

Sotheby's sold some pieces from the house in 2001 when they described it as 'a charming property renovated under the direction of leading 18th century Bath architect John Wood for Francis Yerbury in 1734. Yerbury, a member of the successful family of Bradford-on-Avon clothiers, employed Wood to enlarge the existing building and add exquisite detail such as stuccowork ceilings to the interior.'

In John's Will, which was proved in 1729 (made in 1727), he descibed himself as a Malster and he names his younger children to be all except Francis and implies that they are under 21. There being seven girls, this must be the John referred to in the Will of William of London (1741) (q.v) and so connect the "Rev Jones" families with that which includes the Goldsboroughs.

John married Frances DAVISON, daughter of Joseph DAVISON and Joanna BLUET, on 1703. Frances died after 1729.
BIOGRAPHY: Frances Davison was from Freshford Mill, her family having become wealthy through the Cloth industry. By marriage, the Davisons were related to both the Ashe and Methuen families, names which feature prominently in the history of Adderbury.

They had the following children:
200 F i. Joanna YERBURY was christened 1704 in Bradford, Wilts.
201 F ii. Jane YERBURY "Jean" was christened 1705 in Bradford, Wilts.
+ 202 M iii. Francis YERBURY was born 1706 and died 1778.
203 M iv. Joseph YERBURY was christened 1707 in Bradford, Wilts.
204 F v. Frances YERBURY was christened 1708 in Bradford, Wilts.
205 M vi. John YERBURY was christened 1711 in Bradford, Wilts. He died before 1715.
206 F vii. Mary YERBURY was christened 1712 in Bradford, Wilts.
207 F viii. Elizabeth YERBURY was christened 1713 in Bradford, Wilts.
208 M ix. John YERBURY was christened 1715 in Bradford, Wilts.
209 F x. Catherine YERBURY was christened 1716 in Bradford, Wilts.
Catherine married Dr. Roger FLAXMAN on 1747.
210 M xi. William YERBURY was christened 1719 in Bradford, Wilts.
211 F xii. Rachell YERBURY was christened 1720 in Bradford, Wilts.
212 F xiii. Anne YERBURY was christened 1722 in Bradford, Wilts.
BIOGRAPHY: [Sarah Lowther] Holt, Wiltshire Marriages 21 Jul 1753 William PITMAN and Anne YERBURY
which is at the same place as:
27 Nov 1787 Isaac HILLIER and Frances Blewett YERBURY
so perhaps they were aunt and neice.

168. Nathaniel YERBURY (Francis, Francis, Walter, John, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 1683 in Bradford, Wilts.
Nathaniel married Martha.
They had the following children:
213 F i. Martha YERBURY was christened 1709 in Bradford, Wilts.
214 M ii. Nathaniel YERBURY was christened 1711 in Bradford, Wilts. He was buried 1711 in Bradford, Wilts.
169. Rebecca WARRINER (Rebecca YERBURY, Gifford, Thomas, John, Thomas, Laurence).
DEATH: [Message board] Peter Bruges note 8 Jul 2000: Rebecca Bruges died 1725 in Connock. He also asserted the spelling of his name.

Rebecca married Thomas Harris BRUGES on 18 Mar 1690 in St Thomas, Salisbury. Thomas was christened 1666 in Wilts.
They had the following children:
215 F i. Jane BRUGES was christened 2 Feb 1692 in Great Cheverell, Wilts..
216 M ii. Harris BRUGES was christened 1 May 1694 in Great Cheverell, Wilts..
217 F iii. Anne BRUGES was born 4 Nov 1695 in Great Cheverell, Wilts. and was christened 6 Nov 1695 in Great Cheverell, Wilts..
170. Isaac WARRINER (Rebecca YERBURY, Gifford, Thomas, John, Thomas, Laurence).
BIOGRAPHY: [Trowbridge RO Index] ... Deed of a tenement in Conock by Isaac Warriner nephew of Gifford Yerbury to Thos. Smith of Shaw in Melksham, 1714. ...

Isaac married Gertrude ERNLE, daughter of Walter ERNLE and Mary HUNGERFORD, on 6 Mar 1705 in Urchfont, Wilts. Gertrude was born 3 Feb 1682 and was christened 16 Feb 1682 in Chirton, Wilts. She died 1709.
BIOGRAPHY: Gertrude's grandfather, father and 3 brothers were the five baronets Ernle of Etchilhampton, the last of whom (John) was also Rector of All Cannings.

They had the following children:
+ 218 M i. Gifford WARRINER died 1753.
176. John YERBURY (John, John, Richard, John, Thomas, Laurence) was christened 10 Oct 1682 in Frome. He died 18 Oct 1751 in Laverton.
BIOGRAPHY: [Gomez] The Will of Mary Obourn, wid. (proved 1743) had John Yerbury senior, Yeoman of Laverton as Executor.

John married Ann. Ann was born 1682. She died 24 Jan 1756 in Laverton.
They had the following children:
+ 219 M i. John YERBURY was born 1709 and died 4 Apr 1795.

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