Freshford Directory 1900
Abbey Mrs, The Small house., Sharpstone
Allen Mrs. Eliza
Angel Smith Rev. R., Grove cottage
Aust Daniel, farmer, Old Farm house
Awdry D., esq., The Grove
Bailey Mrs. George, Claremont villa
Baskett Miss, Hill view
Bees Mrs., West View cottages
Bees Mrs.K..laundress, Rosemary lawn
Bellam I., coachman, Avenue lodge
Blissett Rev. George, Avonhurst
Brookes Misses, Hermitage
Bythesea F. S. G. , esq., The Hill
Carter Mr. I., Mount pleasant
Chapman Rev. W. Edw., The Rectory
Clarke I. P., esq., Fairlawn
Clement John, gardener
Coomb Fred (Coombs & Son)
Coomb Miss Alice, Sharpstone place
Coomb William, carpenter
Coombs & Son, carpenter
Cottle William, mason, Staples hill
Dainton Miss Elizabeth, laundress
Deane Mrs. , Sharpstone
Dicks Job Church hill
Dixon Mrs., boot and toy shop
Dunning I. E. , laundress, Stanley hill
Eddy Mr". and Misses, Lanrel cottage
Edwards Lieut.-Col. Spencer H. H., Abbotsleigh
Field George, coal merchant
Firth Misses, The Old House
Flemming C. E. S., esq., M.R.C.S.
Flemming Mrs I. M., The Cottage
Fletcher W., haulier, Pipehouse
Forster Richard C., esq., Avondale
Francis George, Vine cottage
Freeman I., shoemaker, Park corner
Freeman T. R. & Co" mill puff manufacturer
Furneaux Mrs., Glen view
Gane Oliver, Pond house
Gee William, esq., Woodside
Gough Miss, nurse, District Nursing Association
Gould Frederick, Rosemary lane
Greenland William, blacksmith
Harman & Co., Dunkirk mills
Harman Miss, Cooleen
Hathaway T., carpenter, Park comer
Hathway R. H., tailor, Inglenook
Helps W., herbalist, West View cott.
Hillier J ames, gardener
Honeywill Mrs. , Hill cottage
Humphries William James, Hill view, Park comer
HumphriesJ.,grocer & spirit merchant, Sharpstone
Huth Percival, esq., Fresbford manor
Huxtable Miss,assistant schoolmistress
King B. , Village cnffee rooms
Knight W. W., Church hill cottage
Lee Miss Emily, l'lundress
Marchant F., carpenter, Staples hill
Marchant James R, blacksmith
Merchant Mr. C, Hillside
Millard Geo. Hy., builder, Sunnyside
Millett P., cabinet maker, Park comer
Morgan Mrs. Robert, Rose lawn
Morris J., baker and grocer,Post Office & Telegraph Office
Musty Go, farmer and haulier,Dolphin
Nash James, gardener
Newman John, gardener
Peacock Mrs., Manor house
Phillips Misses, Belle vue
Read Arthur, carrier
Read Edward, New Inn
Read James, Mount pleasant
Rose Henry, fly proprietor
Rose James, farmer
Rose Maria, laundress, Sharpstone
Rose Mary A. , laundress
Sadler C. , Mill house
Sainsbury J.,station master.,Sharpstone
Saville Mrs., I vythorpe
Shum Mrs. M., Staples hill
Smith Co, laundress, Littlemead cott., Park corner
Smith Edward,builder,Sharpstone House
Smith Jane, laundress, Pipehouse
Smith Miss E. , schoolmistress
Sweet William, policeman
Tucker A. , gardener
Vowles Charles, The Greykound
Waiters S. & Ao, butchers, High street
Ward A, laundress, Mount pleasitnt
Wathen J., coachman
Weston Mr. W. A, Wood view
Whitehouse Mrs., Sharpstone cottage
Whittaker J. , quarryman, Park comer
Whittaker W., mason..Sharpstone
Williams F. W., mason and sexton
Wilson Mrs., Gowanhowe
Withers Frank, servant
Withers Mrs. F.,dressmkr., Staples hill
Woodcock Mrs.
Wootten Mrs., laundress, West View cottage
Wynn Tetley Miss, nurse
Younghusband Misses, Sharpstone cottage