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St. Andrews Church. The Street. Charmouth.
A comprehensive history of this Church has recently been published and can be bought in the village at Nisa, Post Office and Morgans for £9.99.
The pages from it have been put on line. Just click below on the link - Charmouth - Its Church and People Book.
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Below is a list of Rectors of St. Andrews Church. Click on links to find out more:
1332 Richard de la Hegh 1439 Richard Piper 1662 Timothy Hallet 1883 William W Nicholls
1335 Reyner de Colonn 1441 John North 1664 William Lock 1900 Spencer E Simms
1337 Robert Warrener 1464 Thomas Newton 1673 Joseph Bragge 1920 Sidney Selwyn
1349 Robert Nightyngale 1465 Thomas Dyer 1708 Edward Bragge 1922 Fredrick E Markby
1349 William Corselin 1465 Thomas Fitz 1747 William Coombe 1928 Norman R. Bennet
1362 William Tolefate 1534 Edward Cambrook 1783 John Audain 1933 Claude D Ovens
1364 William de Fordington 1544 William Sankey 1827 William L Glover 1945 Edward J Mackie
1382 William Wotham 1560 Lawrence Orchard 1833 John Dixon Hales 1963 Harold Hacking
1382 William Langerigg 1565 John Evans 1839 James W Hatherell 1969 Robert H. T. Lucas
1392 William Launce 1572 George Estmond 1843 Edward R Breton 1987 John H Potter
1435 John Thredor 1599 Samuel Norrington 1875 Horace Moule 1992 Roger H Blankley
1439 Thomas Thorner 1640 Bartholomew Wesley 1879 John S Stewart 1998 Golden Cap Team
Below is a list of Patrons of St. Andrews Church.
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Abott of Forde Abbey 1280 - 1539  
Queen Elizabeth I    
Petre Family?    
Pole Family?    
Ellesdon Family ?   Bragge
Richard Henvill of Bristol 1747-1783 Combe
Francis Phipps Henvill 1783- 1827 Audain
Issac Cooke of Bristol 1827 - 1833 Glover
Issac Cooke of Bristol 1833 -1839 Hales
Abraham Hatherell of Cheltenham 1839-1843 Hatherall
William Baylis of Charlton Kings, Glos. 1843- Breton
Rev. Thomas Hope of Warwick   Breton
John Timswell Addams of Cheltenham   Breton
Below is a list of a number of Memorials and Gravestones to be found at St. Andrews. Click on links to find out more:
Audain Good Marcon Snow
Bradbeer Gordge Norrington Snowden
Bragge Gordon Norris Stuart
Bray Griffiths Ovens Schalch
Breton Hales Palmer Spiller
Bullen Harris Pavey Sydenham
Burnard Hatherell Pitt Taylor
Carter Hemming Poulson Templer
Clapcott Hodges Powell Tucker
Collier Hodges - Rev Prior Warden
Combe Holly Pryer Webber
Davey Hunter Rectory Wesley
  Hyde Ridges Whatmore
Edwards Innes Robins Whittingtons
Ellesdon Kennaway Sankey Williams
Fowler Liddons Shute Wilment
Gear Limbry   Wilson
Glover Mackie Smith Wishcombe